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Best CBD Vape Oil Products: Top Vaporizer Pens, Vaping Juices, E-Liquid Cartridges



As the exploration into healthcare innovation continues, so does the interest in more natural remedies. One particular remedy that has gained particular interest as of late is marijuana.

While the marijuana plant itself is highly controversial, the components of the plant have begun to provide another alternative for those seeking relief from chronic illnesses. For those who prefer a treatment that is free of standard pharmaceutical products, CBD has opened a new world of possibilities.

Being one of the new frontiers in the natural healthcare market, CBD has multiple ways for users to obtain and enjoy the health-saving benefits it can provide. Between oils, edibles, and vaping, those who want to take advantage of CBD have a plethora of options from which to choose. The proper method of use for each person can vary based on their need, but it is critically important first to know what CBD is, and how it correlates to your health in any form.

What is CBD?

Before you can understand the benefits and uses of CBD, it is important first to understand what it is. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a molecular compound produced exclusively by plants in the cannabis family. Though it is often confused with marijuana or hemp, CBD is quite different from its plant sources.

While there is a strong misconception that CBD is simply a replacement for marijuana, there is a vast difference between the two. As previously mentioned, CBD is a molecular ingredient within the marijuana plant. As a component, it lacks the presence of THC, the psychoactive element found in marijuana. This prevents the “high” commonly associated with marijuana usage.

While every variety of the cannabis family produces cannabinoids, CBD is one of the most well-known. Recently, there has been a stark increase in the health benefits this particular component can provide. As the brain is naturally designed to accept cannabinoids, there are many who aim to explore ways to process CBD and extract its medicinal wealth while avoiding some of the common fears and misconceptions related to its use.

Common Misconceptions

As with anything new or unknown, there are often many misconceptions that accompany the mention of CBD. Most often, this is caused due to the assumption that being a part of marijuana makes CBD its equivalent. This, however, is not truly the case. Some of the more common misconceptions are as follows:

Drug Testing

When you consider what is most important to people in general, it will come as no surprise that CBD usage would prove to be an area of concern. Many companies now use standard drug testing in their hiring processes and, inevitably, marijuana use would bring the possibility of termination or be passed over for new employment altogether. While marijuana usage would be cause for concern, CBD usage should not.

As previously discussed, the difference between THC and CBD. Though they are both cannabinoids, they have very different effects on the human body. While THC has the ability to affect cognitive function, CBD does not produce the euphoric feelings associated with THC. As THC has a higher chance of affecting the cognitive elements of the brain, drug testing has been designed to focus on this cannabinoid rather than CBD.

While some may not choose to disclose their use of CBD for fear, this should not stop you from taking a required drug test, whether it be for work or other reasons.

CBD Hasn’t Been Regulated

The introduction of CBD products on the market caused quite a stir initially and continues to be somewhat controversial in some circles. Some equate the presence and sale of CBD to that of illegal substances. This, however, is inaccurate. While illegal substances such as marijuana are not subject to regulatory practices, CBD is

Once the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth and sale of industrialized hemp, there was a wave of enthusiasm from those who had long heralded the benefits of hemp and CBD, respectively. This victory, however, did introduce a large number of regulatory needs for those who decided to take part in this new frontier.

Inevitably, once the federal government has approved a new product, they will forever be involved in its sale and development. This is doubly true of industrial hemp and, by extension, CBD. Being directly involved means the federal government could now review multiple facets of the industry and ensure its safety.

Similar to what is seen in the supplement industry, CBD retailers have had to be very careful in terms of advertising. The FDA is not only involved in the cultivation of CBD but also its sale. As the CBD industry has expanded, claims that it can be used for almost anything have also grown. Since the FDA has not tested and approved these claims, retailers are unable to market their CBD products using these assertions.

Additionally, CBD also faces regulatory action on the state level. Despite states such as Colorado and Washington being at the forefront of the change, other states have been slowly wading way into the industrial hemp market. Those choosing to open or distribute CBD products must have a firm understanding of any state and federal regulations before opening their doors.

In short, the CBD industry is anything but unregulated, and this misconception is more than likely derived from fear of the unknown.

