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Top Ten Hemp Firms to Earn Commission Through Affiliate Programs



top ten hemp firms to earn commission through affiliate programs

According to, an affiliate program is when an enterprise makes sales by giving individuals or other enterprises the opportunity to advertise said products for some commission. It is a win-win situation for both parties involved, as businesses can work towards reaching their target revenue, while the affiliates have a secondary source of income that neither requires investment costs nor too much of one’s time.

Hemp is known for housing cannabinol (CBD), a component that has gained great interest for its potential medicinal benefits. Hemp undergoes extraction processes, namely CO2 process to obtain CBD – which is then sold in the form of oils, bath bombs, beauty essentials, vapes, topicals, pet essentials and so on.

All this being said, let’s take a closer look at the top ten Hemp firms that offer affiliate programs along with the potential income-generating opportunities available.

#1. Colorado Hemp Institute

Colorado Hemp Institute offers a wide range of CBD-infused essentials such as skin and beauty, oils, rubs, tinctures, soothing sticks, sprays, capsules and pet essentials. The firm prides themselves in their exceptional hemp production processes, as they supposedly use a “Farm to Table” approach with emphasis placed on small batches at a time. Every step of the process claims to keep health consciousness in mind.

The Colorado Hemp Institute appears to be the most generous in terms of rates, as affiliates can easily earn 25% per sale, that is after taking into account any applicable discounts and offers. They have been just as generous in their cookie days, which is set at 120 days. Finally, they provide the necessary tools to make the advertising more complete. For more info visit:

#2 Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals is an herb retailer with the intention of offering high-quality herbs at inexpensive prices. What started as a small shop back in 1975 has today expanded to a wholesale – serving as one of the largest suppliers of organic herbs in all of the US with over 3,000 natural products. This respective firm prides itself for having gained trust from customers and other businesses, who happen to continue business with them over the course of some 40 years.

Their affiliate program has been created for those with an online presence to earn commission by advertising Starwest Botanicals’ essentials. Some of the perks of working with this respective firm include earning 15% commission on all sales, for the duration of the cookie of 60 days and paid search allowed (with limitations applied). Cookie days are when an affiliate recommends a user to purchase something and they so do within the allowed time frame (i.e. 60 days in this case).

#3. Healthy Goods’ Live Superfoods

Healthy Goods exists with the purpose of ensuring that both humans and animals are provided with essential naturopathic, herbal and whole food supplements that promote overall wellness. Located in Central Oregon, nutrient-dense food is what they are in search of and this is typically found in nature from Brazil all the way to Peruvian Andes.

Healthy Goods’ affiliate program – a partnership formed with CJ for the management of the program – aims to help members generate some income while getting the word across. They are particularly interested in those who maintain a website or a blog. The potential commission one can earn is anywhere between 10 and 15%, with a cap of 45 days for cookie duration. Another benefit with working for Healthy Goods is that consumers are provided with “up-to-date banner ads ad links,” hence some guidance is offered.

#4. Dash Hemp

Dash Hemp specializes in manufacturing hemp-based clothing for men and women along with some bedding options. They’ve been actively using their creativity to come up with the most comfortable hemp-based designs since 1997. When it comes to generating commission through their affiliate program, consumers can expect a rate of 10% with cookie days set to 365. The team will supposedly provide affiliates with their respective URLs, which make it easy for tracking income – as well as banner ads and text links. For more information visit:

#5. N101

N101 focuses on delivering nutrition, health, and fitness related supplements. Essentials have been categorized by health concern and product type to make the searching process less complicated for consumers. Also, in doing so, consumers will have a better idea as to what components within an essential can contribute to relief.

In terms of N101’s affiliate program, it looks like consumers who choose to join them can earn 10% commission on all sales, however, the average sale must be about $80. Also, the cookie day is rather extensive with N101, which is currently set at 90 days.

An advantage of working alongside N101 is their commitment towards honesty. Instead of recruiting affiliates who ensure the term “n101” pops up as much as possible, they would prefer affiliates who actually offer in-depth information on nutritional supplements along with shopping links. This eliminates deception in any shape or form!

#6. The Green Life

The Green Life is consumers’ one-stop shopping for anything and everything that exists. In particular, one can shop for skin and beauty, personal care, clothing, household, pets, and cosmetics essentials to name the slightest fraction available.

With over 13,000 natural and organic goods available for sale, affiliates can earn a base rate of 10% on orders with an average value of $70. To ensure one’s overall experience as an affiliate, the necessary tools such as banners, links and educational information is said to be provided. As for the cookie day, referred customers have up to 60 days to purchase goods.

#7. VitaSprings

VitaSprings is a database that contains a wide range of essentials that can be purchased with respect to specific health concerns. Whether consumers are looking for supplements, heart and skin health, vitamins, topical solutions and more, VitaSprings claims to carry it. What gives them a competitive edge – besides carrying over 20,000 options for supplements – the firm also allows consumers to shop by ingredient type, ultimately making the search less tedious. The category of hemp essentials alone contains hundreds; hence the options are truly endless.

As for their affiliate program, consumers simply have to advertise VitaSprings essentials’ and one can easily earn 10% commission with a duration of the cookie set to 30 days.

#8. OTCDeal

As the name may hint out, OTCDeal brings over-the-counter drugs and personal care essentials to consumers. With over 20,000 products available in their database, comprising of over 200 brands, consumers are definitely given variety in essentials. Whether it be supplements, dental and health solutions, sexual wellness or basic needs for kids, OTCDeal supposedly carries them all.

Affiliates are given the opportunity to earn 10% per sale with 30 cookie days set in place. As per the claims made, if an average of $75 has been spent by the referred consumer, income might increase. Also, they provide the necessary links, coupons and other tools that way affiliates can focus on the content bit of the advertisements. For more information please visit:

#9. Cerca Trova Décor

Cerca Trova Décor offers a wide range of selections when it comes to furniture, décor and lighting. While their designs are luxurious, traditional and at some instances considered, “fresh country allure,” consumers are almost always offered deals with appropriate discounts. Prices typically range anywhere between $599 to over $2,800.

As for the affiliate looking to generate an income, the commission varies from 9 and 10%. The former is earned on purchases with valid payments, while the latter is earned for publishers who successfully sell over $3,000 within a month. The earning potential is great with Cerca Trova Décor, as they are far costlier in relation to their offerings compared to the previous brands. The cookie days have been set to 45 and one should keep in mind that the average order value is about $725. For more information please visit:

#10. Back Beat Rags

Back Beat Rags focuses on offering hemp-infused clothing and accessories that can be purchased by season. It is based in California and primarily focused on vintage tee shirts before expanding to multiple collections. Every inch of detail that goes into the clothing has allegedly been chosen from family-owned businesses and local makers to ensure everything is on par.

As for their affiliate program, the earning potential has been set at 8% with 30 cookie days. Back Beat Rags works alongside Pepperjam for the affiliate program. This means the necessary links and advertising gizmos will be provided to affiliates.

As an affiliate, it is important to assess the earning potentials, however, it should never be the primary focus. In order to become a successful affiliate, consumers should pick a brand they are both accustom to and comfortable with. Honesty makes the job more exciting and thoughtful, as it allows the individual to contribute towards another customer’s positive experience. If one chooses a brand they are unfamiliar with, more work will need to go into it as it will require external research.

The reason for having rated the selected Hemp firms by highest to lowest commission rate is solely to depict the earning potential that exists. Affiliate programs in almost all cases have been underrated and this review shows the extent to which one can earn – especially with the extensive cookie days given to attain one’s goal!

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