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CBD-Infused Beverages Look to Transform the Food and Drink Beverage Industries



CBD-Infused Beverages Look to Transform the Food and Drink Beverage Industries

CBD-Infused Beverages About to Transform the Food and Drink Industries

After the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD derived from hemp with minimal amounts of THC's psychoactive effects became federally legal. But how does this impact on the food and drink industry?

As the legalization of cannabis sweeps across America and Europe, there are a lot of questions regarding how legal marijuana works in practice.

CBD is a potent cannabis compound with zero psychoactive effects and is famous for its medicinal value. But since the FDA technically classifies CBD as a pharmaceutical, the FDA oversees all CBD or cannabis-infused foods and beverages.

In states where cannabis is legalized for medical or recreational use, CBD oils can be mixed with drinks or foods, but this should be done privately or at homes. There are also lotions, creams and balms containing CBD. These are not prohibited by the FDA. Today, it’s easy to find CBD in chocolates, cooking oils and wines, among others.

Giant Brands Are In

Guinness Brewing, one of the biggest beverage companies, has already held talks with renown Canada farms to discuss a possible partnership.

Lagunitas, a beer company under the Heineken umbrella, recently launched a beer infused with CBD and THC. There are several cannabis-infused winemakers, one of them being Cannavines in California.

Cannabis is getting into the beverage and food industry with full force, and all we can wait to see is how it will be regulated. A public hearing has been set at the end of May by the FDA, and this will involve talking about CBD legality in beverages and food.

Opposition and Way Forward

The Alcohol Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau recently sent a message to the industry claiming that CBD is prohibited into alcoholic drinks at the moment. This issue tends to be bogged down and complex, but the trend of cannabis legalization is clearly unstoppable. Once the red tape surrounding the industry is cut down, cannabis will sooner than later reach the food and beverages industry.

As the legalization of cannabis gains steam, the food and beverages industries are working hard to position themselves so that they can be ready for the inevitable demand around the corner. The U.S cannabis industry alone is projected to hit the $1.4 billion mark by 2024.

Kim or ‘KimD’ is an experienced, astute full-time writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. While her professional path is in Commercial Real Estate as an Accredited Buyer’s Representative and the financial industry, she loves to elaborate exclusively about CBD health and wellness information here at COR and will be around for a long time to come.

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