CBD Produces a “High”

As was discussed previously, there is no link between CBD and becoming intoxicated or impaired. As this is one of the most common misconceptions associated with CBD use, it is worth taking a closer look into why there is so much confusion surrounding it.

In general, most people tend to group things. This is true in an array of settings and circumstances. In the study of Psychology, there is confirmed proof that people group things based on their perceived similarity to one another. In social cases, this could be gender. In this specific case, however, CBD and THC are inevitably linked due to their being derived from the same plant.

While it is true that they come from the same course, their molecular structure is also vastly different. Scientifically, both CBD and THC have an impact on CB1 receptors within the brain. THC activates the corresponding receptors and enables both its absorption and effects. This is what causes the euphoria commonly associated with its presence.

CBD also has an impact on CB1 receptors within the brain; however, these are vastly different from THC. CBD functions as an antagonist to the CB1 receptors. This means that it blocks the intoxication found with THC use. In fact, there is some evidence suggesting that the use of CBD, in conjunction with THC, may inhibit the effects of the latter.

Despite the many beliefs that CBD and reaching a euphoric or intoxicated state go hand and hand, evidence and research suggest the opposite.

There’s No Scientific Proof Supporting Use of CBD

As science moves us further into exploration and innovation, there is inevitably an increased interest in proving health benefits. This is exceedingly true of CBD and other natural health remedies. While some believe that there is a gap between research and the benefits of CBD, there has actually been an overwhelming interest from the scientific community. This research has paved the way for more positivity and excitement for the advancements CBD may be able to provide.

While there are still many scientific unknowns, there has been a substantial amount of research done since 2018. This has been done, in part, due to the progress of legalization. With the FDA now having a hand in the industrial hemp and CBD markets, research is required to ensure the safety of those who choose this natural remedy.

As of January 2019, there are approximately 150 active CBD trials nationwide. Though this may sound like a small number, this is a massive step towards defining the benefits of CBD and further legitimizing its status as an efficient treatment method. Clinical trials that prove to be successful inevitably pave the way for others.

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, CBD was identified as an effective treatment in the reduction of seizures. Following this discovery and trial, the FDA approved a CBD solution. Epidolex has now gone on to become an extremely popular option for physicians that have patients seeking assistance for seizure-inducing illnesses.

Through scientific methods and observation can move at a somewhat slower pace, the increase in research will only help to make CBD an established choice among both general and holistic physicians.

It’s Can Be Illegal To Use CBD

This specific assertion is a little trickier than others. The legal aspects of CBD use can vary based on your location, as well as the ultimate source of the CBD compound. While CBD is produced by both marijuana and hemp plants within the cannabis family, they are viewed very differently in legal terms.

Though there has been substantial movement in terms of marijuana legalization, it is still considered to be illegal in most places. Hemp, however, is legal and was given this status with the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. As both produce CBD, users need to know where their particular CBD is coming from.

If the purchased CBD comes from marijuana, you could be subjected to legal ramifications down the road. If you choose CBD from Hemp, you should face no problems in terms of legal matters. Users should take great care in educating themselves on reputable producers and providers to ensure they are following the law.

Health Benefits of CBD

Misconceptions aside, CBD was first introduced and explored as a means of medical intervention. With the growth of our society comes a belief that medical treatments can be found even in the most unlikely of places. CBD has been linked to many health benefits – some of which would be less expected than others.

Pain Management

cbd chronic-pain

One of the most prevalent claims from those using CBD oil is its efficiency with pain management. As medical marijuana increased in popularity, many sought another avenue. CBD provided that option on a larger scale. While medical marijuana still climbs the legal ladder, CBD has become an acceptable treatment form on a grand scale.

For those experiencing chronic pain from arthritis or injury, options currently on the market can be expensive and ineffective, in some cases. As CBD Is believed to reduce chronic pain by directly attacking inflammation within the body, it should come as no surprise that many newcomers to the CBD market are highly interested in testing its efficacy.

