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Approximately Half of All UK Adults Now Support Marijuana Legalization Per YouGov Survey

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Approximately Half of All UK Adults Now Support Marijuana Legalization Per YouGov Survey
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According to a YouGov survey, approximately half of all British adults support marijuana legalization. The survey’s results show that the laws of marijuana legalization are opposite to public opinion in the UK as here, 48% of the people favor the legalization of recreational-use cannabis while only 24% of them oppose legalization.

More adults support the legalization of medicinal marijuana, with 77% of the people feeling that it should be legalized. The voters added that they'd definitely use marijuana for medical purposes if there’s a confirmation that it could help them.

What Should Be Changed?

The YouGov survey indicated the need for changing United Kingdom policies, especially those that favor legal marijuana. Rob Wilson, the Chief Executive of YouGov, said that the government and lawmakers are completely unaware of what the public thinks. He added that they are far behind the public’s expectations.

Besides, Wilson said that the UK’s decade-old policies ought to be changed according to the voter’s perception. The perception won’t harm anyone since most Britain citizens support cannabis legalization. This is a clear sign that voters are more than ready to use marijuana for its health benefits.

The survey’s results come after some few cannabis-based medicines were legalized in November 2018. The law only allows some of the doctors to prescribe medical marijuana, meaning that many families have no option than keep on buying expensive pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Respondent’s Opinions Regarding Cannabis Cultivation

Most respondents to the survey favor cannabis cultivation. 1690 voters said that cannabis cultivation should be allowed to patients who have been recommended medical cannabis by their doctors, while 22% of respondents felt that everyone should be allowed to cultivate cannabis. 31% of the voters admitted trying marijuana.

Strongest Supporters of Cannabis Legalization

Adults strongly supported marijuana legalization. People between the age of 18 and 49 mostly voted for recreational use marijuana legalization. People living in London hugely voted in support of legalization. Experts feel that it would be best for the government to change its policies so as to reduce the cases of adults having to buy marijuana from black market dealers and other sources.

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