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User Beware of Marijuana Investment Software ‘Cannabis Craze’ and Its ‘Profitable’ Program



User Beware of Marijuana Investment Software 'Cannabis Craze' and Its 'Profitable' Program

Cannabis (CBD) that is THC-free has become a popular method for men and women to address various issues such as stress, anxiety, irritation, the inability to sleep, and the like. Now though, CBD is transitioning into an area that is a bit more conspicuous – investments. Many platforms are popping up promising that investment in cannabis can help their money grow as well. One such investment program that this review is going to delve into is Cannabis Craze.

What Is Cannabis Craze?

Cannabis Craze is an investment platform that promises that it can help members receive a great return on their investment. The investment is specifically in cannabis stocks. Whether it works, though, is highly questionable and some are even calling it a scam. Though many people would like to believe that easy money can be made by investing in cannabis, it is actually very questionable.

Moreover, the platform has the audacity to tell people not to give their funds to strangers. However, the platform never does identify the people behind it. So, in fact, those who invest are giving their money to strangers. This is just one of the many questionable features of the platform that signal against taking steps to make an investment.

Cannabis Craze Disclaimer: A Bright Spot

The platform is not all that bad, though – especially because it features a disclaimer whereby those who run the platform admit that it isn’t a trustworthy source for investment. The disclaimer explains, “Would you give all your money to a complete stranger who would then gamble with it?” Right – no, most people wouldn’t. Which is why it may be best to consider whether it is best to just turn away from the platform.

Overall, those who are looking to invest should either do so through a legitimate trading platform and after doing a great deal of research, or they should speak to a financial advisor. Take note, this post is not financial advice in any form. People are fully responsible for their own investment decisions.

Luice resides in Pune, India and has recently taken up a kinship with freelance writing. For the past few years, he has been working at Springer Nature in the field of Nanobiotechnology. When not analyzing medical literature and scientific research data, Luice enjoys watching and playing football as well as going on a long hike.

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