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Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis Glossary: Ultimate User Terminology Definition Guide [2019 Update]



Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis Glossary

Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis Glossary

Below you will find the ultimate terminology and definitions for users of marijuana, hemp and cannabis:



This code has two meanings to cannabis users. The first is 4.20pm, the earliest acceptable time to start taking weed. The second is April 20th (4/20), which is slated as marijuana holiday across the globe. The tradition resulting in the 420 code was started by a group of teenage pot smokers in the 1970’s. These teenagers would meet at 4.20 pm every day to smoke some weed.


Another popular code among pot smokers, the term 710 was formulated to celebrate weed concentrates and dabs on July 10th every year (7/10). Also, when spelled upside down, it reads as OIL –a word used to describe other concentrated forms of cannabis, including CBD oil, wax, honey oil and so on. As a result, avid users typically use this the date to celebrate by smoking cannabis oil.


Access Point

This is a designated, government approved facility where users can get medical marijuana with prescriptions. These facilities are usually under the purview of the state government and must function in compliance with all state and federal laws relating to the use and consumption of the controlled substance. These facilities also provide information and education regarding the consumption of weed, with the intention of ensuring safe and responsible use among customers. These are fast becoming obsolete, thanks to the legalization of weed in many states in the US and Canada.

Alcohol Extraction

This is a proven method used in removing impurities from cannabis, thus producing only the purest form of CBD oils. Some of the impurities often eliminated using this method include wax compounds, chlorophyll and THC terpenes. Once the filtrates are gotten rid of, the residues are then extracted under low pressure, resulting in CBD oil concentrates.



This is a breeding strategy involving a cross between a progeny and a favorable feature –mostly genotypes- in a mother plant. This usually results in a hybrid plant with the best of both plants. In marijuana, this means a species that maintains the dominant and favorable properties, while enhancing its recessive genes, resulting in an overall cannabis species and plant. Most of the time, this is done to enhance its CBD properties more than the THC properties.

BHO (Butane Harsh Oil) Extraction

This is another method used to extract reins and oils from marijuana by pushing an easily liquefiable butane liquid through a tube that’s filled with cold cannabis plant buds. This is more appropriate for hemp oils that are rich in THC, which is why they often contain up to 90 percent THC. This is a highly risky extraction method, no thanks to butane’s highly flammable property. This is why the extraction process must be carried out in highly controlled environments only.



Another nickname for rolled weed or cannabis that facilitates easy smoking and ingestion. This was originally gotten from the Phillies Blunt. Blunts are usually hollowed out cigars containing parts weed and tobacco, thus earning it the names L, El-P or Dutch among consumers.


This is a device that’s meant for smoking weed or other substances. Containing water, it’s used to purify the smoke of toxins and impurities, thus making sure that the users enjoy an excellent smoke quality, while trying to get their hit. This process also cools the smoke, which makes it easier to smoke larger quantities and hold them in the lungs for a longer period. Many seasoned smokers like this and use it to get the maximum highs from their smoking sessions.

Bong Water

This is the water that’s often found in the bong, and serves to cool down the temperature of the smoke, as well as eliminate impurities and particles. This is usually free of THC as that compound doesn’t dissolve in water.


This is a part of the marijuana pipe that serves as the bay where hemp seeds and leaves are placed before they’re smoked. This is usually made from corn cob, briar wood, meerschaum or clay, and comes fitted with a small hole called the carb. This is the hole that the smoker closes while inhaling the smoke, and opens afterwards to clear the pipe of the smoke.


This is usually an enclosed glass bowl with an attached pipe, used in the filtering and purification of marijuana smoke to remove impurities and particles. It functions just like the bong, but is more portable and contains water.


This is a wax-like cannabis extract with the highest known percentage of THC -99.6 percent- but has more flavors, thus making it the more pleasant of similar cannabis concentrates.


The part of the marijuana plant with the highest concentration of CBD, CCBG and THC. This is often located on the small stem of a marijuana plant branch. They are often the most sought after plant part.


A knowledgeable employee of a medical marijuana dispensary. They attend to the needs of customers, provide more information on specific strains and can recommend the best cannabis concentrates, hemps or oils for your condition. Users who don’t know what hemp types are best for their situations as they can ask for recommendations from budtenders. They can also recommend the best medium of consumption for maximum impact and results.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

This is a very potent concentration of cannabinoids, extracted by soaking the marijuana plant in butane. This is usually high in THC –contains about 80 percent- and looks like a sticky, viscous liquid. Other names for BHO include shatter, earwax and honey oil. Consumption can be through direct vaporization, smoking and ingesting through the addition to edible products. It’s quite effective in providing relief for chronic pain.