Scientific research suggests that CBD affects the body’s endocannabinoid system. Though it is one of the lesser-known systems in the body, it plays a key role in determining how people interact with cannabis on a physiological level. The human body naturally produces cannabis-like substances. This system influences how we experience pain, and CBD usage takes full advantage of this link.

CBD is also said to assist in the sleep cycle. A sound sleep allows the body an opportunity to rejuvenate and repair itself. By giving the body its natural opportunity to heal, there is a higher rate of success long-term for patients looking for a new solution for their chronic pain.

Heart Health

Over the last decade, the focus on heart health, in general, has skyrocketed. Of all the heart conditions that arouse the most concern, hypertension and heart disease have taken center stage on a national level. CBD has made great strides in terms of preventative measures and long-term health.

As with many other areas of research, the scientific information available for CBD and heart health is still fairly preliminary, but there are many positive signs for the future. In many healthy adults undergoing treatment, one dose of CBD reduces blood pressure. This reduction refers to both normal blood pressure as well as blood pressure readings after stressful events and circumstances.

While these are positive indicators that CBD has the potential to change the lives of those suffering from heart health on a short-term basis, no current trials are evaluating long-term effects. Though this may be seen as a disappointment, the benefits of CBD could potentially minimize the occurrences of chronic issues leading to an improvement of overall health.


Anxiety stress relief

Similar to heart health, CBD treatment for anxiety has been largely unexplored at this time. While many short-term trials have been performed, very few have explored the long-term effects that can occur from the continuous use of CBD for this purpose. Despite this, however, the opportunity CBD presents for those suffering from anxiety disorders is hard to ignore.

Anxiety is currently estimated to affect approximately 40 million adults within the United States. As staggering as a number that may appear to be, the reality of available treatments could also be considered shocking. While treatment is available in the form of anti-psychotic medication or sedatives, most people would prefer an option with fewer side effects and fewer long-term detriments.

Many prescriptions designed for anxiety sufferers often threaten dementia or other psychological impairments. CBD functions differently from more common treatment methods, which allows for the possibility of better, less detrimental results. With CBD's antagonistic qualities, it binds to receptors in the brain to block certain chemicals that promote the occurrence of anxiety.

Additionally, CBD has proven more effective in lower doses when treating anxiety disorders. Many pharmaceutical-based treatments for anxiety require multiple dosage increases over time. As our bodies become more accustomed to the drug in use, the amount needed to produce the same effects must likewise increase. In available trials involving CBD, however, this is shown not to be the case.

In fact, higher doses of CBD have been known to have a negative effect on the brain and its affected receptors. Researchers currently believe that high doses of CBD “overwhelm” the brain and generate a “fight or flight” response. This response usually manifests in the form of a panic attack, which could be extremely severe depending on the receptor reaction level. Lower amounts allow the brain to have a positive response, decreasing any possible anxiety occurrences.


cbd depression

Just as CBD has been shown to help with anxiety, it has similarly been seen as a possibility for those experiencing chronic depression. Scientifically, depression has often been linked to low serotonin levels. While CBD does not necessarily boost or raise serotonin levels, it could have an effect on the brain’s chemical receptors.

For those dealing with both anxiety and depression, CBD presents an opportunity for something more natural for treatment purposes. Currently, human research is very limited when evaluating CBD’s efficacy for depression. However, animal testing has proven to be very positive. In a recent 2019 study, CBD was found to have both a fast and prolonged anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect.

Despite the lack of long-term studies, the benefits of CBD for depression often outweigh any perceived risks. Side effects with CBD are also much less likely, making this a highly viable option for those looking for new possibilities.


cbd Epilepsy

In June 2018, the FDA approved the first drug containing CBD designed specifically for seizure disorders. Seizure disorders such as epilepsy can not only be disruptive for those who deal with it on a daily basis, but also emotionally and physically draining.

Though there have been previous treatment methods introduced with satisfactory results, the introduction of CBD has given those dealing with this specific type of disorder new options to pursue. Individuals living with epilepsy can now explore the possibility of a lower medication need with a more effective result.

