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How Diatomaceous Earth Can Enhance a Cannabis Grow Due to Pest Control and Soil Health



How Diatomaceous Earth Can Enhance a Cannabis Grow Due to Pest Control and Soil Health
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Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is all the rage in the health product as well as the gardening world. It provides detoxifying qualities as well many other health benefits. DE boosts the immune system, helps with digestion and even lowers cholesterol. When it comes to gardening, it helps deter insects and adds to the nutrients in the soil. It makes sense therefore, that DE be added to cannabis to help with the growing process. Most importantly, insects will stay clear if DE has been applied.

In terms of pests, spider mites seem to be the worst culprits as they are so hard to get rid of. Often harmful pesticides are used to get rid of insects, but these can be toxic to humans as well as animals. DE, however, is an all-natural product that doesn’t cause harm to the plant or the end user of cannabis. DE is derived from the fossilized remains of small marine organisms called diatoms. This fossilization process takes approximately 30 million years and the sedimentary rock that is formed can be found at the bottom of large bodies of water.

Another benefit of DE is that insects cannot adapt or become immune to it so once they are gone, they will not return. When growing cannabis, the richness and quality of the soil is the important first step. To improve the soil even further, DE can be added. It helps retain moisture as well as nutrients in the soil. It also helps plants to better absorb the nutrients. This along with proper maintenance of the plants, should produce a greater yield.

Another way to help deter spider mites as well as other pests is to ensure proper airflow in the growing area. The mites prefer stagnant air and so getting a breeze going will be helpful. This will also help to prevent fungi or other pathogens from growing. The temperature of the area is also important as is the humidity level. Hot and dry areas will attract pests and so maintaining these factors are equally as important.

DE is a great addition to the growing process as it helps support the growth of cannabis as well as deter pests in a natural and non-toxic way. While it is safe to use and even eat, it is still recommended that it is handled with care as it is abrasive and can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat when inhaled in large quantities. Although it is recommended as a dietary supplement, it isn’t eaten straight, but often mixed with various foods and beverages.

The future of the growing process is bright and if this product is beneficial for the body as well as the earth, it is easy to see how it so easily pairs with cannabis. It is readily available online on Amazon or can be found in local home improvement stores. What is important, however, is that not all diatomaceous earth products are made the same. If you are planning on ingesting it, then food grade DE is necessary. If it is for the house or garden, the regular brands will suffice.

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