These are cannabis plant parts found in the marijuana plant flower. They are rich in cannabinoids and can house hemp seeds formed during plant fertilization. These are what result in the buds that are highly coveted and desired. Marijuana providers who want to further increase their product’s potency can do so by keeping the calyxes seed-free.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

One of the most sought after cannabinoids, cannabidiol is in huge demand for its many health related benefits. Unlike THC, it’s a non-psychoactive compound, which makes it great for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the “high”. It is currently being examined and researched by scientists who think it just might be the world’s most recent “miracle” compound. It’s currently used for treating chronic pain, anxiety, stress, certain types of epilepsy, and in very few cases, cancer. Many people are currently using its products to improve their cognitive abilities too, as it’s great for increase focus and boosting productivity.

Cannabinol (CBN)

This is one of the products gotten from the breakdown of THC, a cannabinoid in cannabis. While it does get users high, it’s not as potent as its parent compound. That, plus its anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and insomnia treating properties makes it a decent alternative for users who don’t want to get high.


These are the active chemical compounds in cannabis. These are the compounds that work with your body to provide the necessary results you want. They are highly desired, with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the most desired. The former is well liked for its nootropic, pain relieving and stress busting properties, while the latter is desired for its psychoactive properties –THC gets you high. With over 110 cannabinoids available in the hemp plant, there’s still a lot to learn about the hemp plant.


This is an alternate name for marijuana and hemp, and is also often referred to as hash oil or hashish. There are actually various species and strains, with each providing unique benefits. For instance, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are popular for their medicinal and recreational properties. There are many other species, but they all have their unique benefits. Consumption of its products can be done through edible ingestion, smoking and application. Products include oils, wax, tinctures, concentrates, seeds and regular rolls.

Cannabis Flowers

These are the flowering parts of the marijuana plant. They’re often made of the male and female parts. The female parts are highly demanded because of their high cannabidiol concentrations. Fertilization between the male and female parts produce the marijuana seeds. When unfertilized, the female parts go on to yield hemp products that are high in active cannabinoids.

Cannabis Oil

This is one of the products extracted from processing cannabis. This dark colored concentrate can be either smoked or applied to the skin or under the tongue for maximum results. Ingestion is usually done using bubblers, bongs and vape pens. Extraction is usually through the application of solvents such as naphtha, ethanol or butane, thus resulting in highly concentrated oils containing significant amounts of CBD or THC. Cannabis oil has been recommended for the relief of chronic pain, certain kinds of epilepsy, anxiety and stress, depression and even cancer. It’s capable of also boosting focus and productivity, often providing users with calm, clean energy.

Carb Cap

This is a device that’s used to improve cannabis concentrate flavors, this providing a smoother feel for users. This is done by vaporizing the concentrates at low temps. Often comes with hollow-rounded cap, a pointed handle and can be in the form of quartz, ceramic, titanium of glass.


This is the name for the ash residue that’s left behind after the weed has been smoked. It’s similar to the ash residue that’s usually at the cigarette butt.

CBA (Cannabis Business Alliance)

This is the leading organization that advocates for the use and legalization of marijuana in the sector. It’s something akin to a chamber of commerce for the marijuana sector. This organization represents the interest of all participants and stakeholders in the medical marijuana sector.


This is a nickname for weed, cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. The most common use is when it’s called Cheeba Chews. These are hemp infused edibles usually in the form of chewables and gummies.


When a bowl of hemp keeps glowing or burning without any extra attempt to keep it burning, it’s said to be cherried. There’s a strategy to lighting your weed this way. Takes practice and experience, and will burn for as many rounds as is necessary for the smokers.


This is the process of expediting the growth phase of marijuana, thus shaving off a month in its growth phase. This involves cutting off the parts of the plant –usually the female- and replanting them separately to produce buds. It’s a faster way to grow cannabis as you growers don’t have to plant the seed and wait for the full growth cycle.

Closed Loop Extraction

Another variant of the butane hash oil extraction technique, this is a super effective way to extract BHO. Requires the use of hydrocarbon solvent recycling in a closed system. As a result, no gas is released, resulting in the extraction of the highest resin quantity. It’s often used when producing butane hash oil in commercial quantities. Because of its effectiveness, growers and producers are beginning to advocate for its increased usage.

Cooperative (Co-Op)

This a not-for-profit entity designed to bring those who grow and supply medical marijuana to those who would like to purchase theirs. This organization is meant to help improve the welfare of all participating members, by directing its savings and earnings toward that end. Membership of these co-ops are required before anyone can benefit from the initiative, with some of its benefits including exclusive access to specific cannabis strains at discounted prices. Membership requirements differ by state, with some of them functioning in medical marijuana dispensaries.

CO2 Extraction

One of the more popular CBD oil extraction process –also frequently called supercritical CO2 extraction- this is an extraction method that compresses carbon dioxide to a supercritical state, resulting in a highly volatile, but also liquefied CO2. This is then passed through cannabis, extracting the necessary oils in the process. This technique is fast becoming a favorite among CBD oil producers because it leaves no residues, gets rid of impurities, and produces an amber colored CBD oil.

