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University of Denver, Colorado to Host 6th Annual CBOutLook Conference with 32 CBD Experts

Denis Mariti



University of Denver, Colorado to Host 6th Annual CBOutLook Conference with 32 CBD Experts

The 6th annual CBOutLook conference will happen from August 14 to 15 at the University of Denver.

More than 32 CBD experts around the world are expected to present updates on the state of Cannabidiol policy, business, and technology. Newsmakers meant to participate on key presentations include Brian Furnish Mark Bolton, and Bruce Linton.

Brian Furnish is a Kentucky hemp pioneer who was credited with writing the US 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill backed by hemp advocate Sen. Mitch McConnell. McConnell introduced Furnish at the Agriculture Committee of the senate last month as it considered testimony from representatives of the FDA, the U.S Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bill Richmond will also be speaking from USDA. Richmond has been a key planner for the USDA hemp rules waiting to be released this fall.

Bruce Linton, former Canopy Growth co-founder, will talk about the huge potential for CBD and wellness. Linton will also describe his overall market experience, where he has helped create the most valuable public firm in the world, with a market capitalization that nears $19 billion. Having directed asset acquisitions worth millions of dollars, Linton uniquely understands the global regulators’ expectations as Canopy Growth’s key interface.

Mark Bolton, a senior director at Greenwich Biosciences, will take part in the conference. Greenwich Biosciences is the American subsidiary of GW Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes FDA-approved CBD-derived Epidiolex. Bolton will share the company’s philosophy. Formerly, Bolton was a key advisor to Gov. John Hickenlooper on cannabis affairs in the roll-out of Colorado’s infant cannabis industry. Bolton has also had affiliations with the mega firm of Hyatt Brownstein Farber.

CBOutLook conference attendees will vote for three different Excellence awards.

Nominations are as follows:

Awards will be presented on August 15.

30 CEOs, CBD creators and founders will be heard at the two-day conference. The firms include New Frontier Data, Robison HempLaw, Safe Harbor Banking, US Hemp Authority, Hoban Law Group, GennCanna Global, CV Sciences, Mile High Labs and ValidCare.

Denis is one of the most experienced researchers for reviews we have with years of experience in writing about CBD products. He will be one of the most viewed authors due to his own thrill in sharing what he is learning about cannabidiol and supplement use. With a goal of providing clarity within the budding CBD oil industry, Denis will be spending much of the year going through a catalogue of cannabis oil companies in the near future.

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