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Ildi Pekar I-Pekar CBD Line: CBD Oil Sleeping Mask and Tissue Repair Serum Skincare

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Ildi Pekar’s I-Pekar Line
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Originally from Budapest, skin therapist and creator of I-Pekar essentials, Ildi Pekar, has been working to bring relief for over 20 years, with emphasis on cellular damage and premature signs of aging. Her approach in helping to enhance skin health supposedly combines her roots and culture, while relying on Mother Nature’s cannabis sativa plant, namely hemp-derived, cannabidiol (CBD).

According to Pekar, “skincare is health care” and her approach in making this practical is through the combination of traditional remedies and modern technology. To see how said methodology has been reflected in her products, the following review will look closely at I-Pekar’s Tissue Repair Serum and Sleeping Mask.

What is the Tissue Repair Serum Infused with CBD Oil?

The Tissue Repair Serum claims to rebuild one’s cells with the use of CBD oil, aloe vera juice, vitamins B and C and hyaluronic acid. Together, the ingredients not only repair cells, but are believed to also help reduce inflammation, increase skin cells, and increase and retain moisture in one’s skin. Pekar clearly understands CBD’s properties, as its anti-inflammatory aspects is the component to ensure results are achieved. As for its strength, it carries 250mg of CBD per 30 ml, which has been deemed sufficient for its intended purpose.

What is the Sleeping Mask Infused with CBD Oil?

The Sleeping Mask appears to target a wide range of skin conditions such as dryness, texture, pigmentation, etc. What makes it unique is that it carries dual purposes, one to enhance skin health and two, to help promote restful sleep. The latter is important because the body repairs itself during one’s sleep, and if one has a hard time doing so, the necessary reparations will not be made, leaving the body in an unbalanced state.

Besides the use of 250 mg of CBD, Pekar has also infused a wide range of natural components such as Frankincense, Willow Bark, Rose Hip Seed and Jojoba – all of which contribute towards the overall reparation, healing and protection of the skin.

How do the Two Differ?

The difference between the two rests in their intended purposes. For instance, the Tissue Repair Serum works from the inside out, by targeting one’s skin cells first, which leads to overall wellness. However, the Sleeping Mask works its way from the outermost layer of the skin and reaps into one’s cellular aspects.

The two also seem to differ in ingredients, which is not a surprise, as the former strictly focuses on one’s skin, while the latter considers both skin and restful sleep. Bearing in mind that both carry skin-promoting aspects, it is safe to assume that they can be used together, probably the mask first, followed by the serum.

Obviously, the vast difference between the two is the prices, as the Tissue Repair Serum costs approximately $148, whereas the Sleep Mask costs $125.

Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that the I-Pekar line of essentials does not simply rest at creating a topical solution that targets surface concerns, but instead goes as deep as skin cells. This is clever, as it all starts with skin cells, therefore, bringing relief in cells is what is surely to reflect a clear and polished skin.

Both essentials contain 250mg of CBD, which is fair as anywhere between 1 and 6mg per serving is deemed the bear minimum to treat one’s skin – with more delivered for severe skin conditions.

As for the prices, they are definitely hefty compared to an average CBD product, however, they might reflect the number and quality of ingredients used (which is a lot) as well as the process endured to extract the necessary CBD. Finally, Budapest’s culture in the context of skincare seems to stem from the various use of essential oils and natural ingredients, which is reflected in both I-Pekar essentials. To learn more, go to:

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