CO2 For Cultivation

Cannabis gardens are often in enclosed greenhouses. To further move its development and maturation along, growers often add CO2 to the gardens. This results in increased crop yield, and extra buds weight. This is often done with carbon dioxide generators.


This is the very potent product gotten from the processing of marijuana’s cannabinoids and essential oils. These are often high in THC, and is the reason they are often in high demand. They are also popular because of their mode of ingestion, as they offer more ways to reap the benefits of weed apart from the regular smoking or dabbing.


A weed roll that starts out thin at the top, and widens towards the base, making it look like a cone. Because of their wide base, these often need filters to prevent the weed from falling out from the bottom. Bongs and pipes are also called cones because they have a similar shape, making it look just the same as a cone.

Cotton Mouth

This is the name of the feeling of having a dry mouth after smoking weed. This happens because weed is known for interfering with the production of salivary glands. When this happens, the mucous membranes in the mouth become less moist, resulting in a feeling of dryness. This can be remedied by simply drinking more water.

Couch Lock

This is the name of a specific marijuana strains whose sedative and psychoactive effects kick in almost immediately after smoking. This essentially keeps you on the couch you’re in as soon as you take a hit –hence the name couch lock. Once taken, you’ll feel relaxed and high at the same time. Marijuana strains that do this typically contain high amounts of tarpenes. Examples include the cannabis sativa and indica strains. It’s also probably why the Indica strain is jokingly referred to as “in da couch”.


This is the same as cross breeding various cannabis strains to get an even better species. The popular and in-demand strains are usually hybrids that were cross-bred to provide the maximum benefits possible. All hybrids often include the best traits from various species, combined together in one strain, essentially making it the best of all those strains combined.


These are crystallized particles with high concentrations of THC commonly found on the female parts of cannabis plants. They’re usually on the buds, stalk and leaves of the plant and added to joints to further enhance their psychoactive effects.

Cultivation Water Table

This is the water table right beneath the soil on which cannabis is grown. All cannabis plants, as with all plants, require optimal amounts of water to grow. The cultivation water table determines how much water the plant’s roots have access to.


When cannabis is cured, it means that all unnecessary amounts of chlorophyll have been stripped from its buds, thus making sure that the smell and flavor achieve a certain consistency. To cure cannabis buds, you’ll have to harvest and place them in a sealed jar, a process which turns the chlorophyll to sugar. This helps improve the odor and flavor of the weed when it’s smoked.



There are different ways to smoke marijuana concentrates. One of them is dabbing, which involves putting a small amount of the concentrate on a heated surface, to get the maximum benefits of the psychoactive drugs. Dabbing typically produces a more intense high than the regular smoking.


This is the long metallic or glass prong or pointer that’s used for putting the dabs or concentrates known as shatter, wax, budder or BHO on the heated surface. This helps keep them from getting their fingers burnt. Once the dab is placed on the surface, the smoke is then sucked using a long bong/tube.


A nickname for a highly potent marijuana. Only used for the top quality ones.


This simply means the procedures involved in converting a psychoactive compound known as THC. During this process, it is certain that decarbing will take place, especially when cannabis is heated. Nevertheless, the remedy for cannabis can later lead to partial decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is an important ingredient in preparing effective butters, cannabis oils and other extracts.


The name is derived from a cannabis strain’s diesel like odor. It is basically used for the treatment of conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. This makes it great for mood improvement and relaxation. The most popular diesel strain is known as Sour Diesel.


This is a duct that’s added to a water pipe, in order to reduce the size of bubbles in the water and increase the flow of air for a more flavorful and a cleaner gulp.


A dispensary is a state approved place where people can get cannabis with the requisite prescriptions. In this place, consumers usually seek for advice from specialists on the best strains, dosage and the method of delivery, in order to get the right results when they take medical or recreational marijuana.

Ditch Weed

This is aptly described as a wild, uncultivated marijuana. It is low in THC and can be found by the road side and in the wild. It originated from industrial hemp plantations in the Midwest for fiber in the 20th century. Most of them now grow in the wild in states like Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri.


It’s a glass-like dabbing tool placed around the nail, thus helping in directing vapor through a tiny opening at the top.

Domes Nail

This is one of the heating elements which domes use to boil away the cannabis extracts, immediately it is heated with a torch. Made from quartz or ceramic, Domes Nail has a space for air passage right on the nail, so you can just heat it and take your drop.

Double Ended Lights

This is a lamp with high pressure sodium (HPS) and it is made to carry an extra lighting in a place for cannabis production. The lamps which is being attached at both ends of the greenhouse helps to give more light for better growth of plants. This type of lighting is the modern method which was developed to make old-fashioned lighting more viable with LED lights.


