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Are All CBD-Infusions Beneficial? Here are 10 Questionable CBD Products in the Market




Ever since stories about the overall effectiveness of CBD started spreading, a number of new studies flourished. Thus far, CBD has been associated with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties among others.

Does this imply that CBD can be infused in just about any product? In a recent post by WeedMaps, 10 products were listed where all of them were concluded as being relatively questionable. Here’s an overview of what was shared:

# Product 1: Nails Inc Just Kinda Bliss Nail Polish Duo

This respective nail polish is said to include sativa seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids. You would think that the likes of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids would be helpful, but as per the experts, topical delivery is the way to go. According to Neuroscientist and CEO of Strain Genie, Nicco Reggente, fatty acids are effective, but topically, they lose purpose because of the lack of CB receptors in nails.

# Product 2: Makeup Revolution Flawless Chilled Eyeshadow Palette

The sativa seed oil-infused eyeshadow palette was reasoned as having the potential to reduce sebum production and limit acne formation. Reggente was surprised to see such a product, as people rarely end up with acne on their eyelids.

# Product 3: CBD Daily CBD Conditioner

CBD as a conditioner (10mg) is said to have no improvement on hair because of the lack of CB receptors, however, the expert argued that it could in fact improve skin health because of its antioxidant properties.

# Product 4: Pure Kana Lemon Lime Pure CBD Toothpicks

Pure Kana’s CBD Toothpicks are said to contain 25 mg of CBD. With this concentration and 50 minutes, one may anticipate increased oral CBD release. In this case, the toothpicks may serve as a temporary solution for gingivitis but picking at teeth is deemed unreasonable.

# Product 5: Brookstone CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow

Brookstone’s CBD-infused bed pillow was deemed infective because its CBD content remains in the pillow and isn’t transferred to the body. Reggente was referenced by Weed Maps, who said: “Leaving CBD out allows for it to be degrade and lose potency.”

# Product 6: Joy Organics CBD Face Mask

Of all the products presented thus far, Joy Organics is trusted as the most sensible simply because antioxidants help in relieving irritations. Additionally, delivering CBD through the face is anticipated to relieve pain and anxiety while possibly prolonging premature aging.

# Product 7: Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil with CBD & Botanicals

As the CBD lube market heightens, more sexual enhancement products continue to hit the shelves. That said, Reggente feels the least comfortable in regard to this product simply because of the lack of research. Interestingly enough, the former doesn’t seem to entirely bother the expert, as she said:

“The oil part would be for lubrication, but the anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties of CBD […] could be quite good for preventing infections.”

# Product 8: Felix & Ambrosia Bugger Off CBD Hand Sanitizer

CBD-infused hand sanitizer is a new one, and Felix & Ambrosia Bugger Off created it with 25 mg of CBD within the entire bottle. The problem here is the possible interaction between CBD and ethyl alcohol, where the latter could possibly degrade the former.

# Product 9: Acabada CBD-Infused Activewear

CBD-infused shorts, sports bras and other workout gear are expected to make exercising comfortable. Reggente was referenced stating that topical pain relief solutions are likely to be more effective than gym clothes.

# Product 10: Royal Heritage Home CBD-Infused Bedsheets and Pet Beds

Can sheets aid in relieving insomnia, stress, and pain? Just like in the case of pillows, sheets are not as likely to bring a positive effect on one’s mental and physical health. Most importantly, such delivery systems require washing, which could possibly reduce CBD’s effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

Based on what’s been shared, there are number of key takeaways to consider. For starters, when a new CBD product is introduced, consumers need to understand what its role is. Additionally, the delivery mechanisms need to be questioned, along with the claims made, and its interaction between CB receptors. Most of all, one needs to investigate the effect delivery has on the overall concentration of CBD and whether that has an influence on their health.

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