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Weller Set To Introduce CBD Drink Mix Singles for On-the-Go Beverages



Weller Set To Introduce CBD Drink Mix Singles for On-the-Go Beverages

Weller, a Baltimore company that deals with the production of CBD- infused beverage and foods products will very soon introduce its latest innovation. The innovation will mainly involve the production of portable CBD Drink Mix Singles which is set to first showcase during this year Natural Products Expo East. More so, Weller latest innovation will include showcasing its full package of a variety of convenient products. These products will include CBD coconut bites, CBD drink mix at Booth #39 and fruity CBD sparkling water.

On top of its latest innovation focusing on the production of different mix singles products, Weller will ensure that it delivers the ultimate benefits of CBD through its products. This is possible for its products provide the portability, ease and the convenience that is needed in fostering dialing wellness in the current modern world.

In fact, Weller will conveniently suit the needs of the modern world through their CBD Drink Mix Singles due to two reasons.

First, the CBD Drink Mix Singles are an on-the-go-version of their latest and recent CBD Drink Mix which was launched earlier this year at the Natural Products Expo West. Second, the CBD Drink Mix Singles as a new format and version for CBD Drink Mix is embraced and accepted by all the coffee shops within its operating boundaries.

As a result, anyone can bring some wellness along for the ride. Other than that, the CBD Drink Mix Singles comes in a packet containing 10mg of high quality broad spectrum CBD which can easily and effectively dissolve into both cold and hot beverage. The best thing is, when dissolving, the CBD Drink Mix Singles does not alter the texture, taste or smell. More so, the CBD Drink Mix Singles are cost friendly for they cost $60.00 in retail. The cost covers a canister packet that contains 24 small packets where each serves 0.8 oz.

Weller leadership and management back up the company latest move, and credit it as an excellent move. For instance, Weller co-founder, John Simmons believes that its latest move to introduce CBD Drink Mix Singles is an exciting transition. Confirming this, John Simmons states that

“Weller has made an exciting transition from a premium snack brand to further delving into the CBD beverage category and we are grateful to have received an overwhelming positive response from consumers.”

In fact, the leadership believes that the introduction of CBD Drink Mix Singles will give their consumers a great opportunity to enjoy health benefits of their CBD products. This will come true for Weller ensures that their production process mainly focuses on wellness. Affirming this, John Simmons states that

“Wellness has always been a primary focus for our brand, and we look forward to developing more innovative, craveable products that allow consumers to readily enjoy the health benefits of CBD and lead a plussed up, positive lifestyle that people desire.”

Worth noting is that Weller’s recent projected launch of CBD Drink Mix Singles comes at a time when the company is encountering growth in both its retail and online channels. For instance, Weller has recently become very popular among its consumers since its launch in 2018. As a result of its popularity, the company has been expanding its retail footprint rapidly.

A good example is where the company currently has 1,000 retail locations within 25 United States. Other than its retail expansion, Weller is expanding in both production and distribution. For instance, Weller recently announced in July 2019 that it will be scaling it production to ensure that it meets the existing huge demand for its products. On the other hand, Weller is expanding its distribution into New York City and to the Pacific Northwest where there are new season markets.

Parting shot

As the Natural Products Expo East is set to take place at the Baltimore Convection Center come 12th to 14th September at Once West Pratt Street , Baltimore , MD 21201, there is need for you to know about it more as well as Weller products.

You can easily do so by visiting the where you will learn more of Natural Products Expo East. Also, you can visit where you will learn on the various ways that Weller is set to provide products that meet the existing wellness demands.

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