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Top 5 Turmeric CBD Supplements to Research in 2020

A look into the top 5 best turmeric CBD supplements, plus a research guide on mixing the herbal golden spice extract with hemp-derived cannabidiol oil.



CBD oil turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most popular ingredients in inflammation supplements today, and it doesn’t come without plenty of evidence. There are articles and studies that proclaim it's benefits, and even suggests that it could be “the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.” In India, it has been used for millenniums as both a spice in cooking and a medicinal herb, and scientific evidence has slowly shown the rest of the world what was already known.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is a compound that is mostly known for the way it purges toxins from the body. It has immense power as an anti-inflammatory formula, even though it only makes up about 3% of the extract. The majority of the evidence over what this substance can do has been based on extracts with a much higher concentration and reaching the desired levels for medicinal use is practically impossible as a spice alone.

As a result of this low concentration, turmeric supplements have risen in popularity, offering significant doses of curcumin to relieve the soreness, inflammation, and lack of mobility that some consumers experience.

The recent ban lift on CBD supplements has resulted in a boom of supplements to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Turmeric and CBD make the best dynamic duo when it comes to the efficacy of natural ingredients, working together to enhance their effects and yield results.

Top Turmeric with CBD Supplements

With this information about the effects of turmeric and more, here are the top turmeric supplements we are keeping our eyes on this year.

CBD + Turmeric by Irwin Naturals


CBD + Turmeric combines the effects of the newly popular CBD compound with the effects of turmeric. CBD has been touted as a solution for pain, memory, immunity, appetite, and a wealth of other benefits already, and the Farm Bill of 2018 made the substance legal to purchase. By combining the natural anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric with the therapeutic effects of CBD, consumers get a powerful dose of support for “whole-body wellness.”

The main reason that this product is so high on the list is due to the Curcumin C3 Complex. The proprietary extract is sourced from the turmeric rhizome, as western medicine has used turmeric for years. The CBD is sourced from full-spectrum hemp extract, which means that consumers may find trace amounts of THC, though no more than 0.03%. By taking this remedy, consumers get 300 mg of the extract in each daily dose, which is two soft gel capsules.

The total cost of this supplement is $26.99, which provides users with a 60-capsule bottle of the remedy on the official website.

Turmeric & Hemp Oil by Vimerson Health

Turmeric & Hemp Oil is formula for the purpose of relieving muscle and joint pain, resulting from inflammation. While turmeric works to relieve the mobility pain and joint issues, consumers will also be able to ease their stress and potentially sleep better at night from the relaxation. Every two-capsule dose offers consumers 100 mg of turmeric root extract, of which 95% is made up of curcuminoids.

Rather than just including the support that hemp oil and turmeric can offer, this formula acts as a multivitamin with various nutrients that can help consumers get what they need for the rest of their body as well. To make every nutrient more bioavailable, the creators include BioPerine as well.

Consumers can find this supplement on Amazon, which offers a 60-capsule bottle for $18.91. However, if the user signs up for a subscription, they can save 5% on their purchase with each shipment.

Turmeric CBD Oil by Wunder Workshop

Turmeric CBD Oil Wunder Workshop

Turmeric CBD Oil offers three major ingredients, which are found in other ingredients as well – CBD oil, turmeric, and BioPerine. The CBD comes from organically sourced cannabis sativa L. in Europe, and the turmeric comes from organic sources as well. The blend of olive oil and black pepper in BioPerine helps to keep the formula bioavailable.

To get the desired results, users should take up to 10 drops in a twice-daily regimen, though it is unclear how much curcumin users get in these doses. However, since every person reacts differently with CBD, some users may prefer to start small and slowly increase their dose up to the recommended amount until they find their ideal dose. This formula is not meant to be used in a vaporizer and should be taken sublingually.

The official website offers a one-ounce bottle of Turmeric CBD Oil for £110.00 (about $142.08 USD), which ships worldwide. Consumers can also use PayPal to make their purchases.

