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New Chiques Creek Cage-Free Hemp Eggs, Grade-A Large Brown Variety Debut



New Chiques Creek Cage-Free Hemp Eggs, Grade-A Large Brown Variety Debut

Kreider Farms, the trusted manufacturer of premium eggs, freshly farm-sourced milk, and ice cream in Central Pennsylvania, has added its Chiques Creek product line with a Cage-Free hemp-based egg. These hemp-based eggs are sourced from well-fed hens at its Lancaster County, PA farm. Chiques Creek is Kreider Farm’s favorite, offering an exclusive range of iced hemp teas, currently sold at Rutter, Giant, and Weis’s stores, with the company promising to add new retailers to its website.

Sourced from cage-free birds nutritionally fed with an all-vegetarian high-nutrient diet with 20% hemp seeds, the Chiques Creek Hemp Eggs are brown and contain higher levels of nutrients and higher levels of omega-3 content. Since the Chiques Creek Flocks are American Human certified, the cage-free birds are humanely raised with minimal exposure to antibiotics.

The nutrients the hens are fed are directly transmitted to the eggs, and that’s why these eggs carry these excellent nutrients:

  • Double Vitamin B12, a superior source of energy
  • Triple omega-3 content good for promoting health and strengthening bones
  • Superior source of Selenium, Vitamin B2, Choline, Vitamin B5, Biotin, and Vitamin E
  • More than 4X vitamin D content essential for boosting bone and muscle growth
  • More than 20% lutein content essential for enhancing eye health

Ron Kreider, Kreider Farm’s CEO, and president confirms its gratification as they introduce these incredible Chiques Creek Hemp Eggs to American grocery stores. Sourced from its Lancaster farming heritage with a reputation dated back to the 1700s when Krieder’s ancestors started the cultivation of ropes, food, paper, canvas, and clothing, Kreider Farm is more than happy as they reestablish the provision of the excellent benefits of hemp agriculture to the modern United States market.

About Chiques Creek

Named after the local creek running all-through Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, Chiques Creek was launched to celebrate Kreider’s contributions to the hemp industry's growth. Chiques Creek leads the way in revolutionizing hemp agriculture all through Pennsylvania, especially Lancaster County. Those that would like to learn more about the company and the new hemp-based eggs can reach out here:

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