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Nalu Bio Synthesizes Pure, High-quality CBD Using Proprietary Platform



Nalu Bio, Inc. has announced its organic CBD synthesis's success using the company’s patented technology platform and a seed financing closure. Nalu Bio further announced its success in recruiting top-notch consumer-packaged goods and life-science specialists who will support the development and scaling of its ground-breaking technologies. Nalu Bio is committed to organic synthesis and the economical creation of CBD products mimicking the historical aspirin.

Nalu Bio was co-founded by Randall Ussery, Caitlyn Krebs, and Phyllis Whiteley. Over the past year, the company has achieved great success in creating a trademarked organic synthesis platform that allows for at-scale lab-based creation of cannabinoids. The Nalu Bio platform doesn’t utilize plant-sourced materials, which evades high-capital investment costs for biosynthesis and extraction of CBD, biological variability, and unnecessary contaminants. This advanced technology has the power to deliver cost-effective, consistent, and scalable CBD in every new production.

These benefits and many others will see Nalu Bio launch a consistent production of safer CBD reliably added with all essential cognitive wellness ingredients. It will also give Nalu Bio quality access to clinical data and studies to help them unveil the many therapeutic benefits of CBD and related compounds.

L37 Ventures oversaw its seed financing with support from Bonaventure Equity, Golden Seeds, and XFactor Ventures. The seed financing will be dedicated to expanding the organic synthesis platform, emphasizing how nature-sourced cannabinoids are synthesized, enhancing CBD output stability and quality, product purity validation, and platform scaling.

Caitlyn Krebs, Nalu Bio’s CEO, is happy with the company's progress, thanks to its top-notch team committed to delivering super-fine CBD-infused ingredients trusted by patients and consumers. Although they have yet to meet the standards of the current market, Krebs says they’re working towards scaling their operations and capitalizing on the market's potential.

Mathew Roberts, Ph.D., a former Health & Happiness Group’s employer who recently joined Nalu Bio, believes the Nalu Bio team has the potential to deliver this brand-new cognitive wellness and cannabinoid ingredients to the targeted market. Roberts, who boasts over 25 years of experience as a Chief Scientific and CTO officer, will bring to the table years of experience offering award-winning globally-accepted consumer packaged goods that pass all clinical trials, quality and regulatory control, and all nutrition and food quality standards. Having worked at Chromadex, Nestle, Pharmavite, and Abbott Nutrition will bring all the experience he earned to the perfection of Nalu Bio’s patented platform.

In his career as a scientific offer, Mathew played an important role in the development of specialty ingredients and award-winning globally-accepted products for brands in the health categories such as aging, cellular health improvement, cognitive health, muscle wastage prevention, and immune protection. As he joins Nalu Bio, he already sees great potential in its unique approach to cannabinoids. He is happy to put his experience to work to see the creation of the finest and most effective CBD-infused products that are perfect for cognitive wellness and aiding opioid addiction recovery.

Alex Dorenbaum, MD, which boasts over 25 years of experience working as a drug development specialist and practicing physician, also joins the team working as the Chief Medical Officer. Driven by passion and industry experience, Alex has worked at Reno Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, Lumena Pharmaceuticals, BioMarin Pharmaceutical & Chiron, and Allakos. Over the years, he acted as a clinical researcher and data generator, and developer of drugs in HIV/AIDS and allergy categories. Currently acting as Stanford School of Medicine Clinical Professor, Alex has also helped develop drugs for treating pediatric, pulmonary, metabolic, cardiovascular, and immunological diseases.

According to Alex Dorenbaum, since CBD’s CB1 receptor affinity is low, it doesn’t trigger the serious unwanted elated side effects. Having worked as a physician and medical specialist, Alex claims to have been elated by the many therapeutic benefits of using CBD. To introduce a science-backed, effective, and trustworthy CBD product that would greatly benefit the users without exposing them to the known side effects of cannabinoids, Alex and his team are on the verge of developing a high-grade product containing only pure, medical-grade, and safe CBD.

About Nalu Bio

Nalu Bio is leading the CBD space with innovation, with its mission to learn and use nature to craft the finest CBD products. The company is leading innovation in creating new cannabinoids products category coupled with superior cognitive wellness ingredients, engineered to offer great therapeutic potency in curing mental health issues, pain, and opioid addiction. Through its patented organic synthesis platform, engineered to use the available high-quality and reliable manufacturing technology, they will cut the huge capital hemp extraction and biosynthesis investment costs and inefficiencies. The team at Nalu Bio has a strong belief that the proprietary organic synthesis platform will set an advanced standard for quality, purity, and purity since it eradicates contamination linked to THC, pesticides, and heavy metals. Nalu Bio platform is also flexible and will grow well with the ever-expanding pharmaceutical and retail markets.

About L37

L37 is a first-generation hybrid venture capital and renowned private equity company. The company’s mission is to invest in companies and founders to solve global problems and transform industries. L37 works with leveraging frameworks for scaling, founding teams, and networks of reliable relationships with talent, customers, and capital to create market-first and globally-targeted companies.

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