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As Vaping Bans Rise, Eos Labs’ Cannabis Inhaler for Safer Smoking Launches



As Vaping Bans Rise, Eos Labs' Cannabis Inhaler for Safer Smoking Launches
  • The cannabis inhaler by Eos Labs offers THC dominant, CBD dominant, and 1:1 THC:CBD hybrid options.
  • Consumers will not experience the same plumes of smoke as with a joint or vaporizer, as the dose is aerosolized.

The epidemic of vaping-related lung illnesses is rising, and there are an increasing number of government authorities that are issuing warnings or even bans on these products. Even though the issue seems to be predominantly linked to the use of black market THC, consumers are understandably concerned. Still, it doesn’t look like the cannabis market is going to lose any customers soon, since there are already so many ways to ingest cannabis.

The cannabis flower is, by far, the most popular option, and edibles offer a way to get a dose of THC with tasty flavors and high potency. However, nothing is quite as discreet and portable as the use of a vaping device. With all of the bad publicity this option is getting lately, though there are a few companies that are launching a solution – the cannabis inhaler.

This device looks just like the inhalers that the public is familiar with for treating asthma, and it uses pre-loaded cannabis extracts, along with propellant and propylene glycol. All of these substances are safe to inhale (unlike vitamin E acetate), and the user just has to press the canister one time to get a full dose. There are no batteries, heat settings, or buttons to mess with, and the aerosolized dose eliminates the cloud of smoke or vapor that the user would typically exhale.

A few companies have already jumped on the bandwagon to market the products, like Eos Labs. Eos Labs has integrated the product into their Inspire line, which has three inhaler options at the moment –Mind, Body, and Soul. Mind offers a THC dominant variety, while Body is for CBD. The Spirit inhaler is split right down the middle with a 1:1 hybrid containing THC and CBD. Consumers are able to get the benefits through the initial spray, which is absorbed into the lungs, and through the oral effect, which takes a little longer. Consumers should take a single dose and wait for the effects to start before using it a second time.

In a recent article with Willamette Week, one of their writers decided to try out the Mind inhaler, which contains THC as the dominant substance. The strain, Orange Cookies Hybrid, gave the writer a “unique” sensation, and she said that the experience was much different than what consumers would expect from a joint or a vape pens. Taking three puffs, the writer stated that the effects “didn’t hit” right away, but she started to experience the effects around the 45-minute mark.

At this point, the writer stated that she felt “pleasantly cloudy without the full-on fog of a flower buzz.” She said that had a “more robust experience than edibles,” though she admits that scientists could disagree with the expertise. While vaping is still legal, consumers that want to shy away from this option may feel satisfied with the use of a cannabis inhaler, though they should not expect the experience to be comparable.

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