Downstem is described as a long tube which is used to filter water and used to connect the bowl to the source of water. During this process, the smoke moves from where the cannabis extracts are stored, and goes through the bubbler into the water for a smoother and safer gulp.

Dry Sieve Hash

It is also known as Dry Sift. It is in form of non-solvent and contains some extracts of cannabis trichomes. Dry Sieve Hash also has some parts of the cannabis plant which comprise some dynamic compound THC and other cannabinoids such as CBDN, CBD and CBG. The process is carried out through a method which involves the use of screen that automatically rupture the heads of trichome from the marijuana plant.

The crystal-like resin which is powdery in form is being seized as it falls from the plant, it is then known as Dry Sieve Hash.


By description, it is a wooden box which is somewhat small in size with a top which rotates. This small wooden box has two cubicles and a tiny hole where your marijuana pipe can be kept. This method is however seen as a suitable way to keep everything organized for a fast hit.



E-nail stands for electric nail, and it simply refers to a titanium nail that is fastened to one’s banger with a view to a consistent temperature that excellently vaporizes concentrates. It allows its user to adjust to his preferred temperature range while also helps to avoid burning unnecessary product or leaving waste behind.

Eagle 7

Eagle 7 serves both as an insecticide and a medication, and it is made from permethrin chemical. As a repellent spray, Eagle 7 is applied on clothing or insects nets (such as mosquito nets) to kill the insects and other pests, including aphids, spider, and mites, that have contact with it. Essentially, the chemical destroys the nervous systems of these insects and renders them ineffectual in their attempt to cause damage to the environment and clothing.


Similar in texture to the protective yellow, waxy substance secreted in the passage of your ear, Earwax is a form of harsh oil produced through whipping technique that contains high proportion of THC.


Edibles refer to food items that are saturated with marijuana. They can be added to foods such as brownies, cookies, candies, gummies, chocolate bars, drinks and more. The difference between edibles and cannabis (which is usually smoked) is that its effect takes longer time to manifest. However, these effects are intense and could stay longer than those of smoked cannabis.


When an “eighth” (1/8) of an ounce is mentioned in a CBD forum, what it refers to is the amount of weed which is exactly equivalent to 3.5 grams. You can also have a quarter of an ounce.


This is a term associated with cannabis users and it refers to marijuana substance that has high quantity of resin and crystals. After marijuana with most premium buds have been cured by hanging upside-down, the bottom tips of the plant accumulate the most resin and crystals, and these are referred to Endo or Indo.


The name is coined from the inflection of the pronunciation of its technical meaning which is ‘oil.’ Errl refers to any type of hash oil and it is gotten through a process called dabbing errl. Dabbing errl simply means ‘adding a small quantity of cannabis oil on a heated ring and taking a hit.

Ethanol Extraction

The process of using of ethyl or isopropyl solvents to extract essential oils and cannabinoids from the marijuana plants is ethanol extraction. It involves evaporation of solvent after the plant has been removed and purification of resultant products, leaving behind a sticky and highly potent substance. The resultants include refined forms of hash oil including oil, shatter, budder or wax.


Extraction refers to the process of obtaining cannabis concentrates that are rich in THC from the marijuana plants. The concentrates contain solvents such as butane, alcohol or carbon dioxide. The extraction process involves the use of dehydration with BHO, ethanol or supercritical carbon dioxide.



Fatty is a large amount of wrapped marijuana cigarette, sufficient to be shared between a large numbers of marijuana smokers. It is commonly use in catchphrases like “you wanna smoke a fatty?”

Feminized Marijuana

To say a marijuana seed is feminized is to imply that the seed has the capacity to germinate and grow female plants. Feminized marijuana simply means marijuana seeds that have been raised to yield female marijuana plants. The planter is certain of the products of such seeds as female strain and buds. They are used usually by marijuana planters who prefer not to clone or don’t have access to clean clones.

Flowering Cannabis

This refers to the most advanced stage of fully grown marijuana plants, and it features sprouting of large, lush, crystal-like resin covered buds. At this phase, the flowers are allowed to be fertilized by the male plants they produce seeds. Alternatively, the grower allows the buds to keep growing with a view to more resin.



The word ‘ganja’ in Sanskrit language translates into ‘hemp, weed, marijuana, and cannabis. It specifically refers to a highly potent strain of sativa marijuana. In India context, ganja refers to the cultivated upper leaves and flowers of specific female cannabis plants. It is used by its consumers to relax, meditate and heal.


Germination is a process of growing cannabis plants from a seed. Meanwhile, there are certain environmental triggers that can help the seeds to sprout and have a healthy and mature growth, and these include warmth, moisture and air. If all these conditions are meant, a cannabis seed should germinate within 2 to 7 days after it’s planted.


