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Sunderstorm Debuts CBN-rich Kanha Tranquility and NANO5 Tranquility CBD Formulas




Sunderstorm, which is among the cannabis industry’s foremost consumer packaged item companies, has introduced two new CBN cannabinol products. This follows a whole month of unprecedented edible sales. Significantly, Sunderstorm is also the renowned producer of the famous Kanha edible brand from California and the nanomolecular NANO5 sublingual brand.

The launch of Sunderstorm’s two new CBN-rich products is a stark reminder to consumers that, soon, they can enjoy a sweet-night sleep and forget about their troubles. These products will include the 1:1:1:2 NANOS5 tranquility, the CBD: CBN: THC 1:1:1, and the 5HTP: CBN: THC.

While CBN is chemically similar to CBD, the former is known to induce multiple, similar effects, including inflammation relief and body pain in tandem. The drug is mainly recognized for producing sedative effects, which, in turn, are known to induce better, restful sleep.

Moreover, most CBN-rich products are known to provide an entry-point for consumers who are described as ‘canna-curious.” These are consumers who seek a more holistic choice rather than pursue any intense psychoactive feelings.

Record-Breaking Sales

It is highly significant that the California edible product sales recorded a huge increase in the last few months, raking in record-breaking profits. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that the above developments, regarding CBD and CBN, subsequently came to pass.

Moreover, since January 2020, Kanha has registered unprecedented growth in sales, going ahead of her competitors to claim the top spot in sales and units. This data comes from a BDSA market analysis for the month of April. Moreover, the Kanha growth in revenue, during the same period, exploded to 44%. Further, the edible sales figures from January also soared to 9.5%.

Cameron Clarke, who is the CEO of Sunderstorm says:

“Our company, Sunderstorm, is excited to introduce these two novel formulations as we deal with some of the most worrying health situations affecting most consumers of our products. In so doing, we remain true to our commitment and mission that is centered on helping people realize a life of wellness and harmony; this is today a far more important endeavor than anything I can think of.”

“Going forward,” the CEO concludes, ‘We are fully committed to the ideals of innovation and searching for new types of dosing that meet the unique consumer requirements of the present marketplace.”

A Pioneer in Nanomolecular Science

Each of these Kanha Tranquility products (gummy) is laced with 1 mg melatonin, 5 mg CBD, 5 mg CBN, and 5 mg THC. Moreover, each of them contains a soothing blend of essential oils as well as terpenes. Additionally, the new formula features more CBN for every bag than all other marketplaces gummy does.

NANO5 Tranquility essentially has the same ratio of 1:1:1 ratio. Nevertheless, it also has a 5 HTP double dose, which is a natural serotonin-inducing substance. The new formula rounds off with an own melatonin serving, terpenes for relaxation, and other essential oils for calming; all of these greatly help to soothe the mind and body.

NANO5, being one of the pioneers of nanomolecular cannabis technology, is at the forefront of championing the speediest onset in this industry; in just 5 minutes. Significantly, this makes for deep, restful sleep, which even the most skeptical consumer can effortlessly achieve.


You can get the Kanha cannabis-infused products (gummies) stocked in more than 450 licensed retailers spread across California State. There is also a big expansion plan that will soon roll out in other states in the next few months.

Essential Facts on Sunderstorm

Sunderstorm is a leading lifestyle cannabis producer that focuses on producing quality goods, promoting a higher quality of life as well as better community quality. The company is based in California, USA. We are proud of having years of experience working in the cannabis market in California. We, at Sunderstorm, can, therefore, promise consistent, reliable, and clean cannabis products that are manufactured with the benefit of credible scientific research.

Moreover, the quality products made by Sunderstorm are produced in-house by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated men and women whose goal is to adhere to the highest quality and reputable safety standards strictly.

No doubt, thousands of people are now able to enjoy a higher quality of life, which aligns with the wellness and finely crafted cannabis products. This has become possible using our range of high-quality products, which include NANO5 sublingual, Wind vapes, and Kanha gummies.

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