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Amazon Takes Out Vape Packaging Following Hospitalizations and Deaths



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Sep 17th, 2019 – A Direct Statement on the record, attributable to an Amazon spokesperson declares:

Amazon does not allow e-cigarettes or drug paraphernalia in our store and our policy has been in place for many years. Two listings for products that could be used as components for an e-cigarette were brought to our attention and we quickly removed the listings.

Amazon, the giant online retail has without notice phased off some products used in the assembling and wrapping of THC vape cartridges. The products, including branded boxes, warning stickers, labels, and compliance tabs used to produce counterfeit vape cartridges in the unlicensed cannabis market.

It is difficult for buyers to differentiate between tested and untested cartridge since they seem so exact. Hospitalizations and deaths linked to vape have been reported in the U.S. even as Amazon makes the unexplained move.

Counterfeit Labels and Vape Packaging Phased off from Amazon

People who make fake THC cartridges would get results of all products on Amazon, apart from cannabis extract. Products ranging from the oven, propylene glycol to fill the empty cartridge, label, and name of the brand would have been available.

However, with the unexpected outcome of six deaths and vape-related lung illness, Amazon has been compelled to alter some vape product that it has been offering. Search for empty 510 cartridge bulk results to 223 outcomes, while that of propylene glycol for vaping shows 142 results. A search on exotic carts and sporting DANK shows up blank. Amazon has not downsized materials used to manufacture counterfeit cartridges, but it has removed products used to make vape seem legit on the illegal market.

Amazon's products related to the packaging and labeling of weed indicate that it has selectively removed the cannabis labels. Consequently, medical cannabis and California compliance labels are available. Concentrates and flower packaging products are also shown. The products are fast-moving, which seems like buyers are buying in bulk and stocking up following the removal. Labels and packages on vape cartridges are not available.

Unregulated Cannabis Oil Stances Serious Health Risks

Recently, vape-related illnesses claimed six deaths with hundreds of reported lung complications in the U.S

As questions linger, the Public health authorities are at the verge of finding the definitive cause of the diseases. Health officials have linked two deaths with the Consumption of unregulated THC cartridges. However, numerous cases are due to nicotine vape products such as e-cigarettes. Vitamin E acetate used to a dilute nicotine and cannabis vape products has also been suspected to be a potential cause by experts.

There is no conclusion at hand, but unregulated untested and counterfeit THC vape cartridges might pose risks. It is uncertain to determine the content of vape cartridge unless it is from licensed retailers who sell regulated cannabis products. Concentrates and extracts that are unregulated might contain contaminants that are risky to health.

Licensed products might be risky since Oregon's death was led by the use of a cartridge obtained from an authorized recreational retailer.

No research has been done on additives used in cannabis oil. Besides, there are no regulations on the safety of materials used to make cartridges and the oven. Government policymakers and health officials are working to find an answer.

President Trump met with the Food and Drug Administration and Health and Human Services on Sept. 11 to deliberate on the issue. The president's administration decided to ban the sale of e-cigarettes-most flavored cigarettes. The Details on the ban are still unveiling.

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