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Cannabiniers Debuts a Ready-to-Drink CBD Iced Tea, Just Society



Cannabiniers Debuts a Ready-to-Drink CBD Iced Tea, Just Society

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, competition among leading CBD brands in the market has become stiffer. Recently, Cannabiniers, a leading CBD company in the country, debuted a new CBD product called Just Society. Just Society is a THC and CBD-infused iced ready-to-drink tea. It has been produced from high-quality hemp plants from growers across the United States.

The company uses infusion technology, which is fast-acting, patented, and safe. This kind of technology is new in the market and will give Cannabiniers an upper hand as it continues to make strides in revolutionizing the industry. The company believes that the future of marijuana consumption depends on the normalizing of social and personal cannabis use without affecting behavioral norms and lifestyle patterns. Cannabiniers produces micro-dosed, and smoke-free CBD products that are aligned to the various social and personal norms, and this has made the company’s products shift public opinion.

After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, and therefore, the market for marijuana-infused tea is stable. Following the current market trends, iced tea beverages are consistent in showing a steady market growth.

“We are excited to introduce Just Society, which is a product line for Marijuana-infused iced teas that will turn tea time into playtime,” said Maikel van de Mortel, the EVP of Marketing of Lighthouse Strategies which is a parent company to Cannabiers. Just society has a variety of flavor profiles; Mango Black tea, Honey Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea, Raspberry Black tea, and Mint Green Tea, which will satisfy its consumers with both THC and CBD-infused iced teas.

“By using our unique technology, we can control doses or concentration of THC in our products to meet varying consumer preferences in the market. Cannabiniers has pioneered in the marijuana industry by offering smoke-free healthy CBD products to Marijuana-curious consumers,” said Mortel.

Cannabiniers’ product portfolio has a variety of consumer CBD merchandise, among them being the first non-alcoholic marijuana-infused craft beer, Two Roots. Just Society will expand the company’s product portfolio. Other Cannabinier product lines are BASKIN, a brand of marijuana-infused self-care products, and Creative Water, which is a line of hemp-infused sparkling water.

Just Society is a combination of the highest quality tea leaves blended with quality well-sourced marijuana plant extracts. A single serving of Just Society provides 25mg CBD, 50-80 calories, and 5mg of THC. The product will be packaged in 12-fl. oz tinnys.

Kristie Leong M.D. is a family physician with a strong interest in nutrition and fitness and the role each places in wellness and longevity. Dr. Leong graduated in 1990 from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine with a medical degree and master’s degree in clinical pathology. After 20 years of caring for patients in a family practice setting, Dr. Leong redirected her energy towards exploring the role nutrition and lifestyle play in lifespan and, more importantly, health span, the number of years we spend disease free and healthy enough to enjoy life. Through continuing medical education courses, seminars, and other self-study, she delved into the critical role diet and lifestyle choices play in health, especially as we age.

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