During the original clinical trials that resulted in FDA approval, some participants experienced a 42% decrease in seizure occurrence. Given the disruptive nature of a seizure, this significant decrease not only demonstrates the importance of CBD in the treatment of epilepsy but gives a slight glimpse into the possibility of assisting those with other chronic conditions.


Though this may not be considered a health benefit by some, acne can still be viewed as one specific area reaping the benefits of CBD. The condition of your skin can sometimes be an indicator of your overall health. While acne is traditionally believed to be an issue exclusive to teenage years, this condition can have long-lasting effects on those who experience it.

CBD functions as an anti-inflammatory. As acne is an inflammatory condition, CBD is uniquely equipped to assist in calming acne-prone skin and preventing common flare-ups that occur on a regular basis.

Research has concluded that CBD has multiple soothing properties that can help diminish breakouts, reduce redness, and decrease excessive oil production. CBD has also been shown to be gentler on sensitive skin than many options currently available by traditional means.

Side Effects

When researching the possibility of a new medicinal treatment, the possibility of side effects is often a concern. This should not be surprising and is to be expected. New and experimental treatments tend to have a higher occurrence of possible issues long-term. When combined with some of the common misconceptions related to CBD, however, this concern can only increase.

Though some apprehension is to be expected, CBD is generally well-tolerated and has a significantly lower risk of side effects than more traditional medication sources. Some of the more prevalent side effects are:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

Out of the above- mentioned side effects, most are very mild in severity. CBD also tends to interact with other medications. Given some of the uses for CBD, users should always partake in this treatment with the supervision of a physician.

Drugs, such as blood thinners tend to have the most severe interactions. When compared to other medication touting the same uses, there is much to be said of the CBD revolution and the positive aspects that it can provide.


One of the most positive aspects of CBD is its versatility. While some medication is restricted by its form, CBD primarily comes in the form of oil. This oil can then be used in multiple ways.

CBD Oil Drug Test


Of the four usage methods provided, oral ingestion is more than likely the most common. Oral ingestion operates in the form of typical digestion. The oil will pass through the digestive system, metabolize in the liver, and transmit the active compounds through the bloodstream.

Common ingestible options come in the form of capsules, edibles, and beverages. Though convenient, there is inherently some risk involved in using this particular form. Edibles and beverages rely heavily on precise measurements to ensure the body receives enough of the compound without inciting the possible “flight” response previously discussed.

With this being a possibility, users are encouraged to lean towards more precise usage methods.


Sublingual ingestion of CBD oil, though effective, is one of the least common. When CBD oil is used sublingually, it is held under the tongue for up to 90 seconds. This allows the mucous membranes within the mouth to absorb the active ingredients within the oil.

This particular method bypasses the digestive system and liver metabolization, which allows for quicker absorption in the bloodstream. Ideal for those looking for quick effects, this can be a very attractive usage method for some. Though expediency is ideal in most cases, users should be cautious if they have a history of sensitivity.

With quicker absorption comes an enhanced risk of sensitivity or reactions based on the body’s immunity level. As this option is absorbed directly, there is less opportunity to tolerate the oil gradually.


While oral consumption is most common, there are some CBD oil products specifically designed for topical application. Products in this category are applied directly to the skin for absorption. This absorption process interacts with the cells nearest to the surface without bloodstream interaction.

These products tend to be highly attractive to those looking for an isolated solution. This can often be found to be most useful in cases of acne, skin conditions, nor isolated pain. These products can also be used as needed and in smaller amounts.

As these products are not generally designed for long-term use, those experiencing chronic issues may need to find an option that addresses their needs more thoroughly.


Having reviewed various forms of CBD oil use, inhalation or vaping is one of the least common. However, it contains its own set of benefits that surpass many other CBD oil forms. It also continues to grow in terms of popularity. Vaporization methods use heat to release the active compounds contained within the CBD oil. This allows users to reap the benefits of CBD vaping while also avoiding the harmful byproducts created through combustion.

As the CBD enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream, the necessary compounds bypass the digestive system or liver and enter circulation much quicker than other CBD usage options. Vaporizer usage with CBD also maintains a larger amount of oil compared to other methods.

