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Potli Shop: Healthy Hemp-Infused CBD Olive Oil and Raw Honey with Cannabidiol

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In today’s society, CBD infusions continue to take on different shapes and sizes. We’ve seen oils, tinctures, skin and personal essentials and even treats. Some have the ability to induce sooner effects, while others take time and last longer. Here’s where it seems most fit to introduce Potli.

Potli is a brand specifying within the CBD sector. What makes it distinctive is its continuous efforts in pushing the boundaries of CBD and how close to one’s health it can actually reach. In particular, their approach in bringing relief to consumers starts in the comfort of one’s kitchen.

The following review will explore the different facets of Potli to see how they differ from the leading CBD brand. In doing so, consumers will come across its foundation and how it has been reproduced in the essentials offered.

What is Potli?

Potli is a journey that was created by long-time best friends who are equally passionate about cannabis. What started off an endeavor in extracting honey via their own hives in California’s Bay Area, led them to create CBD infusions.

Most importantly, they wanted to showcase the true benefits of CBD amidst the negative retrospect consumers have regarding it. The overall brand is supposedly founded on three principles: Happiness, Health and Honesty. That is, to ensure consumers are feeling happy and healthy via honestly formulated Potli essentials.

How Has Potli Maximized the Benefits of Food Through CBD?

To ensure consumers reap the benefits of CBD in the most accustom way possible, Potli currently offers hemp-infused extra virgin olive oil and raw honey. Here’s what one can expect from both essentials:

Hemp-Infused Cold-Pressed EVOO

Extra virgin olive oil is known for its rich source of monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its consumption is believed to prevent one from experiencing strokes and is deemed efficient in weight management.

The use of hemp extracts is definitely beneficial here, as it contains intertwined properties to that of EVOO. Potli claims that its infused EVOO carries a significant strength that can ease stress, anxiety, nausea and pain related concerns. Each tablespoon contains 15mg of hemp extract, namely being CBD-dominant with acceptable traces of THC.

As for its incorporation, consumers have been suggested to drizzle it over hummus, Greek yogurt, tartines and ice-cream, promoting a light yet elevating the experience.

Premium Hemp-Infused Raw Honey

Like the Hemp-Infused Cold-Pressed EVOO, the respective raw honey formula is believed to resolve the same health concerns. However, what differentiates the honey from the EVOO is the nature of both ingredients along with the strength of CBD used. In particular, the raw honey claims to contain 10mg of CBD, which is still significant.

Seeing that honey contains a rich source of antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties, the same latter two found in CBD, using a lower mg of CBD seems to suffice. An alternative to the jar of honey is also available and it’s in a stick format, which is offered in the same strength.

Final Thoughts

In general, the idea of infusing CBD into olive oil and honey is relatively new. It not only depicts the different ways CBD can be ingested, but how said ingredients interact to bring heightened health benefits. Furthermore, such infusions allow consumers to reconnect to Mother Nature, something that should have been maintained across one’s life.

In the context of the ingredients used, Potli’s source of honey comes straight from their own hives in the Bay, which gives them full control over quality assurance. While it is unclear as to where their source of olives or the oil itself comes from, it has been shared that each jar has been bottled in Northern California in small batches. Again, this reflects quality assurance, as any defects can be found earlier on in smaller batches rather than larger ones.

When it comes to the source of CBD used, the overall process has not been disclosed. However, the team at Potli’s has reassured consumers by inviting anyone to get hold of the Certificate of Analysis, upon request, which is reflective of one of their key principles, honesty and how information is presented.

Finally, when it comes to the price factor, it ranges anywhere between $6 and $64 depending on the product, and the quantity purchased. Given the natural use of ingredients and the amount of time put into the finest details, the prices seem fair, but more cannot be concluded until the overall pureness is assessed, which is typically done through lab results. For more information, check out:

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