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Cannabis Cash Weekly: Is Matt McCall’s Green Monday Paydays Legit?



Cannabis Cash Weekly

Cannabis Cash Weekly is a subscription to a money-making program by Matt McCall that focuses on investing in cannabis stocks. Consumers can sign up by visiting the official website.

What is Cannabis Cash Weekly?

The cannabis industry is thriving right now. Over half of the United States has already legalized the use of medical marijuana, and about a third of those states have also legalized adult use. CBD sales are on the rise with the 2018 Farm Bill being passed in December, and all of these changes are good for the revenue in the market. As a result, there are many companies raising in their stocks, and it could be difficult to navigate for some people. The creators behind Cannabis Cash Weekly, believe that they have the solution.

The entire program caters to bringing consumer major returns on their investments on a weekly payday. They make some bold promises, like that consumers stand to make at least $2,600 each week by investing in the cannabis market. The creator, Matt McCall, discusses a concept called Green Monday, which is a highly profitable day for consumers for the cannabis market. He lists several other Green Mondays and adds that the complete beginner is fully capable of cashing in on these opportunities.

According to McCall, there are four steps in gaining this cash, including:

  1. Reading the private instructions on every Green Monday.
  2. Enter the information provided by McCall into a broker account.
  3. Deposit the cash right away.
  4. Exit the trade to get a “lump sum” paid out.

Realistically, the progress of the industry will only maintain this upward pace for a certain amount of time, which means that investors have a specific window of opportunity. The creator notes that Cannabis Cash Weekly will only remain online while the market improves and will no longer be available when progress slows down or stops.

With many statistics available to entice consumers to get involved, the only way to truly understand this process is to sign up, which is no small price.

Purchasing Cannabis Cash Weekly

Consumers that want to gain access to this information are encouraged to act quickly, as the company has only set aside 300 spots available. The actual price isn’t listed until the ordering page, but consumers will have to pay $999 to gain access to the program for an entire year. If the consumer attempts to leave the ordering page, they may be offered a major discount, bringing the price down as low as $299.

A long-term subscription is not required, though the creators request that the subscriber keep up with the program for 12 months. If they are dissatisfied, they are eligible for a full refund.

Additional Content

By joining this program, consumers will gain access to:

  • The Little Green Book of Big Cannabis Income (valued at $249)
  • Minimum of 52 “Green Monday” Income Alerts (valued at $1,999)
  • The Magic 9 Pot Stocks (valued at $149)
  • Trading Tutorial Video Series (valued at $299)
  • Marijuana Masterclass (valued at $499)
  • “Green Monday” Calculator (valued at $49)

Consumers will also have access to The Millionaire’s Income Secret, valued at $49, which shows the “perfect strategy” for consumers to combine with the income they are earning weekly.

Contacting the Creators of Cannabis Cash Weekly

Even with the information available on the website, consumers may find themselves with more questions. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-800-219-8592, or by sending an email to

Cannabis Cash Weekly Summary

Cannabis Cash Weekly offers consumers guidance on the way to profit from the cannabis industry with investments, rather than creating their own company. The process appears to be entirely legal, and the creators claim that the weekly income consumers receive is impressive. However, there isn’t much information about the program itself online, as most of the content is tied in with the $999 annual members.

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