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ElleVet Sciences Announces Results of Hemp CBD/CBDA Safety Study



ElleVet Sciences CBD: Hemp CBD Oil & Chews for Dogs and Cats Pets
  • ElleVet offers CBD solutions for cats and dogs.
  • The study was meant to specifically investigate the effectiveness of their own products, and not the hemp industry as a whole.

The 2018 Farm Bill was a big moment for the hemp industry, but the research on this substance has been sorely lacking. To bring more awareness to what the substance can do, ElleVet Sciences decided to research and learn more about the safety of the use of hemp and hemp-based CBD/CBDA. Now, according to reports from Herald Mail Media, the results are now available and published.

ElleVet offers products for dogs and cats, and their recent 12-week study by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag investigated the effects of a unique CBD/CBDA blend with dose of 2mg/kg for dogs and cats, used twice a day. Dr. Wakshlag stated,

“Safety is imperative for any reputable brand of hemp extract, and we are confident that the dosing we recommend is both safe and effective. The PK data on cats shows there are differences in the absorption between cats and dogs, and that dosing may be different between these two species and that our chew form is likely to be more absorbable than oils in general. This data gives us confidence in the use of both the chew and the oils as effective means for delivering CBD to your pet.”

Amanda Howland, the co-founder of ElleVet Sciences, remarked that the brand’s priority is to maintain both safety and quality for their products, adding that they are “proud” to have the confidence of pet owners and veterinarians in their brand. Howland added,

“We want to caution as well, that these results are true for ElleVet products, but all hemp CBD is not the same and the results here cannot be attributed to other products.”

Dr. Wakshlag is notably the first doctor to create a study to research the efficacy of these dogs in a clinical trial, using ElleVet CBD/CBDA for multi-joint discomfort. The study proves the effectiveness of the company’s hemp, though Dr. Wakshlag published the first paper on the topic last year. The results of the clinical trial confirm significant or dramatic improvement in 80% of dogs.

Additional clinical trials are being conducted by ElleVet and Dr. Wakshlag himself to see how effective these remedies are for other conditions, including seizures, different types of cancer, pain, and dermatitis. The trials will be performed over the next 12 to 18 months.

As stated by Herald Mail Media, Dr. Wakshlag is available for interviews to discuss the result results of his study and his clinical trials. He can be reached through Kelsey Starks at

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