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Alphagreen: CBD Will Be Labeled a Superfood, Included in Products



Alphagreen: CBD Will Be Labeled a Superfood, Included in Products
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The online CBD company Alphagreen has just reported that it had a 300% per month increase in traffic since the beginning of 2020, now that CBD is becoming more and more popular among health and wellness enthusiasts. There’s no scientific evidence yet to prove this hemp ingredient provides numerous health benefits. As stated by the Harvard Medical School, it can be a relief option for those who have trouble sleeping, are in pain, or suffer from anxiety, but still, more research on this has to be conducted.

The Pandemic Had a Say in the Traffic Increase

Alphagreen says the SEO spike of its website started when the COVID-19 outbreak did too. Searches on the Alphagreen website have been reported to be for the terms “anxiety relief”, “insomnia cure”, “mood booster”, “sleeping better”, and “feeling relaxed”. The company currently sells 879 products from about 80 brands that include Pollen, Trip Drinks and Erbology. 15% of these products are edibles. The spokesperson for Alphagreen, Swezel Rodrigues, said that:

“We’re on a mission to deliver plant-based and innovative remedies to our customers for their daily health and wellbeing concerns, with the primary goal being to create a community centered around the de-stigmatisation and education of these products and their benefits.”

Alphagreen Conducted a CBD Survey in May

Back in May this year, Alphagreen conducted a survey on 5,000 CBD consumers from the UK, finding out that 7.8 million adults in this country have bought hemp products in 2020. 42% of those who are using CBD do it because they need to get rid of pain, 20% because they want to no longer suffer from insomnia, whereas 19% are trying to no longer feel stressed. In this year’s first 4 months, more than £150 million were spent on CBD products, being expected for the entire year’s market to reach £450 million, which would be a 50% increase since 2019.

Many UK Adults Affected by Health Issues CBD Is Supposed to Treat

According to the Alphragreen’s survey’s results, more and more people are going to use CBD because it’s an innovative treatment model. The company added that about 16 million adults in the UK suffer from insomnia and 28 million have chronic pain. Coming as a surprise, only a percentage of 41% of the survey participants can make a distinction between illegal cannabis used for recreational purposes, legal cannabis for different health conditions, and CBD, which doesn’t contain any THC or only little and therefore, doesn’t cause a high. Here are Rodrigues’s words on this:

“There's definitely a lot of education required around the product, but what was also interesting was the fact that there was so much usage in the UK despite the awareness being so low. There's definitely a lot of people interested in trying the product even though they might be a bit confused and not sure where to go for reliable information. This is something we're also focusing on and we try to educate customers with our blogs and social media posts.”

Flavor Trends in CBD Products

It seems CBD companies are trying hard to mask the CBD taste in their products. This hemp ingredient has been described to taste earthy, grassy or nutty. Rodrigues noted there’s a trend of using spices like ashwagandha or turmeric, also condiments such as honey, to mask the CBD flavor and to associate the compound with superfoods. She added that:

“It will be a normal additive used by a lot of big brands in the future. I feel like it will be included in a lot of products as a superfood.”

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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