Just as CBD oil comes in multiple forms, vaporization also provides a vast array of products designed to fit the needs of multiple people on a large scale.

Vaporization & CBD Oil

Though all methods of using CBD oil can provide many health benefits, vaporization, in particular, has undergone a substantial metamorphosis. Originally introduced to replace traditional cigarette use, vaping has become a societal favorite across many age groups. As it requires multiple components, however, it is crucial that users thoroughly educate themselves on the needs for this particular usage form.

CBD Vaping Oils

At first glance, the task of choosing a CBD vaping oil can be overwhelming. Though the concept of CBD oil is singular, there are numerous options available to consumers. While “CBD oil” is typically used as an umbrella term, there are hundreds of products that vary in terms of use, effectiveness, and even flavoring.

In general, CBD vaping oils fall into one of two categories:

As previously mentioned, CBD initially derives from one of two sources. While CBD hemp oil is legal under federal regulations, full-spectrum CBD oil may or may not contain more than the 0.3% THC limit set by the government.

To be considered legal, CBD oil must contain less .3% of THC. With this being the case, there may be some oils that are not fully free of THC but have an amount viewed as negligible by the federal government. For those who prefer to avoid the presence of THC altogether, however, there are pure CBD oil versions available on the market.

Pure CBD oil, or CBD “isolate” oil, is derived from a variety of cannabis plants. These products ultimately receive their purification through a process known as isolation. Before this process taking place, CBD samples are still filled with multiple components of the source plant.

CBD isolate undergoes a purification process allowing filtration to extract all of the plant material.

After the filtration process has been completed, extracted oil undergoes an additional process known as “winterization” This further ensures that any waxes or additional plant materials have also been removed. The final result is a fine, white powder containing upwards of 99% pure CBD. This powder can then be diffused into multiple oils to create a pure CBD oil option.

Vape Juice and E-Liquids

While CBD oil itself has multiple layers and can be fairly complex, there is much to be said of the oils used for the vaporization process. Those who use the inhalation method for their CBD needs can not only choose between CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquids. While sometimes used interchangeably, the main difference between these two options is their purchased form.

CBD vape juice, also known as CBD vape oil, is often used to describe CBD oil designed specifically for use with a vaporizer. E-liquids, however, are designed a little differently. Rather than being used specifically with a vaporizer, e-liquids are generally distributed in pre-filled CBD oil cartridges.

To ensure that the vape oil can work effectively with the various vaporization devices, these products are usually made with propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycol. They act as thinning agents to ensure the viscosity necessary. Cartridges of the various liquids can be replaced over and over again, allowing for increased amounts of convenience.

Regardless of the type of oil, juice, or liquid you choose to vape, there are multiple aspects that should be considered before purchase.

Choosing Your Vapor Oil or Juice

With so many products on the market, the difficulty in choosing the “right” one can seem not only daunting but almost impossible. In general, however, there are some general guidelines and criteria to keep in mind.:

  • Concentration
  • Homogeneity
  • Quality
  • Suitability
  • Source
  • Cost

Though obtaining this information may be a little time-consuming, consumers must be thoroughly educated and aware of the CBD oil they are choosing.


CBD oils purchased in dropper bottles are sold in a myriad of concentrations. This concentration measurement is based on the amount of CBD contained in one bottle. Commonly listed on packaging labels, measurements may be displayed in mg or percentages based on the manufacturer’s preferences.

The concentration of the CBD product inevitably affects its efficacy. While it may be tempting to start with a highly concentrated form of CBD oil, it is not recommended. Starting your usage with a low to moderate concentration level, allows the opportunity to observe any effects and adjust gradually if needed.


The term “homogenous” means to be “the same throughout.” This is usually a tell-tell sign when trying to determine a CBD product that is not only well mixed but also uniformed consistency. If your chosen CBD vape oil Is not uniform and separation begins to appear, this could have detrimental effects on dosage amounts. Ultimately, this could make it difficult to control the amount of CBD you are consuming per dose.


