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ABSTRAX Debuts Botanically-Derived Terpene Aromatherapy Spa Kit



ABSTRAX Debuts Botanically-Derived Terpene Aromatherapy Spa Kit

ABSTRAX is an industry-leading pioneer in the research and creation of botanically-derived terpenes and cannabis products. The company has introduced a botanically-derived terpene aromatherapy kit engineered to boost users’ health and wellness in its latest product line.

Max Koby, ABSTRAX’S CEO, and Founder partner says this powerful and reliable spa kit is engineered for brand developers that want to help their clients cleanse their bodies and minds of everyday stressors. The fact that the product is made of terpenes proves that terpenes are genuinely evolving into compelling, natural, and creative solutions for boosting health and wellness.

The kit retails at $99 and provides all product developers everything they need to virtually experiment with flavor and aroma compounds for aromatherapy oils, candles, and vape cartridges. The terpenes offer extensive versatility for product developers to play around with them to discover the best blends that suit their target customers’ needs.

Max Koby and his team are more than enthralled to introduce a therapeutic touch in the form of a spa kit. In recent years, masculine products have been the talk of the day. Fortunately, ABSTRAX has introduced a softer and more luxurious touch by exploiting terpenes’ wellness potential.

It’s a six-piece kit that contains 2-gram of the new and premium terpenes from ABSTRAX:

  • Citrus and uplifting rose gold
  • Energizing and sweet forbidden fruit
  • Sweet, charming green tea
  • Uplifting, citrus, and energizing watermelon
  • Calming, uplifting, and creamy lavender vanilla
  • Uplifting and earthy cucumber

As with this spa kit, you’re getting a 50ml Tec Temper and beaker premium liquefier, serving as a powerful diluent. The kit blends multiple flavors and aromas and packs a range of vitamin E acetate, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, medium-chain triglycerides, solvents, and coconut oil.

What Need to Know About ABSTRAX

ABSTRAX is a trusted and renowned researcher and producer of high-quality cannabis-inspired and botanically-derived terpenes perfect for creating incredible sensory experiences. The company has its primary headquarters in California and runs an ultramodern 7-licensed manufacturing and research lab. It’s from this modern lab where the industry-leading scientists and developers leverage the world’s most advanced strain analysis technology, which supports their aroma compounds extraction and research projects.

The company uses three-dimensional analysis, which allows for quick and easy study and naming of each of the compounds sourced from different plants. Over the years, the company has sealed partnerships with different cultivators to help them analyze and research their cannabis profiles to aid in developing industry-leading terpene formulations. With the company being explorative and research-based, they have built an extensive terpene catalog covering highly functional aroma and flavors commonly used in alcohol, food, essential oils, edibles, vapes, and beer fragrances, tinctures, beverages, and personal care products.

In advancing its networks and product offering, the company also works with well-known global leaders in the innovation, research, and creation of cannabis products. In its devotion to meeting its target customers’ unique wellness and health needs, the company devotes enough finances to create the most acceptable industry practices and terpene standards.

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