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CBxShield CBxImmune: Limonene-Derived CBD with Mushrooms for Immunity



CBxShield CBxImmune: Limonene-Derived CBD with Mushrooms for Immunity

CBxShield is a new proprietary, limonene-derived CBD (CBx) supplement that uses Reishi mushrooms to support the immune system's health to defend the body against disease. Created by Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters, takes a new and different approach to CBD product formulas by providing a THC free hemp and cannabis free alternative.

What is CBxShield?

With the constant threat of COVID-19, flu season, and even allergies, most people want to find a way to get the relief that won't fail them. There is only so much that medications can do, which is why consumers have taken to the supplement industry to find immunity-boosting remedies that can make a difference. With the popularity of CBD, it should come as no surprise that companies want to integrate with other remedies. With CBxShield, consumers will get a different CBD side, but it's not the only superpower ingredient used.

CBxShield provides users with a completely legal way to take advantage of what CBD can do. The CBD in this formula primarily focuses on limonene-based sources. While it is just as effective as using cannabis as a source, the main difference is that this formula is entirely legal with its compound and comes from the peelings of citrus fruits after researchers were able to develop 100%-genuine CBD molecules from nothing more than a terpene or  (limonene). CBD was made legal within the United States with the 2018 Farm Bill. However, this formula is more than just another CBD supplement on the market.

Along with CBD, this formula includes reishi mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms are known for their ability to reduce inflammation and increase the strength of the metabolism. It has already been used in many supplements for this influence that it has over the immune system. Still, they also create a healthy balance for blood pressure levels and control over cholesterol. CBxShield formulas are made under strict controlled GMP approved laboratories, and third-party independent lab tested for every batch of products the company produces and states that ” lab reports are freely available” for viewing.

Even with all of the extra benefits that CBD and reishi mushrooms offer independently, it is the way that they promote a better immune system that brings them together.

Where Can Consumers Buy CBxShield?

The ability to purchase CBxShield is now available for preordering and will be launching on December 11th. The supplement's total cost is $54.99. CBxShield is now available for sale in the US and soon launched in Japan, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

CBxShield CBxImmune Summary

CBxShield allows users to improve their health with two ingredients that they are relatively familiar with already. The formula is quite simple, though the official website is somewhat unclear on its availability. As helpful as this product might be, the website is sorely lacking in information at this current point. Consumers that want to learn more can send an email to

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