Though having a homogenous CBD oil is important, you will also want to purchase an oil or juice that is crystal clear. “The clearer, the better,” is the key phrase to remember when shopping for your product of choice. This is usually an obvious characteristic once the liquid is dispensed into your vape pen. Once dispensed, watch for a thick or syrupy appearance to indicate whether or not the product is of good quality.

Additionally, these products should be able to measure up to the claims and assertions on their labels. This is especially true when exploring an industry on the rise. As a consumer of CBD, test results should always be consulted prior to purchasing a new juice or oil. Most reputable providers will have third party laboratory testing information available for review.

If a provider isn't willing to provide you with these results, it may be best to find another provider who will.


Suitability of your chosen vape liquid should be one of the top primary components when choosing from the many options available. This suitability should match not only the specifications of your vaporizer but also your chosen health needs.

Unfortunately, vape liquids and oils do not work equally well across the spectrum of vaporizers available on the market. As there are some pens made with ceramics and others with metal, it is important to be well-versed in what your needs specifically are.

Likewise, not all oils and juices provide the same health benefits in some cases. Though CBD oil in itself is a singular product, different brands and concentrations can often provide differing results. Researching your specific health concerns online can generally point you in the right direction for success.


In terms of information, there can never be too much when first entering the complex world of CBD. This is especially true of determining where your CBD comes from. When determining what CBD provider to use, it is important to look for those with a high degree of traceability.

Reputable providers should be able to produce quality documentation about their products and have high standards during the manufacturing process. There should also be records free of microbiological contamination, solvents, or heavy metals.


Thanks to the progressive nature of the CBD oil industry, most good quality products are reasonably priced. When choosing a specific oil or juice, it is important not only to consider the overall cost but also cost per dose. Despite more highly concentrated products being more expensive outright, they offer a greater amount of value long-term.

Top Rated Vape Oils & Juices

Though there are many CBD oils and juices available to use, there are a few that have been ranked considerably higher than others based on their overall usage. To get you started, here are the current top 3 choices:

  • KOI CBD E-Liquid
  • CBD Genesis E-Liquid
  • CBD Oil Vape Additives (4-Pack)

Each of these particular products has not only a good-reputation but has also undergone third-party lab testing.

KOI CBD E-Liquid

Known for having a high standard of quality, KOI's CBD E-Liquid product proves to be a good all-around solution for multiple needs. This specific product comes in a wide variety of flavors and is also one of the most affordable products available.

It is a pure CBD isolate and contains food-grade ingredients and natural flavoring. In terms of concentration, it can be purchased in various amounts up to 1000mg, which provides plenty of opportunities to adjust dosage levels as needed.

CBD Genesis E-Liquid

Though this particular product is a full-spectrum CBD oil rather than an isolate, it is still of high-quality and works well for both vaping and oral uses. One of the key components for this particular e-liquid is its effectiveness as an all-around CBD oil option. Designed to assist with stress, anxiety, and sleep, it is a great option for someone looking for an all-in-one solution.

CBD Genesis E-LiquidConcentrations are available in a range of 100mg – 2000mg, allowing for multiple dosage options over time. Though it may require thinning the longer, it is kept, this is still a viable option at a reasonable price.

CBD Oil Vape Additives

CBD Oil Vape Additives, made by CBDfx, has a high level of versatility and can be vaped on its own, added to preferred vape juices, or taken orally. This allows for users to possibly spend a little more money but have a greater degree of flexibility over a longer time period.

Additionally, these additives are derived from all-organic hemp plants which provide an added degree of safety. Using a CO2 method of extraction, these additives contain the purest form of CBD possible.


Just as there are multiple options for CBD oil to use when vaping, there are also numerous options available for vaporizers themselves. Though generally confined to a few key types, there are also multiple considerations to keep in mind when t

Vape Pens

Convenient and generally considered easy to use, vape pens are widely considered to be one of the most popular vaping options available today. This popularity is greatly due to their size and portability. Usually no larger than a standard e-cigarette, they are fairly discrete allowing them to be used in small rooms and cars with little to no trouble.

They are also very user-friendly. As vaping continues to grow in terms of popularity, products that cater to new users inevitably garner more attention. Vape pens require little to no experience and provide a great amount of reliability.

