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About Times of CBD

Times of CBD is a catalyst for the cannabis culture with a daily mission and a long term vision.

The inception was born many moons ago but put into reality in 2019. Now, as the medical marijuana movement continues to gain momentum in the coming months and years; we want to be known for the truth about delivering clean, curated, quality as a priority CBD-centric news, trends and guides.

While short, simple and straight to the sauce – the trending Times of  CBD content creation here is meant juice the marijuana movement and cannabis culture by raising awareness and even adoption with high-quality researched-reports and summaries. Due to the unique, innovative intention of pioneering a palatable path by leading to educational foundation – paired with today's hot topics and latest medical health studies and industry discovery updates – TimesofCBD will help carry the torch in being a true category creator and blazing a path towards greater user-understanding of this wonderful whole plant medicine.

The aim of TimesofCBD mission is to show up daily, be an emerging leader for providing unbias cannabis news, CBD research, hemp product highlights and help the natural health and wellness movement forward. At the heartbeat level of this momentum-building ‘CBD craze’; the strive to create innovative, informative and freshly minted content about the best quality CBD health and wellness nutrition products to help consumers identify with optimal clarity and due diligence of various types, deliveries and dosages is just as important as staying up to date with all the legal changes, rules and regulations.

Whether it be hemp products, CBD oils or THC questions and answers; sheer easily-accessible education and optimally organized information is our primary purpose for a blossoming online industry that is just now unfolding before our very eyes in 2019 beyond.

TimesofCBD hacks into the hazy space by continuing to catalogue the entire cannabis oil industry for your convenience and care. New editor verified and author proof stamped product reviews of all the best CBD brands and top Cannabis supplements in a comprehensive report format for readily digestible insights will be available to you by our amazing and growing team.

The core Times of CBD Reviews contributors are a fast moving force for cracking into the coconut meat of cannabis/marijuana's budding industry led by an educated, esteemed and elated community-wide collective effort. Blend in a balance of our talented team of heavy-handed researchers and inquisitive producers of vetted and credential-stuffed writers, we encourage you to reach out and get in touch as we carry and crystallize the cannabis news, user guides and product reviews daily.

We will explain more in detail very soon, for now opt in here and friend us on Facebook, tweet at us on Twitter, DM us on IG (Instagram), talk on Telegram and follow along with us.

about timesofcbd

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TimesofCBD always fact checks sources and aims for the best accuracy in the reporting curated cannabis content consisting of the latest CBD news, user guides and product health research. Quality is the priority, but we are not eligible to be liable as everything here is for educational, informational purposes only. Always seek real additional medical advice and consultation with a professional healthcare practitioner before considering any CBD. No statements found on this website have underwent Food and Drug Administration evaluation. The efficacy of any products or claims made have never been approved by the FDA either. No products shall ever be intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or prevent any ailment.

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