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Renovize CBD: New Global CBD Company, Products and Opportunity Launches with Elemental Pharma

Renovize is a global network marketing company with a new hemp-derived CBD product line. The recently-announced MLM business launches with seven different cannabidiol-infused products in partnership with Elemental Pharma.



Renovize CBD

Renovize CBD company partnered with Elemental Pharma to take CBD nutraceuticals to the next level according to their official website.  In addition to the seven CBD products upon their initial launch, Renovize is also opening up as a multi-level network marketing opportunity to ‘create health and wealth' by capitalizing on two big trends; CBD and MLM.

Upon further research about Renovize Global and Elemental Pharma, here is a review of the companies, product line and business as a whole.

About Renovize CBD and Elemental Pharma

When it comes to a business, the main goal should be to deliver a quality good or service that provides value and solves problems. Most often, there is a story to be told and in this case, sold.

The new partnership between Elemental Pharma and Renovize Global is rather intriguing once finding enough conclusive evidence to go on. According to the official Renovize CBD website, the network marketing company is now the marketing arm of Elemental and is actively encouraging users and promoters to sign up with the opportunity to sell Elemental Pharma-made hemp-derived cannabidiol products that go under the slogan of ‘seed to shelf premium quality CBD'.

Renovize's Elemental Pharma started creating alternative solutions for those affected by the opioid crisis. Given the success the endeavor attained, the duo wanted to come together and on a mission to make a difference in consumers lives by formulating a compensation plan for marketers to earn money inside the cannabis green rush industry. Elemental's pharmaceutical CBD products are also allegedly the ‘first to market' in the insurance coverage-reimbursed arena and have FDA-registered pain kits for those looking to naturally manage pain relief vs using prescription medication and drugs like opioid.

Currently, the duo offers an array of CBD-focused supplements for various health concerns as they aim to shift consumers into using a non-opioid care line featuring CBD-infused products. Together, the seed-to-shelf operation they run claims to be vertically integrated, meaning they grow, extract, manufacture and distribute all under one umbrella as a company.

What Does Renovize Global Offer?

Presently, there are seven CBD products in different mediums of delivery promoted by Renovize and available from Elemental. All Renovize CBD products are said to be sourced from industrial hemp plans within the United States and utilizes the CO2 extraction method to ensure a pure, solvent-free tincture is created and offered.

While all CBD products made by Elemental and promoted by Renovize Global members claim to be made in the USA at a FDA registered facility, be third-party certified lab tested for purity and potency, contain 0% THC and 99% CBD and are GMO-free, gluten-free and all-natural, no official documentation or verifiable proof is made present at the time of review.

Here’s an overview of what consumers can expect:


HEAL is a CBD-infused topical solution that aims to treat muscle, joint and body inflammation. In 30 ml, consumers are offered 750mg of pure CBD, which is of increased strength.

Other ingredients include Lidocaine (type of numbing medication to reduce pain), Peppermint and Cinnamon Oils (contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties to fight pain), Arnica Montana Flower (homeopathic topical pain relief ingredient), and Vitamin E (anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to fight pain) among others.

For high absorption levels, DMSO was incorporated, as it is known for its topical uses to reduce swelling and inflammation, especially when it comes to muscle soreness and joint ache.

The plant-based Renovize HEAL CBD muscle cream is available for $65 one time purchase, $55 smart ship (assuming monthly auto-billing cycles), and a 3 pack of HEAL for $165 and $145 with smart ship.


Offering 50 mg of pure CBD per serving, or 1,500 mg per bottle, AWAKE has been created with one’s daily activities in mind. For those who are coffee lovers, this could serve as an alternative. Other ingredients that appear to interact with CBD includes Ashwagandha, Panax Ginseng Root and Maca Root – all of which are adaptogens that counteract with the effect of stress. The latter needs emphasis, as stress not only induces body changes (physically) but can also negatively impact one’s neurological and immune systems.

As for its uses, consumers have been advised to take a minimum of one serving either on an empty stomach or 15 minutes prior to working out. The latest ingestion time should be before 3:00PM.

The Renovize AWAKE CBD+ daytime oil also contains other high profile cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and CBC to help produce the broad-spectrum (no THC) entourage effect. The product is also $65 or $55 smart ship and $165 for a three pack.


If staying awake becomes a problem, especially when it’s time to sleep, Renovize has created “SLEEP”, which includes the same dosage of CBD as AWAKE, but instead of adaptogens, ingredients such as Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Lavender oils have been included. For optimal results, it has been advised to take one full dropper daily. Furthermore, consumers should ingest it orally (i.e. underneath the tongue).

The Renovize SLEEP CBD+ nightime oil also contains CBG, CBN and CBC cannabinoids and has a lavender vanilla flavor. The product has the same price point at $65 per, $55 smart ship and three pack at $165 or $145 smart ship style.


