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New Calexo Sparkling Cannabis Drinks Offer Low-Dose THC-Infused Beverage



New Calexo Sparkling Cannabis Drinks Offer Low-Dose THC-Infused Beverage

Los Angeles-based beverage brand, Calexo announced its first ever line of cannabis-infused drinks reports BevNet. As per the claims made, this is an alternative to alcoholic beverages, as it has the potential to produce a lift without accelerating it.

Founder and CEO of Calexo, Brandon Andrew has since shared his perspective on what the brand has to offer to consumers. In particular, he said:

“The first thing people will notice about Calexo is the unique flavor profile […] We use all-natural juices and botanicals that complement rather than mask the nano-emulsified cannabis, resulting in an elegant, social drink that delights your taste buds.”

With that in mind, here’s what there is to know regarding Calexo:

What is Calexo?

Calexo combines THC, terpenes, cannabinoids, all-natural juices, and botanicals to give consumers a sparkling beverage that promotes maximum control and an uplifting experience.

What Calexo drinks are currently offered?

The cannabis-infused beverages are currently offered in two flavors: Citrus Rose and Cucumber Citron. Each drink is said to contain 10mg of THC, which is reasoned as being a relatively low dose. It takes as little as 15 minutes for the effects to onset and, on average, it could take an hour to offset.

How does Calexo onset the effects of THC?

The THC droplets housed in Calexo are nano-emulsified. These microscopic particles are expected to absorb quickly under the tongue and pass right through the stomach lining upon consumption. This type of absorption not only brings rapid results, but also has the capacity to induce a wide range of feelings, but at controlled levels. Hence, maximizing one’s ability to experience calmness and pleasure in any situation.

What are some common effects?

As per the team behind Calexo, it initially starts off with a light lift, followed by some laughter and connection. That said, each experience will be unique as factors including one’s genetics, age, and sex are quite influential.

How should I consume Calexo?

For a pleasing experience, consumers should take Calexo cold. As for its effects, it is ideal to hold each sip as long as possible and underneath the tongue so that the contents get fully absorbed. Finally, for beginners, taking it slowly and allowing 15 to 30 minutes to pass between each drink is the safest possible approach, as tolerance levels need to be defined.

Can I mix Calexo with alcohol?

The decision is up to consumers; however, the team believes that drinking it on its own is preferred simply because of the positive experience that can come out of it rather than a painful one.

How much does Calexo cost?

The current going price per bottle is $20 excluding taxes.

Where can I purchase Calexo?

According to the claims made, Calexo is currently available via delivery across Los Angeles. For instance, dispensaries that offer this respective beverage include Sweet Flower Melrose and Sweet Flower Arts District. In the near future, the team plans to expand statewide in California. As for Canadians, BevCanna will be the exclusive manufacturing partner for Calexo starting fall of 2020.

For inquiries regarding Calexo, one can either choose to visit the main webpage here or contact customer service at

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