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Cannabis Experts Join Forces, Form CReDo Science, to Study the Endocannabinoid System




Dr. Ethan Russo, a medical cannabis author of 30 years and board advisor of the Foundation for an Informed Texas, and Nishi Whiteley have recently come together to form a company called CReDo Science reports Leafly. The mission behind this company is to study the endocannabinoid system (ECS), one that's often missed, unused, and often avoided in most cases.

As suggested on the official website, CReDo Science will be working towards offering patented products that allow for proper interaction with the ECS, while also addressing select markers that make the ECS dysfunctional. The reason for calling the firm CReDo comes from Latin roots. To be more specific:

“CReDo means “I believe.” We maintain that “the proof is out there” for cannabis/hemp-based solutions for better living.”

Though offering innovative products are on their to-do list, the team at CReDo is also working with a goal of innovating “new solutions to big problems independently and collaboratively in the greatest areas of unmet need.”

The news outlet went on to reference Dr. Russo, who expressed society’s current state of blindly relying on cannabis all because of the impact that politics has had on wellness and science. In particular, he said:

“It really points out how politics interfere with science and the public good; in this instance, because we’ve really denied ourselves the full benefits of a plant that has so much to offer medically, nutritionally and as an aid to be better living.”

Initial Projects on Hand

Currently, five projects are underway at CReDo Science. In conversing with Dr. Russo, who held back on sharing much of the details, the news outlet shared the following:

#1. COVID-19 and the need for safe disinfectants

The first of five projects is a disinfectant that could potentially kill the coronavirus, and this is thanks to the “antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties” of cannabis. Besides, the plant’s unique properties, the decision to use marijuana here rests in the mere fact that the likes of Clorox induce headaches, at least for Dr. Russo.

#2. Diagnosing Medical Conditions related to the ECS

Not one, but two projects are focused on creating diagnostics that could pinpoint ECS-related medical conditions. Dr. Russo said, “If there is the potential for products or treatments […] that’s nice, but that’s not what keeps me up at night thinking about things; it’s ideas that could help explain what ails us and what to do about it.”

#3. Cannabis-based Nutrition

Up next, we have possible cannabis-based nutritional products and are expected to treat anti-inflammatory effects. This is an ongoing project with full disclosure likely to be unveiled in the next two or three years. As for where the team plans to sell it, Dr. Russo shared that it should be accessible globally as it will not include THC.

#4. Cannabis Extraction Hardware Poised to Reap the Plant in Complete

Dr. Russo supposedly stands by the entourage effect and finds that many existing extraction processes fail to attract many of the cannabinoids housed within the plant. CreDo Science’s new technique will be taking advantage of all that cannabis has to offer, from terpenes to underestimated cannabinoids.

#5. Cannabis-based OTC medicine

While Dr. Russo was very reserved on sharing details on the matter of OTCs, he openly expressed his distaste for select over-the-counter medicine, as he finds them to be either “toxic” or “not very effective.” To add to that, he said:

“We think that we got an effective approach with a cannabis-based product that’s not going to be psychoactive, not subject to any abuse potential.”

The team at CReDo Science is already at work to address the existing gap in cannabis-related knowledge. To stay up to date on these matters, visit their official website here.

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