Dr. Formulated CBD+ Turmeric Softgels by Garden of Life

The Dr. Formulated CBD+ Turmeric Softgels offers a combination of 15 mg of CBD and curcumin, and it is meant to trigger healthy inflammatory functions in the body. The CBD comes from whole hemp extract, while the curcumin comes from 52 mg of turmeric, offering 95% curcuminoids.

According to the Garden of Life’s website, this remedy has the “entourage effect,” which means that the user gets the benefits of the other terpenes found in the hemp extract included. The formula also includes ginger and black pepper, adding onto the support that is offered by turmeric and curcumin, though they also help consumers to digest the remedy with greater ease and a greater chance of absorption in the digestive tract.

The 30-capsule bottle of this supplement can be found on the Garden of Life website, where it is usually listed for $40.99. However, the price has been reduced to $32.79 at the moment. Consumers can also use the store locator to find the nearest physical location to them where the Dr. Formulated CBD+ Turmeric Softgels can be picked up locally.

Relief & Recovery Capsules by Sagely Naturals

Relief Recovery Sagely Naturals

The Relief and Recovery Capsules focus on relieving the occasional discomfort and inflammation incurred from physical activity, thanks to a proprietary blend of ingredients. The CBD is sourced from broad spectrum CBD, which limits the amount of the hemp plant used in the extract. Organic turmeric and black pepper are used to hemp with the reduction of inflammation specifically, making users more mobile.

Users will get a total of 10 mg of CBD with each capsule, though the website doesn’t describe how much turmeric is included. With only one dose needed a day, the 30-capsule bottle can be found on the official website for Sagely Naturals for $49.99.

Click here to buy Sagely Naturals CBD + Turmeric for Relief & Recovery

HONORABLE MENTION: Turmeric CBD Oil Drink by CBD American Shaman

Turmeric CBD Oil Drink offers a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO treat that gives users the ability to get the same benefits that many of these supplements want. It doesn’t quite make the top list of supplements, as it can be consumed intermittently and without a regular regimen. However, with the use of these ingredients, it can still support the needs of consumers that want to reduce inflammation, with the amount of turmeric included in the formula. The official website also states, “Our products do not contain more than .3 % THC.”

For a 12-bottle case of the Turmeric CBD Oil Drink, the total cost is $68.00 on the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turmeric Supplements

Here are the answers to some of the questions that arise about turmeric supplements.

Q: What is Turmeric?

A: Turmeric is a spice that is sourced from the turmeric plant, and it is commonly used in Asian cuisine, like curry.

Q: What is Curcumin?

A: Curcumin is a compound that comes from turmeric, and it has been primarily linked to inflammation relief.

Q: What does a turmeric supplement offer that individuals can’t get from turmeric as the store-bought spice?

A: The main reason that a supplement offers greater effects is simply due to the concentration that consumers can get. However, the use of turmeric as a spice instead allows users to combine the remedy with fats and oils in the food, promoting absorption. That’s why many of these supplements include ingredients that promote bioavailability as well.

Q: How much turmeric should be taken daily to reduce inflammation?

A: According to the Arthritis Foundation, users need to take 400 to 600 milligrams of turmeric capsules thrice daily, or three grams of root powder daily, to truly get inflammation relief. Other sources suggest 500 to 1,000 milligrams of curcuminoids daily. However, the daily dose of curcumin should not ordinarily exceed 2,000 mg of curcumin.

Q: Can too much turmeric cause side effects?

A: While turmeric is healthy for the body, it can cause side effects if the body has more than what it can handle, especially if the user exceeds the daily recommended dose. Some users have experienced stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea, according to WebMD.

Q: Apart from relieving inflammation and joint pain, what can curcumin do?

A: In the right amounts, the use of curcumin has also been linked to improved memory retention, a reduced risk of heart disease, reduced growth and development of cancer growth molecularly, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive conditions, and treatment of depression. While additional research and testing is needed for these uses, the current evidence is promising.

Is It for You?

Most people can find a way to benefit from turmeric, though they need to adhere to the safety measures described in the use of this supplement. There are several tumeric remedies above to try out, if users need somewhere to start. However, if the source of inflammation or joint pain may be something more serious, a visit to a medical professional may be in order.

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