Vape Mods

Known to be substantially more complex than vape pens, vape mods are fairly attractive for their more advanced features. Still, portable vape mods are a bit larger than an e-cigarette allowing for a larger battery, as well as a higher liquid capacity.

Additionally, vape mods tend to produce more smoke than their vape pen counterparts. Depending on the desired experience, this could pose a problem for some potential users. Generally, vape mods should be left to more experienced users within the market.

The type of device used for vaping will vary greatly based on the individual, their needs, and their preferences. When purchasing a device, however, there are standard considerations that should be remembered, such as:

  • Temperature Control
  • Size
  • Convenience
  • Battery Life

These specific considerations play a substantial factor in your overall satisfaction with your vaping device as well as the success of your CBD vaping experience.

Temperature Control

Among the most important considerations when choosing a vaporizer for CBD use, temperature control is essential to make sure your CBD oil does not burn. Ideally, vaporizers for CBD usage should not heat higher than 160 degrees. It is best to choose a vaporizer with control capabilities to ensure the best possible results.


Though there is a greater acceptance of vaporizer use in public places, users should still consider where they will spend a large portion of their time when choosing which vaporizer to purchase. Portability can and should play a large role in the final decision of which device is purchased.


Before choosing a vaping device, it is important to decide on the type of experience you’d like to have overall. While some are extremely convenient and easy to use, there are those that are much more complex and contain a variety of settings.

You should also decide if it is more convenient to use cartridges, refill a tank, or simply dispose of your pen following use. As most vaping devices fall into one of these categories, preference is a key element to choosing the right option.

Battery Life

As with many things, the battery life of a CBD vaporizer should be of substantial consideration. Given the variety of vape devices available, it should come as no surprise that battery life also comes in varying degrees. To ensure your vaporizer suits you, it is best to consider where and when you’ll primarily be using it.

Another aspect of battery life to be mindful of is the need to recharge. While some vaporizers can take as few as 30 minutes to recharge, some may take hours. When making a purchase, you should keep this in mind to ensure your vaporizer is available throughout the day.

Top Rated Vaporizers

Despite each person's needs being vastly different, there are a few vaporizers that have been a bit more successful than others. These particular vaporizer options have been considered some of the top-rated in within the current 12 months:

  • Mig Vapor Bug RX
  • Morpheus CBD Vape Pen
  • Canna Blast Oil Vape Pen

Each of these options is very different in terms of what they offer but still, provide great benefits to those looking for the right vape device.

Mig Vapor Bug RX

Complete with 10-hours of battery life and a 1.2mL tank, Mig Vapor Bug RX vape pen provides not only an easy user experience but also a stylish look. It comes with a temperature regulation option and uses a single button for operation.

To assist beginners with getting accustomed to the use of a vape pen, the battery uses USB charging and comes with a USB port. Additionally, an LED indicator is activated once the user turns on the device. While it can only support the use of vape oils, this may be a good option for beginners who want something small, portable, and simple.

Morpheus CBD Vape Pen

The Morpheus vape pen has a substantial battery life and durability that most users will find appealing. Even for those who prefer a heavier vape experience, this particular vape pen promises to be easy to use while remaining adequately fulfilling.

As it contains a 20-hour battery life and takes approximately 2-3 hours to recharge, the reliability of this vape pen far surpasses its counterparts.

Canna Blast Oil Vape Pen

Though considered to be low powered by some, Canna Blast Oil vape pen provides a solid 6 hours of battery life, a better than average tank capacity, and impressive design. For those just starting CBD vaping it brings a variety of user-friendly features. With USB charging capabilities and single-button operation, there is very little that is unappealing about this option.

Purchasing Locations

Aside from choosing which CBD products to purchase, finding a location that offers your preferred options can also be a bit difficult. While a vast majority of purchases in this market can be made online, there are usually many local options available as well. The number of local shops can vary greatly depending on your location. However, there are advantages to buying your products in-person.

