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Cannabis Venture Syndicate: Michael A. Robinson’s Next $52 Billion Startup Stock

The Cannabis Venture Syndicate by Michael A. Robinson of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors outlines “The Next $52 Billion Startup” stock where early stage investors could be the next self-made cannabis millionaires due to a tiny CBD company that could result in a massive payday.



Cannabis Venture Syndicate: Michael A. Robinson's Next $52 Billion Startup Stock

Michael A. Robinson, who has been in the past interviewed by Mike Ward, has created The Next $52 Billion Startup presentation. While Michael has done a lot of great work when it comes to technology investments, he’s also a very successful expert in cannabis venture capital investing and a National Institute of Cannabis Investors’ (NICI) prestigious member.

He says he discovered a cannabis startup that has incredible chances of becoming a company with $52 billion of capital in the next few years. Those who decide to invest, even a small sum, in it can earn a lot of money if things go according to plan. This company is almost sure to make a few breakthrough medical discoveries when it comes to the cures of some deadly diseases.

It’s called Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals and has a team of scientists working on developing 2 Cannabinoids drugs. One of these drugs uses natural cannabidiol (CBD) and turns it into a synthetic derivative that can treat many inflammatory diseases, whereas the other does the exact same thing with Cannabigerol (CBG). These new treatments developed by Emerald will not only be effective, but they’ll also have absolutely no unwanted side effects. If the company gets FDA approval for its artificial molecules patent, it gains monopoly on a multi-billion market that hasn’t yet been tapped by many. This is why Michael wants to help his fans invest in Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals and make a lot of money.

More About Michael A. Robinson

As mentioned earlier, Michael A. Robinson is first of all an expert in technology investments. He worked for 35 years at Silicon Valley and many consider him to be one of the best tech financial analysts. He was also the man behind The Dark Burst Solar Technology Device presentation. Those who are subscribed to his newsletter are being given a lot of useful financial advice.

Furthermore, he publishes through Money Map Press reports like the Strategic Tech Investor, the Radical Technology Profits and the Nova-X Report. At the same time, Michael consults venture capital firms from the Silicon Valley, so he’s still an insider who collaborates with pioneering minds in many industries. He has as well many times been a guest on CNBC and Fox Business.

What Does The $52 Billion Startup Has to Offer?

With The $53 Billion Startup presentation, Michael doesn’t present the opportunity to invest in a public company that can be traded on the stock market. He talks about a private company that doesn’t have investing in it just happening. Only accredited investors can invest in startups, but luckily, Emerald happens to be conducting A funding rounds, so it allows non accredited investors to participate.

Details on how this can be done are provided in The $52 Billion Startup, which comes with a subscription to Michael’s research service known as the Cannabis Venture Syndicate. Those who subscribe to the Cannabis Venture Syndicate have to pay $1,950 a year, but they gain access to The $52 Billion Startup and many other things, like for example, information of 5 to 6 new private investment opportunities. He will also send:

  • The Private Investing Primer, which is a short private investment guide
  • Pitch Decks that consists of videos with startup CEOs who want to attract new investors by presenting their companies
  • A Due Diligence Package, which is a report containing analyses about the financials of a target company and its competition. The Due Diligence Package also includes the Terms Sheet and the Deal Memo that both speak about why some investments are good and some aren’t
  • The Cannabis Venture Syndicate that it’s like Michaels’ model portfolio
  • An invitation to The Cannabis Venture Mastermind where people can create their own online forums and share ideas with those who join

The Next $52 Billion Startup is especially created for those who are interested in making Cannabis industry-related private investments. This industry gained a lot of attention lately, especially since recreational and medical marijuana has been legalized in many states in the US. The Next $52 Billion Startup can be useful to both those who are new to the Cannabis industry and those who already know more about it.

Andrew is a full-time professional writer in Canada with over 8 years of esteemed experience. He is one of the best cannabis health researchers, polished legal investigators and active CBD news reporters we have at TOC. While being featured in hundreds of health, technology, science, and even bitcoin publications; Andrew's now on the frontline of the Canadian cannabis culture and will continue breaking down everything so easily your grandma can understand hemp and CBD.

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