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Navan Global CBD Tincture, Relieve Cream and Renew Lotion Products Launch

Jenni Jacobsen



Navan Global CBD Tincture, Relieve Cream and Renew Lotion Products Launch
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When it comes to making a CBD purchase, the many things that are surely to cross one’s mind include source of hemp, quality, transparency, third-party testing and of course, its price in comparison to the industry standards. What is usually of least significance is whether the company has an affiliate program and whether it plays a role in one’s decision making.

In a recent post by Behindmlm, a different approach to looking at CBD brands has been highlighted. With that in mind, the purpose of this review is to assess Navan Global’s worth along with its compensation plan and what it means for consumers.

What is Navan Global?

Upon visiting the official website, consumers are surely to get the impression that Navan Global is in business to offer CBD products, which evidently, they do. However, upon skimming through the “About Us” section, it seems like the team is more so on a mission to shed light on network marketing rather than tending to consumer needs. It is when one clicks the “Join Now” button, that it becomes clear that Navan Global is running a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme: “Please enter the ID of the Rep who referred you to this site.”

As per the news outlet, the CEO and founder of Navan Global, which remains hidden on the website, is actually Trey Knight. Knight is well-known for having been part of similar schemes, most of which failed to last. His MLM career has supposedly been inactive between 2016 and 2019, making Navan Global a recent addition.

Navan Global CBD Tincture, Relieve Cream and Renew Lotion Products Launch

What does Navan Global offer?

Navan Global offers the following nine products:

Navan CBD Tincture ($95, member price: $79.95)

According to the claims made, the Navan CBD tincture (750mg) is made to support one’s bodily systems with the use of hybrid broad-spectrum – creating an entourage effect with no traces of THC.

Navan Daily Detox Plus ($83.95, member price: $69.95)

As the name suggests, this solution is meant to rid one’s system of impurities, while helping to restore one’s pH levels, and immune system among others. It is said to contain Clinoptilolite, which is typically used to detoxify one’s system of chemicals and heavy metals.

Navan Dream (59.95, member price: $49.95)

Navan Dream is meant to help those who suffer from sleep disorders. By combining the therapeutic effects of CBD (18mg/ml), melatonin and herbal extracts, the team affirms that consumers can attain restful sleep.

Navan Regen-X ($110, member price: $89.95)

Navan Regen-X is a cream that was made to help those who are faced with the negative effects aging has on one’s mind, mood and body. Its formula is said to boost one’s natural production of HGH, which in turn will restore one’s youth, strength and energy levels.

Navan Relieve ($83.95, member price: $69.95)

Navan Relieve is a topical solution consisting of 750mg of CBD, arnica, vitamin B6 and MSM to treat chronic pain associated with increased inflammation.

Navan Renew ($79.95, member price: $65)

Made to tend to one’s skincare needs, Navan Renew contains 750mg of CBD, and a blend of natural moisturizers and essential oils that might rid one of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis conditions while providing increased protection against free radicals.

Navan Restore ($71.95, member price: $59.95)

Navan Restore is an oral supplement meant to support those with nutrients deficiency. As per the claims made, this solution includes 92 trace minerals that food sometimes cannot supply.

Navan Bath Bombs ($90.59, member price: $75)

Next comes Navan’s 100mg CBD Bath Bombs, which allow one to soak their stresses away. The price reflects a total of 5 or 6 bath bombs per purchase.

Navan CBD Gummies ($75.95, member price: $59.95)

Finally comes the Navan CBD Gummies, which is simply an alternative to oils and creams. It is said to help towards improving one’s mood, pain, sleep, muscle function and many others with roughly 25mg of CBD per unit.

What is there to know in regard to the Navan Global Affiliate program?

For those looking to participate in Navan Global’s Affiliate program to get rewarded, there are four ways to do so:

  • Customer Acquisition Bonus: If an individual recommends and succeeds in getting a member to enroll in the starter package, the former can earn anywhere from $75 to $250.
  • Team Commissions: Team commissions are based on organizational volume and includes a fixed pay out each month.
  • Retail Customer Sales: For monthly sales generated by retail customers, members can easily earn 20% in commission.
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses: The most interesting of the rewards rests in this system, as members can earn a bonus of $100 to $200,000 each time they advance to the next rank. What are the ranks involved? Here’s what’s been shared by the team at Navan Global:

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Figure i: Rank Advancements in Navan Global's Affiliate Program. Obtained from

Here are some terms to make sense of how one can advance in rank:

  • PV: Also referred to as personal volume, this is the number of products in points a member purchases each month for their personal uses. This includes the head member, along with those underneath them.
  • PA: the quantity found under PA, or personally active, represents members who maintain a minimum monthly order of 100 PV.
  • Qualified Organizational Volume (QOV): As described on the official website, it is “a member’s OV after Max Leg percentages, are applied to qualify a member for rank.”
  • Leg: one leg represents the number of members enrolled underneath the main member. Hence the max leg percentage is “the maximum percentage volume from any one leg that counts towards rank qualifications.”

In addition to the monthly team commission, each rank is also offered a one-time bonus upon achieving a rank, as seen in the last column of Figure I above.

How much does the Navan Global Affiliate Program cost?

Obviously in order to make some commissions and bonuses, one must personally invest in Navan Global products. There are three packages one can choose from. These include:

  • The Starter Pack: $299.95
  • The Business Builder Pack: $499.95
  • The Ultimate Builder Pack: $999.95

Each of the packages vary in prices because each reflects different quantities of Navan Global products.

Navan Global Final Thoughts

Navan Global uses MLM schemes to sell CBD products. By introducing a rewards system, members are pushed to bring in other members to grow their wealth. In order to advance in rank and to collect the perks, members will have to hold their ranks for a consecutive period of one month. Hence, the overall value of holding a rank is definitely a question that one should ponder upon.

Second, information on the CEO and Founder of Navan Global is found nowhere on the official website, until revealed by Behindmlm. This is definitely surprising considering the fact the brand heavily emphasizes on being transparent to its customers. Moreover, the CEO’s previous lawsuits and inability to carry through with an MLM makes Navan Global a risky investment.

Most importantly, all of their products are overpriced. Even making a purchase at member price is not meaningful. When one compares this brand to the likes of cbdMD, where the latter has earned a reputable name for itself, it is clear that the latter’s products are inexpensive compared to Navan Global. This is not to say that Navan Global lacks quality, as they’ve since provided their Certificate of Analyses and claim to have used organic ingredients, but rather, that it seems unreasonable to pay more when a similar solution of equal quality is offered for less.

Ultimately, one needs to assess whether the monetary value of the rewards is worth getting involved in Navan Global, especially considering the fact that an initial investment is needed. In fact, consumers might be interested in testing some of the products out at regular price first and see if it meets their expectations prior to becoming a member.

To learn more about Navan Global, click here.

Jenni Jacobsen loves language and morphed that passion into lighting on a blog. Now, everyone can savor the juicy flavor of her 15 years and counting professional writing career. Before obtaining her Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University and becoming Licensed in Clinical Social Work, she started writing about health and wellness and never stopped. Just like the marathon runner, she is her next pursuit of a PhD in psychology at Northcentral University.

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