Glass is a term that generally stands for a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana. It is also called a bong or bubbler. This glass is made in different shapes, designs, colors and sizes. However, a glass pipe is designed with a fitted bowl portion from which the substance is stacked into the glass.

Green Out

Green out is the condition in which a cannabis consumer losses his sense of clarity as a result of over consumption of the substance. The state often comes with first phase symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, dizziness and deep sleep. However, acute effects of green out could include loss of consciousness and people who are not regular consumers of marijuana are vulnerable to this secondary symptom.

Green Wednesday

Besides the 420 and 470 holidays, there is another type of cannabis holidays called the Green Wednesday. Green Wednesday refers to the day before Thanksgiving, a public holiday in the US used to show appreciation for harvest and health. So, green Wednesday is often comes a day prior to Thanksgiving and it is used to make record marijuana sales. And the market is second to 420.


The Grinder, as the name suggests, is the tool that serves to drudge marijuana buds to its atomic form, usually to create fine texture. The mostly cylindrical-shaped device shreds the substance evenly to allow for a proper airflow and better trichome exposure. The tool is made of materials like acrylic, aluminum, wood, or metal. It is designed in such a way that its two-halved pegs align seamlessly to ensure that no element of the substance escapes being completely crushed in the process of grinding.



Half Ounce, also called half of an ounce, is a term that refers to a unit of measurement that is equivalent to 14 grams of cannabis or marijuana flowers.


Hash, technically referred to as hashish, is the resin made or collected from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. It contains large amount of THC and can be vaporized in the glass pipe or rolled into a joint. The highly potent substance has brown color and sticky texture. Hashish can either be ingested orally, smoked or be used as part of the constituent to make edibles.

Hash Oil

It is arguably one of the most pure forms of solvent extracted hash. It contains the psychoactive THC as well as other useful cannabinoids used for numerous medical conditions. Most of the THC found in hash oil is absorbed and catalyzed within a few seconds of entry into the body hence its high psychoactive effects. Hash oil can be consumed by ingestion or smoking and vaporization through a technique called dabbing. Hash is derived from the term hashish.


Haze is dominated by sativa specie. It is popular for its sweet taste, high THC and low CBD content. It is grown into many hybrids due to its long flowering stages. Examples are Northern Lights, Super Lemon Haze and XXX.

Heady Glass

This one-of-a-kind type of glass pipe is famous for its high-quality and unique style and specifications. It comes with different colors, and visual effects. One thing is does for its users is that it A heady glass gives its users advanced glassblowing skills like reversals, wig wags, sandblasting, fuming, rettis, etc.


A heirloom is a kind of local strain of cannabis that is taken from its native land and planted on a foreign soil while retaining its pure and natural genetic features.


Hemp a high-growing plant that is good for its industrial purpose. It refers to a sativa plant that is often used for as oils and topical ointments, fiber for clothing, paper, rope, and more. It has very low levels of THC but high in CBD concentrations.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

When hydrocarbons such as butane, propane or hexane are extracted with a view to separating the trichomes from the plant material, the process is called hydrocarbon extraction. It is a process typically used to make an array of cannabis concentrates. The process gives the best result and avoids avoidable explosion when carried out when certain conditions are met, which include controlled environments.


Hydroponics is a process of growing cannabis plants without planting them in soil. The method consists of placing the seedlings in a solution of water and nutrients. In that case, the planter can have control over certain environmental conditions such as soil PH, nutrient level and temperature under which the plants are grown.


Ice Wax

Ice wax is a bubble hash containing no solvent. It is often collected with the use of ice and water to separate the trichomes or THC from the frozen cannabis plant. The process goes into filtering the plant through screens of varying microns. With a fine and grainy texture, Ice Wax has a feature of beach sand.


Indica is a strain of cannabis plants that contains high proportion of THC levels. It represents one of the three species of cannabis namely sativa, ruderalis and indica. Originated from South Asia countries of India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Indica plants are small, broad-leaved, higher in THC levels, and produce a lot of bud. It is medically good for relaxing muscles and treating chronic pain, among other benefits.

Indica Sativa Hybrid

When indica and sativa are blended together, the result is what is called indica sativa hybrid (ISH). While some hybrids are a mix of the indica and sativa in equal proportion, what we have is an overall head and body high. On the contrary, when the blend is of unequal proportion, the result always tilts towards an overall head or overall body high.

Infused Product

During their preparation, some products are infused/ mixed with highly concentrated marijuana oils (MIP=Marijuana infused products). These products are what is often referred to as infused products. They include edibles, beverages, botanicals, tinctures, cannabis kitchens, etc. However, edibles infused products are the most common form of them all.