Made in capsule form, RECOVER was created with the intentions of reducing pain and inflammation. This is an alternative approach to healing in comparison to the HEAL topical solution. In addition to the 50mg of CBD, C3 Curcumin Complex and Black Cumin seeds were combined because of their anti-inflammatory properties. For optimal results, one capsule may suffice or more can be taken.

The Renovize RECOVER CBD+ capsules with turmeric curcumin and BioPerine also have identical price tags at $65/$55 and $165/$145 for the three pack.


CORE is a unique approach to digestive health, as it not only includes probiotics (10 billion CFU), pre-biotics (3400mg of Inulin), digestive enzymes and fruits and vegetables, but also roughly 66mg of CBD per serving. Based on existing studies, CBD’s contribution to a healthy digestive system entails reducing bloating and stomach swelling, while tending to irritable bowel syndrome. One scoop mixed in 8 to 10 ounces of water is expected to bring desirable results over time.

The Renovize CORE CBD+ mega greens blend digestive supplement also contains moringa superfood and has a cost of $160 one time offer and $140 if opt for auto-billing enrollment.


BOOST Plus is said to contain 5000mg of L-Arginine (increases blood flow), roughly 62mg of CBD/serving and 50mg of standardized Resveratrol (a source of polyphenols and antioxidants essential in promoting longevity). The former is highly valued because of its ability to increase energy, regulate cholesterol levels and support disorders including protein malnutrition, and infections among others.

The Renovize BOOST CBD+ mega cardio support cardiovascular supplement is also $160 and $140 just like the CORE product.


Lastly comes LIFT, which is another recovery-focused supplement. It contains a mix of ginseng, essential amino acids, B-complex vitamins, L-Arginine, green tea, cordyceps and 66mg of CBD per serving among others. Many of these ingredients work in increasing energy levels while tending to inflammation. For instance, when consumers work out, energy levels decrease, therefore LIFT can be used to uplift the levels. That said, after some time passes, one is sure to feel body aches, which LIFT also claims to support – carrying dual purposes.

The Renovize LIFT CBD+ recovery supplement carries the same purchase options as CORE and BOOST with $160 one time purchase and $140 smart-ship automatic billing option.

Is Renovize Safe to Join?

There are a number of reasons to consider when deciding on whether or not to go with Renovize CBD products and opportunity:


The ingredients found in each product are grouped according to their properties as well as their abilities to interact with CBD. This is evidently crucial, otherwise the purpose of each respective supplement is defeated. The additional ingredients consist of organic herbs, botanicals, roots and extracted phytonutrients, which are superior to preservatives and unnatural ingredients. Make sure to read the conclusion below to make sure what to pay attention to and request first.

Scientifically Formulated

As per the claims made, each formula is based on existing clinical studies and science, which in turn is said to maximize the synergy of all their blends.

Strong Concentrations

Most CBD firms offer a standard concentration of CBD per serving. However, this is not the case with Renovize. Each and every product offered appears to be of great strength, therefore consumers should expect to feel a difference with smaller doses. Given Elemental's pharmaceutical background, this seems plausible although much more lab tests and third party analysis should be conducted.

Prices Reflect Value

For one-time purchases, consumers can expect to invest $65, whereas subscribing can save one $10 ($55). Given the strength of each supplement, the prices offer value. In addition to the source of CBD, the inclusion of natural ingredients to support different health concerns makes it all the more worthwhile. And as always, be sure to speak with your own healthcare physician before starting a new supplement regimen. There is a factor known as the MLM markup, which is self-evident once comparing Renovize CBD products to other top CBD companies and brands. However, quality products are hard to come by as extreme saturation and dilution has entered a flooded CBD marketplace in the past few years.

Final Word on Renovize CBD and Elemental

At first glance, the story between how Renovize and Elemental work together to specialize in marketing and pharmaceutical-grade product production is compelling. However, due to the nature of CBD MLM companies, not everything can be taken as absolute truth until sound-proof evidence is provided and made available. Because there is a network marketing business opportunity attached to the promote of Renovize CBD products made by Elemental Pharma, be mindful that company representatives and spokesmen will go to great lengths to promote and make unsubstantiated claims when trying to sell and sign up new individuals.

The newness factor may or may not be a good attribute for these two CBD companies. There should be independent third-party lab test results visible for each product as well as a certificate of analysis (COA) for each to verify the dosage, potency and additional ingredients to ensure the supplements integrity and transparency. There is also a ‘Renovize Success System' that is being promoted as a sort of business builder for users and members of the business. One good outlook found on there website is the ‘Renovize Global Training Events' that appear to be starting up soon to help educate individuals on the products, compensation plan and team building activities. It is safe to say this won't be the right cup of CBD tea for everyone, but given how new the partnership is between Renovize and Elemental, only time will tell how well the product line is made and how the leadership from both camps allows for a community-driven opportunity to excel in the future.

To learn more about Renovize CBD, visit their website today at

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