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Top Hard to Ignore Health Claims About Medical Marijuana Rooted in Scientific Evidence



Top Hard to Ignore Health Claims About Medical Marijuana Rooted in Scientific Evidence

Cannabis has massive potential for managing pain, anxiety, and helping many people to live a happy, healthy, and creative existence. There’s already plenty of scientific proof that shows the remarkable efficiency of cannabis in all these areas. Here are some of the scientific facts that showcase how excellent this substance can be:

Cannabis Benefits

Cannabis can treat Vomiting and Nausea Symptoms in Patients with Cancer

Cannabis has intense nausea relieving properties. People with cancer have been using it to prevent vomiting and nausea. Researchers discovered that 70% to 100% of chemotherapy patients undergoing treatment for cancer received instant nausea relief from taking cannabis. The 2001 study conducted found that the results were more promising when the patients smoked the substance instead of consuming it in various other types. The 2001 study appears in the Cannabis Therapeutics Journal online.

Cannabis Helps Muscular Discomfort for People with Multiple Sclerosis.

MS patients often complain regarding pains that prevent them from living a healthy life. Researchers in 2012 found that one of the compounds in cannabis, THC, helps to soothe the contraction and cramping of muscles. MS patients usually face this problem as they don’t find other products for relieving pain very helpful to reduce their symptoms. Nevertheless, cannabis has shown to be the best pain-relieving agent, and the study is in the CMAJ journal.

Pain Relief for both Acute and Chronic Pains

One common use of medical cannabis is getting rid of chronic pain symptoms. Pharmaceutical products offer relief for only 30% to 40% of people based on research done in Canada. Nearly 40% of people on opioid painkillers reported that they combined their treatment with medical marijuana to get better results.

Also, a 2011 study shows that regular usage of cannabis helped to provide relief from chronic pain by 27%. The THC compound has potent pain-relieving effects that target specific areas with the pain while showing immediate action within a short time.

Cannabis Prevents the Breakdown of Cartilage in Osteoarthritis.

Besides providing relief from pain and inflammation, cannabis has also proven to be beneficial in preventing cartilage breakdown that typically occurs in people with osteoarthritis. A recent 2016 study found that THC helped to stop that cartilage breakdown. That way, people with arthritis will not have to be concerned about the deteriorating effects of this health condition.

Cannabis relieves Tremors and Helps to Improve the Quality of Life for Parkinson’s Disease Patients.

Parkinson’s disease refers to a degenerative neurological condition that affects the patient’s motor functions. There are regularly seizures and shakiness across the limbs, which make it hard for people to perform simple daily activities like walking.

While the condition doesn’t have a cure yet, a cannabis study in the 2000s found significant results in alleviating certain types of tremors. As more research continues to be done on the subject, researchers hope to find the cause of tremors that manifest in this condition. They can then employ the beneficial effects of cannabis, which have been shown to minimize the symptoms of the condition.

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