Jelly Hash

Jelly Hash is a products derived from a blend of strong bubble hash and high-quality hash or honey oil. It is very potent so, consumers should see the recommended amount before using the hash. Meanwhile, it is recommended for patients suffering from chronic cancer, acute pain, nausea or those undergoing some form of chemotherapy. Normal dosage is eight parts hash and one part cannabis oil (hash oil).


A joint is a cigarette filled with cannabis, and it is usually rolled up manually with the help of rolling papers. Although there are also cannabis-filled joints that are rolled up with the aid of machine, the manual joints are most common and come in different shapes, designs, colors and sizes.



A potent, concentrated type of marijuana gotten from the separation of trichomes from hemp flowers. This usually rich in cannabinoids found in the crystals, and THC. This explains why it is a highly psychoactive concentrate and frequently used in preparing hash. It is also very rich tarpenes, which is why it has that earthly scent and aroma.


Name given to a very potent bud with high THC concentration. Users only need to take small quantities of this to enjoy its psychoactive benefits. The only downside is it has a pungent odor. However, most smokers don’t mind this.


A particular strain of Pakistani and Afghani origin. It originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Can be easily found in the US under the name OG Kush –a highly potent cannabis strain, with a pleasing aroma and stress busting properties. It’s used for pain relief, anxiety Releaf and insomnia.



This is the general name for strains of cannabis whose origins are from a particular region – example is Kush from the Afghan and Pakistani mountain ranges. All landrace strains have traits that give them an edge. Growers understand this, so they crossbreed as many landraces as possible. This is why many hemp strains in the market are crossbreeds, with the best traits combined for maximum benefits.


A light type that aids cannabis growth, higher yields and consumes minimal power. These bulbs are usually cool even when left on for long hours, thanks to their low heat emissions. Their focused beams also makes them great for producing greater yield.

Live Resin

These are fresh sources of THC concentrates. Usually frozen for a few hours after harvesting, these flowers produce hemp concentrates that have pleasing scent and great taste. This happens partly because the process is unlike the regular process of harvesting, drying and curing. As a result, the live resin comes with a more robust terpene profile, as well as increased psychoactive and medicinal benefits.



Another name for cannabis, and particularly refers to the dried plants, along with its leaves and buds. This typically has lower amounts of THC than concentrates or hashish, but still enough to deliver the psychoactive benefits. Marijuana is often rolled as blunts/joints, and smoked like that. It can also be added to food items as edibles and smoked through pipes. Popular nicknames include weed, ganja, and pot.

Medical Marijuana

This is a marijuana solely dedicated to treating or relieving certain medical conditions like the side effects of cancer treatment, anxiety and depression. Other possible uses include the relief of convulsions, epilepsy, insomnia and chronic pain. These are usually prescribed and can be obtained from designated dispensaries. With the legalization of marijuana, many states and provinces in the US and Canada have gone on to issues medical marijuana licenses to many dispensaries, thus making it easy for people to avail themselves of marijuana’s many benefits.


This is the process of taking medical marijuana to treat and relief certain health conditions. This is usually done with the oversight of a medical personnel or specialist. When users take marijuana solely for this purpose, they are said to be medicated.

Marijuana Infused Products (MIPS)

Any product that has some form of cannabis or marijuana in it. Can be in the form of edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates and capsules. These often come with clear ingredients and instructions on their labels. Most of these products aren’t currently endorsed by the FDA.


These are pests that attack cannabis plants, causing them to weaken, have yellow leaves and mottled patterns. They do this by sucking the sap from the plant. Evidence of their presence include yellowed patches and holes in the leaves. Mites can have a devastating impact on the plants, as they tend to spread really fast in any marijuana plantation. So, growers must be on the lookout for them and prevent them.


A fungal microorganism that thrives in moist, damp and dark places. It can affect the marijuana plant, causing blight, leaf spots and cankers.


Spanish for weed, cannabis or marijuana



A surface that’s used to vaporize cannabis concentrates or oils for the purpose of dabbing. These are usually made from glass, titanium or quartz, and can either come with a dome that traps the vapor or not.


Ocean Grown (OG) Kush

This is a popular cannabis strain that’s loved for its flavorful nature and great health benefits. Originally from SoCal, its wonderful traits have been crossbred with many other strains to deliver its unique benefits. Popular crossbred strains include Larry OG, Tahoe OG and SFV OG.

One Hitter

A thin pipe attached to a bowl that’s capable of holding weed that’ll do for just one hit. Great for new weed enthusiasts, as it keeps them from taking too much at once. Veteran smokers though, like it too because it’s portable and can be carried around, making it excellent for smoking on the go.


This is the measurement of 28 grams of weed, or approximately forty joints. Of course, this varies depending on weighing scale and other factors. Experienced smokers prefer buying in this quantity as it can last for a long time.



