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Anact Towel is The Hemp-Based Bath Towel With a Bunch of Benefits



Anact Towel is The Hemp-Based Bath Towel With a Bunch of Benefits

The Anact Bath Towel is a product made from hemp that dries quickly, absorbs moisture quickly, and includes 45% organic cotton. The towel is not yet available for direct purchase, but consumers can donate to the Kickstarter campaign to secure a package at a lower price as a pre-order.

What is the Anact Bath Towel?

The 2018 Farm Bill created a major development in the worse of commerce – legal hemp and hemp-derived products. Hemp has proven to have many health benefits, but it also can produce incredibly soft material for clothing. With the softness it offers, the creators at Anact decided to develop a hemp-based towel to capitalize on these benefits.

The creators explain that the average person has to use their towel at least ten times a day, and conventional cotton doesn’t quite meet this type of demand. Farmers could potentially use toxic chemicals on their crops, leaving the cotton to be harvested with these chemicals already embedded. Choosing a hemp material already leaves the consumer with substantially more benefits, like the ability to absorb and dry out quickly.

In an effort to combine the benefits of multiple materials, Anact uses 55% hemp, blended with 45% organic cotton for a soft and exfoliating texture. The towel was created from sustainable materials, and it is biostatic, preventing bacteria from growing while damp or drying. This project has taken about two years to make into a reality, though some consumers wonder why bamboo wasn’t used instead.

Bamboo towels, while advertised to offer the same kinds of benefits, are often made predominantly of rayon. Rayon doesn’t have the effect that bamboo advertises and is actually filled with chemicals. Opting for hemp instead creates a much-preferred effect and creates a soft texture that rayon, cotton, and bamboo materials simply do no offer.

Purchasing the Anact Bath Towel

Presently, consumers are unable to directly purchase the towel from the company’s website, as it is presently working to gain funding from Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website. Consumers can selection one of the investment packages that allows them a pre-sale price on the towel.

Choose from:

  • A $20 pledge, for the Anact hemp tote bag
  • A $35 pledge, for one Anact towel
  • A $50 pledge, for one Anact towel set (includes bath towel, hand towel, and wash towel)
  • A $100 pledge, for two Anact towel sets
  • A $140 pledge, for two Anact bath towels and two tote bags
  • A $150 pledge, for three Anact bath towel sets
  • A $200 pledge, for four Anact bath towel sets

Additional options are available with $250, $300, $450, $650, $900, $1,300, $1,800, and $3,000 donation levels.

The packages should start being shipped to investors by February 2020.

Contacting the Creators of the Anact Bath Towel

Since this product isn’t available to consumers just yet, there are probably a lot of questions they may have before and after their investment. To communicate with the creators, consumers can submit comments to the Kickstarter page.

Anact Towel Summary

The Anact Bath Towel has the power to change the way that the public deals with the need for effective and sustainable linens. The product is not going to be available to the public for another few months, but the ability to pre-order with a crowdfunding investment allows the brand to publicize their product and gain an idea of the public interest.

Alexander G. Smith is an experienced researcher for both new health topics and science coverage. Being a seasoned Human Resources professional, his content writing skills have sharpened in the areas of workplace and business topics but loves to focus on wellness and natural alternatives here at TOC.

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