Purchasing CBD products and devices online offers a great deal of convenience. Shipments are delivered directly to your home and, in quite a few cases, the information you need is presented in an immediately gratifying format. The main pitfall to online shopping, however, lies in the problem of accessibility. While there is a great deal of information online, specific questions may not have an answer readily available online.

Additionally, speaking with someone in-person allows you to build trust and relationships with your local providers. While this will certainly help to boost the local economy where you live, it will also help to keep you informed and steer you in the right direction for purchases. Experienced shop workers will be able to make recommendations based on your specific needs and their knowledge of your preferences.

Though there has been a substantial shift towards an online shopping reality in most markets, this is one purchase that may be better in-person if that option is available.

How to Use Vaporizers

After choosing from the plethora of oils, juices, and vaporizers, it is critical to becoming familiar with how to properly vape. This will vary largely based on the specific CBD products you purchased. However, there are a few things to remember when getting started

Regardless of the specific type of device, you should always take the time to read the user manual for your specific device. This ensures that you’re using it properly and decreases the chance of any avoidable usage errors. From there, usage will depend on the type of vape device being used.

CBD Oil Cartridge

If you have selected to use a CBD oil cartridge, you will want to ensure the cartridge has been connected to your 510 battery. In most cases, your device may have a power button that will need to be clicked. This will generally need to be done 4-5 times to ensure the power has been switched on. To begin the vaping process, press the button while inhaling.

Those who are using their vape device for the first time should wait 5-10 minutes in between puffs to ensure they are aware of any CBD effects. This ensures the most accurate dosage is being used. As time progresses, this can always be modified if needed.


Those who have selected to use a CBD pod will first need to connect their pod to the JUUL battery. The JUUL is draw activated, so taking small puffs will allow the vaping process to begin. First-time users should again wait 5-10 minutes between puffs to allow observation of how it affects them. You can always increase the necessary dosage as needed based on your desired results

CBD Vape Pen

For those who choose a vape pen, there is a small amount of work needed prior to use. For optimum results, users should first prime their vape pen coil and allow at 5-10 minutes for the coil to saturate. Once this time has elapsed, the power button should be clicked. 5 times to turn the battery on.

If there is an option for adjustable airflow, the preferred setting will need to be dialed in before taking your first puff. Once this is done, however, you can then click on the button while inhaling to activate the vaping process. As with other types of CBD devices, a wait time of 5-10 minutes between puffs to measure any noticeable effects.

Should You Vape?

Ultimately, one of the single most challenging questions is whether or not vaping is the right course of treatment for you. The choice to use vaporizers for CBD oil use is a deeply personal one and should be approached with the understanding that there may be some risk involved. Additionally, a great amount of time should be invested into ensuring you are fully aware of what is needed and the commitment it will take to get started.

Recently, there have been concerns regarding lung disease and vaping. Initial research suggests that this connection could be due to impurities in some specific types of vaping oils and juices. Though there is no definitive proof that vaping is the source of these recent events, it is always best to take precautionary measures.

As vaping continues to grow in popularity and more research is performed, there is always the possibility of new information which will cause changes and modifications to be made. Those choosing to vape should strive to make sure purchased oils are sourced from reliable manufacturers and are following best practices to ensure

Overall, however, the benefits of vaping tend to hold greater value than the risks involved. As common prescription treatment for conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, and depression continue to rise in costs, the inevitable rise of less conventional options is unavoidable. Allowing for faster absorption of CBD, vaporization has proven to be one of the most effective and beneficial usage methods for CBD oil.

Those dealing with chronic conditions can relieve their symptoms both adequately and swiftly using CBD vaping. Ultimately, the choice to vape is one that only you as a consumer can make. This should be done with the direction of doctors and research combined with a true analysis of your specific needs and the probability of achieving your desired outcome.

The use of CBD oil has singularly changed the healthcare industry and provided millions with new treatment options. Consequently, the success of these treatments has been bolstered by the rise of vaping and the multiple options available for this purpose.

Despite some concerns over possible side effects and some unknown factors, there is much to be gained by embracing this innovative practice. As history has proven multiple times, progress often comes amid uncertainty. The CBD vaping industry is set to revolutionize not only healthcare but the world as it exists today.

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