An extra chamber within a water pipe or bong, that helps with an extra layer of filtration while smoking. This helps get rid of more impurities, and cool down the smoke so it’s thicker and more enjoyable. This extra layer does wonders for the smoking experience, providing a richer and fuller sensation. Percolators come in different shapes and sizes.


The physical expression of a marijuana plant. This includes the leaves, stalk, structure, buds, color, shape, resin production, smell, size and other key parts. They tell you everything about the plant by just merely looking at it. Growers are often able to tell the species or strain of a marijuana plant by simply looking at it. This is all due to its phenotype.


This is a small, tightly rolled joint, containing small quantities of weed. This is often used by smokers who want a small quantity of weed to last a long time. It’s also often used to describe the poorest weed quality.


This is the female part of a cannabis plant containing hair-like strands and found on the buds or flowers. The strands serve as pollen catchers, and aids the formation of the plant’s seeds. This is primarily there for the purpose of reproduction and does nothing for flavor, potency, or benefits.


Another nickname for marijuana or weed, and more commonly used by anyone familiar with the plant’s benefits. Used more frequently during daily interactions than weed or marijuana. For instance, most people are more likely to ask “is he smoking pot?”, than “is he smoking weed/marijuana”.

Powdery Mildew

Frequently referred to as White Mold or Oidium, this is a white fungus film in the form of a powder that’s found on the marijuana leaves. Capable of causing widespread devastation to the plants and plantation as it destroys the plant and all critical parts. It can affect plants grown outdoors or indoors and requires active monitoring by the growers to prevent an outbreak. .


An already rolled joint that can be purchased at dispensaries. Mostly favored by people who don’t want to roll their smokes or know how to.

Pressed Hash

This is a compressed block of marijuana plant with high THC concentration. Can be smoked or eaten as edibles. May contain impurities or foreign materials. This doesn’t affect its potency in any way.


Recreational And Adult Use Marijuana

This is simply taking marijuana in all its forms for recreational purposes. This usually requires no medical prescription or oversight. It’s just folks taking weed for the pleasure it provides. Most people who do this, use it to enjoy the psychoactive effects that THC provides, thus making sure that they get high in the process, become more relaxed and creative. Recreational users can be anyone from the college kid who wants to get high to the artiste who wants to unleash his creativity. While policy makers and the government have issues with its recreational use, the legalization of weed in most states in the country, kind of renders these issues moot.


These are colored substances often gotten from the surface of trichomes in the marijuana plant. It’s also the name for the residue that attaches itself to the side of a bowl, bong or pipe used for smoking after marijuana has been smoked over a period of time. This can contain ash, tar, and a few other compounds. While the latter is unhealthy, smokers have been known to scrape it off, roll it into a joint and smoke it again.


A rig, or better called dab rig is a water pipe that is used smoke cannabis concentrates. It is often used alongside nail or skillet. A rig consists of the trio chambers of a glass portion, a down stem and a nail. These chambers are where heating takes place in order to vaporize the concentrates before smoking. Heating is done on the nail which is made of heat resistant elements, by the use of a handheld torch.


The tip of a joint that is left after cannabis plant has been smoked is what is called a roach. This part of a joint consists of the most resin and is considered the strongest than the rest of join because the THC settles on it after each intake. Although some smokers prefer to throw this tip away, others will rather prefer to preserve it in order to roll the remaining weed in a different joint for smoking later on. A roach has a clip called roach clip that is used to hold the end of a joint to prevent finger burns.


Ruderalis, often called dwarf cannabis because of its small stature, is the third most popular cannabis species, right after indica and sativa. The short plant is at most about 2 feet tall and is known for its high level of resilience to harsh environmental conditions and unfavorable human activities. Ruderalis has small leaves and can produce flower on demand. Its flower production is often based on internal changes that take place within the plant rather than external influences. It also has low THC concentrations, making not good for recreation or as medication.



Along with Indica and Ruderalis, Sativa is another popular cannabis species. Usually about 18 feet tall with long, narrow leaves and loosely attached branches, Sativa germinates well under temperate warm climates. It is usually grown by Mexicans, Central Americans, and Southeast Asians and flourishes well when grown outdoors. Sativa takes a much longer period before it germinates and vegetates, and so produces high level of yield that its co-species-Indica and Ruderalis. It has low THC to CBD levels and that accounts for the high level of the plant’s stimulating properties.


Also called ‘ditch weed’, Schwag occurs as a brown, low-quality marijuana that contains multiple seeds. The short, dry substance has very bad taste and that is explains the reason users often remove its seeds and stalks before smoking. Since it is not covered in trichomes, Schwag has low potency levels.

Sea Of Green

A stimulated process of growing marijuana plant which causes early and multiple yields is called the Sea of Green. During this method, the grower will squeeze more plants into space. He will switch the plants spacing and lighting to 12 on/12 off in order to speed up flowering. This purpose is to ensure that the plants get into the flowering phase quickly, usually two weeks after vegetative growth. Harvesting is done much earlier than normal and the quantity the plant will produce is larger than normal.


