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Major Security Risks Facing the Rising Cannabis Sector and How to Stop Them

Jenni Jacobsen



Major Security Risks Facing the Rising Cannabis Sector and How to Stop Them
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As the cannabis sector continues to gain broader acceptance, it has become increasingly susceptible to certain security risks. Some of the dangers include both external and internal theft, products being stolen during deliveries and also robberies at some retail shops. However, although most people are aware of these dangers, most cannabis companies haven’t sufficiently protected themselves, with most having inadequate CCTV coverage, relaxed employee protocols, and outdated alarm systems.

Listed below are the primary security risks that cannabis companies encounter and reliable ways to address those issues.

Weak or Insufficient Worker Protocols

The problem here may include lack of checking workers and what they have in their bags whenever they exit or enter the worksite or facility.

The solution is implementing more tamperproof worker procedures. Cannabis business must consider setting up through processes to check staff as they enter or leave the premises, particularly during shift change. The other suitable suggestion is having workers wear work clothes that deter theft. As internal theft may be tougher to stop, companies must invest in crime and theft insurance policies for covering any arising losses.

Lack of Proper Screening of Prospective Employees Before Employment

Cannabis companies must thoroughly vet all prospective hires to identify problems before making their final hiring decision. While most states will have custom compliance rules and regulations for hiring, the ideal candidate shouldn’t have any previous felonies. Other companies even conduct credit checks besides searching through DMV records of prospective employees. These background checks are necessary since the insurance premiums are quite expensive, and if you’re insuring one with bad credit reports, then you’re forced to bay even higher rates.

Failure to Comply with Insurance Requirements

A simple thing like properly securing the products at the end of every business day has proven to be tough for cannabis businesses. The solution is to set up dedicated security teams that will handle compliance issues. Companies may also consider working together with insurance brokers who will evaluate their vulnerabilities and provide solutions to deal with all those specific risks.

When choosing insurance brokers or providers, cannabis companies should go with ones that have proven experience working in this sector. That way, the business can benefit from their expertise in setting up effective protocols for increasing both security and safety in the workplace.

Insufficient Security

The problem here is that the alarms or camera systems only cover limited parts of the premises. The result is that they leave a business wholly exposed and vulnerable to theft.

The solution is installing more comprehensive security systems, including modern alarm and camera products. The installation should be performed by an experienced security firm that has already worked with cannabis companies in the past. Also, security systems must cover the company’s future expansion requirements.

Experienced consultants should review the business premises and suggest the most suitable and best security measures. Some enhancements may include adding extra cameras, employing skilled security personnel, and secure check-in management.

Jenni Jacobsen loves language and morphed that passion into lighting on a blog. Now, everyone can savor the juicy flavor of her 15 years and counting professional writing career. Before obtaining her Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University and becoming Licensed in Clinical Social Work, she started writing about health and wellness and never stopped. Just like the marathon runner, she is her next pursuit of a PhD in psychology at Northcentral University.

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