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Ultimate CBD Coffee Guide: Analyzing the Best to the Basics of Cannabidiol-Infused Products



CBD Coffee

Cannabidiol has attained a lot of attraction since it was depicted as being helpful in easing epilepsy. The actual evidence forced many consumers, even researchers, to further study on its health benefits.

Today, the CBD market has expanded to one that carries a wide range of infusions and different forms to consume Cannabidiol. This piece is tailored to help coffee lovers understand how CBD plays a role, its associated benefits and the brands that carry the finest CBD coffee there is. Before getting into the basics, let’s explore some great products in the market.

Five Great CBD Coffee Makers

The best of the best that will shared here will be based on Reviewster’s contributor. Some of the factors that were considered in making these picks include the variety offered, convenience and of course, the strength of CBD present.

  • Diamond Chill CBD Coffee

Diamond Chill CBD coffee is convenient because it comes in pods – each containing 25mg of CBD. Another reason why he considers this respective brand to be one of the best is because alternatives, like CBD teas are also offered.

  • Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee carries one type of CBD coffee and it supposedly comes in its original flavor. The argument made here is that the purer the blend, the more power it has in awakening consumers. As for its strength, it is definitely less than that of the former, as Willie’s only carries 5mg per 8 ounces.

  • Greenroads CBD Coffee

For those who love decaffeinated drinks. Each tablespoon amounts to about 15.6mg of CBD, which is on par in terms of strength.

  • Strava Craft Coffee Company

One based in Denver Colorado. As per the company’s claims, the goal with each cup of coffee is to induce peace & wellness and increase focus. This has been achieved with the different types of CBD coffee infusions, namely with varying strength levels between 30 and 240mg.

  • Hellion Cold Brew Coffee

A company that is devoted to offering consumers, convenient and distinctive cold brew flavors. Each 350ml bottle supposedly carries 30mg of CBD, which has been reasoned effective enough to achieve a relaxed and alert individual.

If we were to rank these 5 brands based on variety, strength and convenience (being the last factor), the list would be as follows: Strava Coffee, Diamond Chill Coffee, Hellion Cold Brew Coffee, Greenroads CBD Coffee and Willie’s Remedy Coffee.

What is CBD Coffee?

Now that we have a sense of what is available to consumers, it is essential to explore CBD coffee as whole. That is, what it is, its pros and cons and how CBD is actually infused into coffee.

As the name implies, CBD coffee is coffee with CBD. It is an thought-provoking combination because coffee is typically associated with increasing energy, whereas CBD leans more towards attaining calmness and a peace of mind. One would assume that the interaction between coffee and CBD would result in one canceling the other effect out. But in reality, it is not entirely the case, as the strength of CBD versus coffee is one of many deciding factors.

The Pros

According to Farma Health coffee and CBD effect interact to relieve digestive issues, stress and anxiety, lack of focus and could potentially contribute to the overall wellness of one’s heart and lung health.

For the most part, it seems like the infusion helps to reduce the downsides of consuming coffee. Often times, coffee can increase one’s energy, while possibly inducing jitteriness (depending on the amount consumed). This is turn can lead to anxiousness, which CBD helps to rid. So, one could think of this infusion as a way to enjoy coffee without necessarily feeling complete shutdown later on in the day.

The Cons

The main con that comes to mind is the balance between CBD and coffee found in each cup. It could be argued that if the coffee content is higher than the CBD content, then one might not immediately feel the effects of CBD. Similarly, if CBD is higher than strength then its ability to promote sleep might outshine coffee’s role in increasing one’s energy level.

An interesting piece by Remedy Review, explored the possible cons of CBD Coffee, and we seem to agree on dosing. Another factor that they have since shared is that “CBD is not heat friendly,” that is, its efficiency deteriorates as more heat is applied.

Two Main Infusion Processes

Companies can infuse CBD into coffee in two ways – They can either coat the coffee beans in CBD or CBD can be directly infused into said beans before the brewing process. Evidently, which procedure was used is something to consider when purchasing CBD coffee, as it is indicative of the benefits found in each cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concept behind the CBD and coffee infusion is definitely something to try, given CBD’s numerous, beneficial properties like anti-inflammation, antioxidants, analgesic, anti-bacterial, etc. While factors like convenience and variety are important, especially on an individualistic basis, the primary factors one should consider before picking their respective brands include CBD to coffee ratio and infusion process.

CBD to coffee ratio is important to consider given CBD’s distaste towards heat. If one cup of coffee contains the bare minimum, because CBD’s efficiency can get lost in the heating process, the purpose of drinking CBD coffee gets defeated. Intuitively, a higher strength is preferred as one can still reap its benefits even if it is not completely transferred to the body. A good balance of both can give consumers the benefits of coffee at an appropriate level, especially for the mind.

The infusion process is something that should be shared with most companies, as transparency is highly valued in the CBD world. Just knowing the infusion process can help consumers understand the true strength of CBD present per cup.

Charnell Lock lives in sunny San Diego but is originally from North Carolina and has been writing professionally since 2011. After four years with the Navy and an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts, Charnell found her passion in creating diverse content with well-formatted research. Along with her years in active duty service, she is capable of crafting whimsical short stories to medical-oriented papers as her capacity to contribute here is immense and will be a staple for many years to come.

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