When waxes are purged (that is, removing residual solvents from wax) or melted, the by-product is a sticky, glassy liquid, called Shatter. This liquid is sort of amber-colored and may be impossible to handle unless it’s frozen.


As the name suggests, shatter is a kind of BHO that shatters when it is broken. With 90 percent THC, the highly potent shatter has a hard, translucent outlook. It is can also be called frozen shatter.


Sinsemilla is a highly potent cannabis plant without seeds. Its lack of seeds is attributed mainly to it not being pollinated. The inability of a female cannabis plant to fertilize will result in the production of seedless pods. A Sinsemilla is produced by exterminating the male flowers before the discharge pollen grains. The sinsemilla contains large amounts of resin that yields very strong marijuana. The plant is a favorite to marijuana growers because of it contains high resin content.


It is a cannabis strain distinguished by its powerful pungent smell, similar to that of a spray from a skunk. The term simply means a hybrid of Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis. The plant has high-quality strain that produces perfect yields, and that character alone accounts for its being used in breeding other strains such as Super Skunk, Early Girl, and Jack Herer, etc.


A spliff refers to a joint made up of combining tobacco and cannabis. It can also mean marijuana that is neatly rolled. The tobacco part of a spliff contains thick texture and dark brown color. Spliff gives its smokers a mild high and buzz.


This refers to the particular type of cannabis, with its unique properties, cannabinoids and other compounds. There are native strains, and crossbred strains –the latter being the product of combining the best traits of two cannabis species e.g. sativa and indica. Crossbred strains typically produce increased yield and potency, and may have unique traits that helps them adapt to different environments and conditions.



These are the compounds and oils that give weed their distinctive flavor and aroma. Every marijuana plant has more than a hundred tarpenes at every point in time, and each strain’s compositions can be somewhat different –this is why some weed strains have a different smell and flavor from the others. Terpenes are also crucial to the psychoactive potency and medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant. Examples of commonly known terpenes include myrcene and limonene.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

This is the main psychoactive agent in cannabis. It’s what’s responsible for the feeling of getting high. While it is just one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis, it’s one of the more popular ones due to its effects. It’s commonly found on the buds and trichomes of female cannabis flowers. When ingested, it produces a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, heightened sensory perceptions or hallucination, depending on the strains and quantity consumed. It’s also highly recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties, and is often useful in the relief of chronic pain, cancer treatment side effects and convulsions.


These are oils and concentrates extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. They often contain the healing properties of cannabis, and can be consumed in ways different from the regular smoking or vaping. Tinctures are designed to be taken orally through the use of a dropper –pretty much the same way you would take drops of multivitamin liquids. These may contain alcohol, thus giving the user an added benefit of a buzz.

Topical CBD

These are CBD or hemp infused creams and oils that can be applied to specific body parts as a salve or ointment. They are great for people who don’t want to ingest hemp products orally or through smoking. These work by being absorbed through the skin, when applied generously. They are more commonly found in pain relief CBD ointments and are often used for conditions like joint and arthritic pain, muscular tension and soreness, and itching. These have no psychoactive effects as they don’t get absorbed into the bloodstream.


These are resin glands found on the leaves and buds of the marijuana plant. They usually contain copious amounts of terpenes and THC, thus making them great for those looking to enjoy the psychoactive benefits of cannabis. They play a key role in the health and recreational benefits of cannabis.


This is the process of removing excess leaves from the cannabis buds right before they are dried or after. This helps with improving the flavor and aroma of the weed when it’s smoked or vaped. Trimming these leaves, help ensure the buds’ potency.


Vape Pen

A device used to inhale vaporized marijuana concentrates or oils. These are also used for vaping other substances. They come with batteries that heat up cannabis oils already in them, and making them available to be inhaled. They are great for folks who want to enjoy their CBD on the go.


This is a device designed to heat cannabis oils and flowers to the point where vapor is released, and users can inhale it using specific devices. They are considered a healthier option to outrightly smoking weed.

Vegetative Stage

This is the growth phase of the cannabis plant where the roots are established and the leaves attain full size. This usually takes between 4-6 weeks. Growers take advantage of this stage to acquire clones of the strain if they want to crossbreed or experiment.


Water Hash

This is the product obtained from obtaining hash using ice water extraction techniques. Products from this process are called melt, ice wax or bubble hash.


These are cannabis products that are in a semi sold state, often moldable and pliable. These are made by firmly packing cannabis buds into a tube, and heating them with butane. The process produces concentrated substance containing key cannabinoids, and are often called earwax, crumble and honeycomb. Users who want to take them only have to use vaporizers to smoke them.

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