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GEN!US Launches New Creative Cannabis and CBD Product Line, Including Vapes, Joints and Flowers

Alexander Smith



GEN!US Launches New Creative Cannabis and CBD Product Line, Including Vapes, Joints and Flowers
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  • GEN!US is a new brand that focuses on the creative effects of cannabis.
  • The product line includes a CBD-only product, along with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

When it comes to cannabis’s benefits, most people turn to the way that it reduces pain, soothes anxiety, and promotes a general feeling of contentment. However, the creators behind the new GEN!US brand have something a little unique in mind. Their new product collection features top-shelf flower, pre-rolled joints, vape pens and new cartridges with a full range of both CBD and THC as the active ingredients. Ultimately, according to a press release from PR Newswire, GEN!US is created to promote a more creative thinking process, while eliminating the mental barriers for the modern cannabis aficionado.

There are many stories about geniuses from history and from today who have used cannabis as a way to get their creative juices flowing, and GEN!US aims to make sure the public knows their stories. Considering the constant need in any industry to be innovative and bring forth new concepts, GEN!US can aid any adult user.

GEN!US was developed by creative souls, and their target audience is simply a larger group of themselves. To create these products, the team employs researchers, microbiologists, cannabis veterans, engineers, and chemists, as well as high-quality grower. The GEN!US aims to add a boutique dispensary on Melrose Avenue in L.A. this September, though they already have established refined and advanced extraction facilities for their product.

Chris Clifford is the CEO running this project, who is only 25 years old. His ambitious nature led him to develop his first company at 17 years old, so he already has eight years of experience in business to back up his new venture. On choosing to develop GEN!US, Clifford said, “Cannabis has fueled some of the world's most gifted innovators and artists in their creations. They inspire us to create cannabis on their level.”

Everything from the strains that GEN!US incorporates to the bold packaging follow the art and creativity that the brand hopes to inspire. The campaigns for this project have already been photographed by major artists, including Justin Jerrod, Daniel Forero, and Maggie West.

Consumers don’t have to know every strain of cannabis to know what they are getting into with GEN!US, as the description of each strain’s effects is relatively easy to understand. Each creative can be matched with one of the four distinct categories of “strains for brains,” including:

  • GEN!US Indica, for a sedating body high, which can induce relaxation and sleepiness
    • Available in OG Kush (pre-rolls), Josh D OG (flower jars), Larry OG (flower jars), Grand Daddy Purple (vape cartridges), and Gelato (flower jars and cartridges)
  • GEN!US Sativa, for a cerebral effect that is more energizing
    • Available in Orange Tree (pre-rolls and flower jars), Rollins (flower jars), Green Crack (flower jars), and Orange Zkittles (cartridges)
  • GEN!US Hybrid, for social settings at any time of day
    • Available in Do-Si-Do (pre-rolls, flower jars, and cartridges), Lemon Fuel (pre-rolls), Banana Fig (flower jars), Birthday Cake (flower jars), Strawnana (vapes), and Thin Mint (pre-rolls)
  • GEN!US CBD, which doesn’t not have an intoxicating effect, but still provides relaxation with ACDC (vaporizer)

To learn more about GEN!US, visit

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