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Marijuana Body Detox: 10 Fast Ways to Flush Weed Out Organically



Marijuana Body Detox: 10 Fast Ways to Flush Weed Out Organically
  • A urinalysis drug test can determine if the consumer has used cannabis in the last week.
  • Detoxification can help users to have a greater reaction to the use of cannabis, which is especially helpful for medicinal users.

With all of the progress already made in the cannabis industry for the legalization of marijuana, there are still many circumstances that require someone to be able to pass a drug screening test. In order to get a job, nearly every employer will require the applicant to take a drug screening test to ensure that they are not a consistent cannabis user.

Federal employees, regardless of the legalization laws of their state, are prohibited from using any kind of marijuana. Whenever someone is on probation, they are not allowed to test positive for cannabis either, even when recreational use is permitted in their state.

While there are laws presently in the works with some states that will criminalize the denial of a job over a positive drug screen, those laws are still in effect. The most popular test is by urinalysis, while other companies opt for a saliva test. While the later test is fairly easy to pass, even by using marijuana in the last few days, urinalysis can show THC in the body for up to a week after use, even as a frequent user.

For this reason, detox drinks are relatively popular, and most people will purchase these products, while drinking tons of water, hoping to trick the test into believing that they haven’t used marijuana recently. Frequent users most likely will not pass a urine test with little notice, which is why Marijuana Break published 10 ways that consumers can detox their body of marijuana in a pinch. Some of those ideas include:

  1. Alternating hot and cold water during a shower, with 60 seconds of hot water and 30 seconds of cold water at a time. Complete the process for about five cycles each day.
  2. Brush dry skin, allowing the pore to release toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system to toxin release.
  3. Consume a tablespoon of castor oil for a colon clean, or rube castor oil on the skin, covering the body with a towel and a hot water bottle for about an hour.
  4. Perform a Vitamin C flush, consuming high levels of vitamin C until stool becomes watery. This flush should start on an empty stomach in the morning, consuming 1.5 grams of vitamin C in 15-minute intervals. This amount should be quadrupled for unhealthy individuals.
  5. Perform a colon cleanse.
  6. Take garlic pills to perform a detox, reducing the withdrawal symptoms of not using cannabis.
  7. Increase water intake by 500ml more than what the user typically drinks in the day.
  8. Take an Epsom salt bath to draw out toxins, measuring two cups of salt into a normal bathtub, not exceeding 102 degrees for 20 minutes.
  9. Use bentonite clay as a drink (1/2 teaspoon clay to water) or create a paste to apply to the body, acting as a detoxifying remedy.
  10. Drink apple cider vinegar to detox the system.

The last item on the list is based on a rumor that is presently found online, alleging that this substance can clear marijuana out of the body in a matter of a day. However, Marijuana Break states that the process won’t occur that quickly, and it can take up to 12 weeks to work. However, it isn’t advised as a solution for users that have to test clean within the week.

Even if the marijuana user doesn’t have a drug test coming up, it is possible that detoxification can help the user to get a more intense effect if they feel that they are getting used to the reason. Cannabis users can create a tolerance to the substance, which means that the user will have to go through more marijuana to get their desired effect. Tolerance is a common concern that medical patients have as well, since cannabis needs to have the desired pain relief and therapeutic benefits.

Cheryl Anne hails from Great Britain and casts a large shadow with her master’s degree in Relationship Therapy as well as a number of other professional accreditations. While she specializes in psychological thrillers and self-help books, her undeniable and uncanny knack for sifting through the cracks of the cannabis and CBD space are extremely necessary and sought after.

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