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Looking into Aethics CBD Oil Performance Products for Athletes and Workout Muscle Recovery



Aethics Athlete and Workout CBD

Aethics came to birth when a group of friends, athletes, and coaches realized the need for a reliable source of sports wellness. The founders looked at the cannabidiol (CBD) market and discovered a unique opportunity for creating a company that concentrates on people who love an active lifestyle. Today, Aethics makes CBD products for athletes around the world and claims to be a top CBD provider in the industry.

But are Aethics products worth purchasing? Read through our detailed review to discover more of Aethic’s products, features, hemp source, potency, pros, and cons.

Aethics CBD Products

Aethics has a line of topicals, hydration products, and performance drops. These are packed with different CBD oil concentrations and flavors.

1. Aethics CBD Topicals

Aethics has soothing rubs and lotions specifically meant to offer relief to people who live an active lifestyle and who wish getting back in the game. All Aethics CBD topicals have been crafted with the right formulation of essential oils and vitamins to offer fast-acting recovery as well as maximum performance.

a. Aethics 1000mg CBD Muscle Rescue Lotion

Packed in a 4-ounce bottle, this lotion contains 1000mg of CBD oil extract, coconut oil, wintergreen, Vitamin E, and black pepper. The rescue lotion is applied topically on problem areas like aching joints and sore muscles for fast relief. To get this gym-bag favorite, you’ll have to spend $59.95.

b. Aethics 400mg Daily Active Lotion

For a product that helps your skin recover from sunshine exposure, the Aethics daily active lotion might be a great choice. It helps fight dry skin and offers antioxidants to prevent cellular damage on your body while strengthening the skin defenses.

400mg CBD and Vitamin E ingredients have been added for their antiviral, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties to help in soothing moisturizing, and restoring the user’s skin. This product is sold in an 8-ounce bottle, meaning that it offers 50mg of CBD oil extract per ounce. Aethics 400mg Daily Active Lotion currently costs $29.95.

c. Aethics CBD Marathon Foot Rub

Meant for preventable care and aftercare relief, Aethics CBD Marathon Foot Rub is a multi-purpose foot rub for versatile athletes. This product is meant to offer pain relief to athletes and protect them from dryness, cracks, and fungal infections. A therapeutic blend of CBD, essential oils and shea butter have been used to soothe, repair, and moisturize rough, dry and cracked skin and heels.

Aethics CBD Marathon Foot Rub has been formulated with athletes in mind and has lots of positive customer reviews. To use, you need to rub it into the skin daily after taking a bath until your skin starts feeling soft and smooth. This rub currently costs $24.95.

2. Aethics CBD Hydration Products

Aethics claims that all its hydration products have been made with athletes in their mind. These offer great taste and performance, and each product has been blended uniquely to provide an ideal recovery effect to help athletes of all sports achieve their ultimate training goals

Available Aethics CBD hydration products for sale are:

a. H2O Balance

A 16.9-ounce sports water bottle infused with 12mg CBD, H2O Balance helps at offering support and balance to body health. This $3.99-worth water offers muscle relief, hydrates, and aids at recovery before or after a vigorous workout.

b. iV Revive

Selling at $4.99, iV Revive is an excellent sports hydration product for a night out and the morning after. It contains 25mg of CBD hemp, caffeine, and is gluten-free, sugar-free, and calorie-free. It helps athletes bounce back when they had a little too much the previous night. The water is packed with a punch of minerals, nutrients, and a natural vitamin blend.

3. Aethics CBD Oil/ Performance Drops

Aethics performance drops are a blend of hemp-derived CBD oil and coconut oil for athletes who need relief. The CBD oil in these performance drops has been guaranteed by the company’s Strasburg certification to come from well-grown hemp plants in a Colorado farm. Since the oils are made from full-spectrum hemp, they have a range of phytonutrients and terpenes that work together to offer an entourage effect.

Aethics CBD oils are sold in concentrations of 2,000mg, 1,000mg, and 500mg of CBD oil extract. They cost $119.95, $89.95, and $59.95 respectively. These are available in natural, peppermint, and citrus flavors.

Fractioned coconut oil is another key ingredient in Aethics CBD oils. It is added to create balance, promote recovery, and prevent stress.

To use Aethics performance drops, all you need to do is add half a dropper of the oil to your food or drink twice a day for a wellness boost and fast-acting recovery. You can use these oils immediately after working out or before bedtime to enjoy a relaxing and blissful evening. For more effective results, place the drops under your tongue using a dropper and leave the oil for about 30-60 seconds to get absorbed before swallowing.

Are Aethics CBD products Worth Buying?

Aethics is undeniably one CBD company with great intentions for athletes and people who lead an active life. Their products are potent, cost-effective, and have positive customer reviews. However, there are limited flavors and CBD concentrations to choose from compared to what other brands offer. All in all, we find this brand worth recommending to both entry-level CBD users and those who have been taking CBD for long.

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