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Kaydia CBD Patch: Natural, Fast-Acting Wearable CBD Pain Relief?

Reviewing the Kaydia Wellness CBD pain patch; a wearable, powerful, patented pain relief skin patch that targets specific areas on the body using hemp-derived cannabidiol, curcumin, arnica, camphor, menthol, and capsicum ingredients for day and night alleviation.



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Kaydia is a pain patch that consumers can place directly on the skin to relieve their pain and soreness as they absorb a dose of CBD. These patches can only be ordered from the official website at, where consumers can buy up to four packages in a single order of the powerful new pain patches that deliver pin-point specific relief day and night.

What is Kaydia CBD Pain Patch?

kaydia wellness cbd pain patch

The Kaydia Wellness CBD pain relief patch is one of the newest innovations when it comes to naturally alleviating the body from minor aches and pains in a non-invasive manner.

Pain is a complicated and intense sensation, especially in the muscles. During the day, muscles can go through a lot of stress, whether the individual is physically active or not moving at all. Products like Icy Hot and muscle rubs have become rather popular for the relief that they offer, but the recent popularization of CBD has proven that it can be helpful as well. With the Kaydia patented CBD pain patches, consumers can find an interesting new way to get that relief due to the use of five active pain killers that comfortably reduce inflammation.

Kaydia offers a combination of CBD and other natural ingredients to offer a level of soothing that just isn’t found in any other remedy. The patch can be placed on the exact area that is experiencing pain and can even be worn in the shower to continue delivering relief. It takes almost no time to work and can even be worn for days to get the support that the user needs.

Where can Kaydia CBD Patches Be Used?

The patented pain patch by Kaydia Wellness helps users target specific areas and needs on the body. Here is a visual to represent all of the most popular places the Kaydia CBD patch can be used to provide relief:


As you can see, Kaydia CBD pain patch works on:

  • muscle aches and pains
  • arthritis
  • joint pain
  • leg cramps
  • neck and back pain
  • deep-seated throbbing
  • tightness and tension
  • headaches and migraines
  • foot and heel pain
  • bone pain

The CBD pain patches from Kaydia Wellness are also odor-free, putting off no strange smells and are rather cool and refreshing for sport competition if needed. The sleek-looking modern design of the patented CBD patches for pain relief are comfortable to wear day and night, and come with more ingredients than just hemp-derived cannabidiol.

patented cbd pain patch


Frequently Asked Questions About Kaydia

FAQ About Kaydia CBD Pain Patch

Let’s address some of the questions that consumers may have about the Kaydia patches.

Q: How does Kaydia relieve pain?

A: Every patch is infused with CBD, as well as five other painkillers, to soothe pain topically. The natural painkillers include arnica, curcumin, camphor, menthol, capsicum, and other ingredients that have not been listed online.

Q: How many patches are in each Kaydia package?

A: Each pack offers a total of 24 patches – 12 small patches and 12 large patches.

Q: Where can Kaydia patches be placed?

A: Anywhere! These patches can be placed on nearly any area on the skin where there is pain.

Q: How fast does the user get relief?

A: The Kaydia patch starts working from the moment that it is placed on the skin. Though it may take a little time for some consumers, most users state that the pain ends right away.

Q: How long will the patches offer relief?

A: Each patch is designed to give consistent pain relief for 24 hours.

Any other inquiry can be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing Kaydia

To purchase the pain relief patch, consumers will have to visit the official website, which has several package options. Choose from:

  • One Kaydia patch pack for $49.99
  • Two Kaydia patch packs for $99.98
  • Three Kaydia patch packs for $112.48
  • Four Kaydia patch packs for $137.47

If this patch doesn’t provide the desired pain relief, customers have up to 30 days to get a full refund by returning the product.

Contacting the Creators of Kaydia

Even with the information online, consumers may be left with other questions about the Kaydia patch that they need to address. The customer service team can clear up any other inquiries via email ( or phone call (609-414-7087).


The Kaydia patches can be used by anyone that wants to get pain relief with the use of CBD. The patch makes it easy to deliver the support, and each package offers a substantial number of patches for the price. When compared to similar products available like the Kailo pain patches, Kaydia Wellness' patented pain relief patches give an extra boost when it comes to adding CBD's effectiveness at minor aches and pain relief that most wearable skin devices simply do not offer.

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