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Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential: Secret $50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint for Easy “Weed” Retirement



Did the “Secret ‘$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint” presentation tempt you into investments? If so, you surely aren’t the only one.

The marijuana industry is still a novice and unstable one, as leaders around the world have yet to set laws regarding it. Businesses continued their operations with uncertainty for some time now, but according to Ray Blanco that is all about to change.

In this presentation, he affirms that an expected announcement (May 29, 2020) “could confirm marijuana is a lasting trend.” Most of all, he claims that as a result, one could retire wealthy in less than a year. To think that this can be achieved without having to know anything about pot and investing, let alone a small starting capital of $50 sounds too good to be true right?

According to Ray Blanco this is possible as the soon-approaching announcement is deemed a blessing for penny stocks. More specifically, it is expected to turn penny stocks to the likes of Wal-Mart or even Coca-Cola. This gives rise to one question: Why penny stocks?

To this Blanco voices the obvious, they are extremely cheap. Some common cheap investments in the marijuana industry include CBIS ($0.17/share), MJNA($0.02/share) and HEMP($0.01/share). Another reason why he prefers penny stocks is that they’ve proven to bring explosive gains. Finally, with marijuana legalizations expected sometime this year, this could create a profit-generating potential.

Without further ado, here’s where Technology Profits Confidential comes into play:

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a financial newsletter that covers investments within the tech and biotech fields. The reason for choosing this specific industry rests in the mere fact that it carries endless opportunities for growth and wealth. And with COVID-19 proving stronger than ever how technology is crucial for societal advancements, this is the right time to consider such companies. Click to watch the official presentation.

Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the chief technology officer for Seven Figure Publishing and the editor of Technology Profits Confidential. Having joined Seven Figure Publishing in 2010, he has a number of newsletters under his belt.

Besides the aforementioned, he also writes for Breakthrough Technology Alert, FDA Trader, Penny Pot Profits and Technology Profits Daily. It is clear that his passion and expertise rests in new technology and the benefits of marijuana. As for Technology Profits Confidential’s rating, Seven Figure Publishing has since disclosed that it outperformed the S&P500 (i.e. the benchmark) by 50%.

What will members learn from Technology Profits Confidential?

When it comes to the tech industry, members need to consider the investment cycle. As per the expert, getting in too early or too late could bring losses. Going by word-of-mouth or “the hype cycle” could make things even worse. Hence, through Technology Profits Confidential, members will learn the right way to pick companies, which includes assessing company performance, relationships, and management assessment.

What does the Technology Profits Confidential membership include?

Throughout this service, Blanco will research new ideas that carry value to investors and every month he will publish these opportunities. His approach rests in choosing companies based on their level of innovation, the moves they make that defies industry norms, inexpensive yet quality offerings available, strong financial backing and whether they have an urgent catalyst (i.e. so that the stock can hit the roof).

Other resources that members are entitled to include:

The Four Incredible Pot Stocks… for a Six-Figure Payday report

This includes everything there is to know in regard to four pot stocks. The first supposedly consists of a biotech company that is in the middle of painkiller medical breakthrough. As per the claims made, they’ve already completed Phases 1 and 2 of testing.

The second company is a supplier of “packaging, accessories and branding solutions for the legal cannabis industry.” The third stock, also belonging to a pot biotech firm, is described as being a small-size company which was “awarded a medical pot sublicense to a patent from the U.S. government,” with 20 patents pending.

The last of the stocks includes a penny pot company that grows pot indoors. Blanco trusts that with marijuana legalization, indoor growing accessories will skyrocket – allow the penny stock to grow further.

Bonus #1: Marijuana Millionaire Playbook

The purpose of this playbook is to guide members through the processes of making profits.

Bonus #2: The Two Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution

Blanco sees a demand in the market for virtual reality products and has since found two companies that are known for the Oculus virtual reality device and a cutting-edge motion sensor technology for the smoothest of experiences respectively.

Bonus #3: Weekly Tech Profit Alerts

Throughout the year, Blanco will be issuing weekly alerts so that members are as informed as possible. Not only will he provide updates on his positions, he will also notify one of new additions and times to sell.

How much does Technology Profits Confidential cost?

The Technology Profits Confidential membership costs $49 per year. In addition, he is offering a six months money-back guarantee. Simply put, should his research not satisfy one’s needs, he will issue a full refund all one must do is contact customer service at (844) 370-6637.

Final Thoughts

Technology Profits Confidential is a financial newsletter that focuses primarily on the biotech and tech industries. Hence, whether or not this is for anyone looking to diversify their portfolios is of question. While Ray Blanco seems to run a number of newsletters, there’s not a lot of information on his background on investments. Nonetheless, a membership for $49 with a money-back guarantee seems ideal, as there is not a lot of risk tied to it in comparison to those found in the thousand-dollar ranges.

However previous members have rated the service with 2.7 stars out of 5, which is below average. While many seem to be generally content with the quality of analyses, many did not feel the same way about its overall performance. In fact, many affirmed that none of the promises made in terms of profits were kept and that he was too late to issue sell times resulting in a 1/5-win rate. Others found that getting in touch with customer service was nearly impossible, as it took at least three emails to finally get a response.

Ultimately, it is up to investors to decide whether this service aligns with their respective goals. Obviously, there are risks attached, so, relying on Blanco alone is never enough. That said individuals should also do their respective research and decide for themselves whether to take his call or not. To learn more about Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential, click here.

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