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CannaPro CBD Oil: Another Shady Hemp CBD Product Surfaces

The Chronicler



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CannaPro CBD Oil is proclaimed as a “pharmacist-formulated” CBD oil that aims to relieve anxiety and stress, eliminate aches and pain and regulate mood and sleep patterns. Here’s how they’ve approached CBD and one of the more shocking revelations that surfaced about this “new” CBD oil that apparently has appeared on the Doctor Oz show (it hasn't) and is used by Tom Hanks (he didn't).:

Is CannaPro CBD Oil Safe to Use?

Let's list three reasons why it is probably a good reason to stay far away from CannaPro and any CBD product with that name.

1) The use of U.S.-harvested hemp

Most often, consumers assess the source of hemp used in CBD solutions simply because of the fact that different states and countries have different regulations. Given the unclear nature of the CBD industry, sticking to U.S. based solutions may be ideal due to their stringent requirements, many fly by night products have surfaced to take advantage of the hottest trend in the natural supplements world. CannaPro CBD, which seems to be all but a fake or here today gone tomorrow cannabidiol-infused oil at best, definitely appears to be one of those CBD oils.

2) CannaPro CBD Marketing Claims

While it should be a huge red flag once visiting or seeing the official CannaPro CBD website, lab-testing is a crucial step, as it allows one to understand the contents of their CBD oil. Additionally, producers can assess the presence of harmful toxins, which could be discarded if rectifying the issue is not a possibility. But, even if those standard requirements are not met for consumer's confidence, some marketing gimmicks restore to falsifying celebrities as endorsements. This prompted Tom Hanks to even tweet and post to his Instagram channel:

As you can see, any CBD oil that resorts to these advertising tactics should be grossly avoided at all costs no matter what kind of colorful language is being used.

3) CannaPro CBD has Absolutely No Transparency

The official website from CannaPro CBD is extremely hard to get to. A simple internet search for these terms shows exact match domains with product info and images but if you click on any of those links within the article it takes you to another brand's sales page that has nothing to do with Cannapro CBD. And what is even more pressing is the fact that CannaPro CBD seems to get ample amounts of search traffic too:


It looks to be a week or so before Christmas 2019 this particular brand name of cannabidiol “launched”. However, given the apparent use of Tom Hanks name and it being ‘featured' on the Doctor Oz show, there must be a few people out there who have unfortunately been duped and conned into thinking this is a real CBD oil, company and product that has the backing of a Hollywood actor and the world's most famous TV doctor.

Should You Consider Purchasing CannaPro CBD?

1) CannaPro CBD is questionable

As per the claims made on some of these unofficial websites, for a bottle of 30ml, consumers are offered 300mg of CBD concentration. The advertisement claims that this is the maximum strength, which contradicts a number of other products out there. In fact, each serving of the CannaPro CBD Plus amounts to 10mg of CBD, which is a concentration of low strength despite all of the other red flags against it.

The product also claims to be a cold pressed solution to increase its essential fatty acids, but given the glaring problems this brand has who cares right?

2) Many unsupported claims

While the use of U.S-grown hemp, cold pressing technique and lab-testing are all things one would want to hear, there isn’t anything supporting this even remotely. Consumers are neither provided with the Certificate of Analysis nor any QR code that explains the Cannapro CBD oil in detail. That said, the laws surrounding CBD are so flux, such fine details are usually not required, but could be helpful in gaining one’s trust. Another area that requires investigation is that of the numerous health claims made, as they cannot be said with confidence.

Overall, the lack of information provided makes the Cannapro CBD a questionable product that should be avoided at all costs. Bearing this is mind, consumers should reach out to the creators prior to making an investment, as most brands are open to sharing upon request. There are many products to choose from in the CBD oil industry, make sure you vet a company and research products thoroughly, and in this case – don't fall for cheap marketing tactics and gimmicks that should be easily detected.

The Chronicler is an old soul but a new face here and we are happy to have her. Packing quite an extensive list of educational experiences at the College of Southern Nevada, where she earned her Associate’s Degree through a full-ride scholarship from the Department of Business at CSN, she is poised to be one of our most consistent content creators for all things cannabis, hemp and CBD with and first-hand knowledge of the space and the plant.

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