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Weed Millionaire App: Profit-Promising Cannabis Trading Software To Avoid

Cathy Nickel



Weed Millionaire App
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About Weed Millionaire App

With incredible advancements being made in the cannabis market, it is so unfortunate when companies like the Weed Millionaire App surfaces. Anything that reads ‘Learn how to make a fast fortune’ should instead have you running the other way.

Their website is falsified in their mention of Forbess, CNN and CNBC. Whereas, there is nothing about this company that has been nor will be ever featured on those media outlets. Claiming to be next gold rush? Or the green rush?

Let’s Breakdown Their Claims

The Weed Millionaire website mentions the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada. Now yes, this is massive in the cannabis space – however, nothing about that decision makes this free reign. In fact, much of the Canadian legalization is overseen by the government. Be it the purchase of cannabis or its paraphernalia it is taxed like any other goods or service in the country.

Has revenue increased in cannabis revenue? Yes. Does that have anything to do with a corrupt company like this? Absolutely not.

Additionally, ‘millions of lives’ have not been changed as a result of this ‘Weed Millionaire’ company. Not even remotely close. We believe that due diligence is imperative when it comes to online opportunities and with so many reputable ones it is such a shame when these ‘opportunities’ surface. They only take advantage of people and it is our hopes that in articles like these, we can bring consumer awareness to their downside.

To date, there is no documented proof of anyone winning as a result of ‘calls’ or ‘projections’ made by the Weed Millionaire App company. In fact, the only people that might be wining are those collecting the $250 buy in request. It is scary when the trading world is made a mockery of when these ‘companies’ surface. It is impossible for anyone to claim a 99.7% accuracy rate and profits are never guaranteed – especially in the trading world.

Weed Millionaire App Is Scary Business

Another area you want to consider is any company that indicates that are doing all this for free, is scary business. Think about it, why would any company go to such lengths to provide with this secret sauce to you with no strings attached? They wouldn’t, right? And the $250 request comes without any indication of what it’s for or even where it’s going.

Don’t be fooled by the short video they have posted on their website which is designed to have you believe that you can become a millionaire just about overnight. In an industry, that is still super green – no pun intended.

Steer clear of the Weed Millionaire App – take the time to see what else is out there and don’t be sucked in by these false promises or shady business.

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