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CanopyHemp CBD Hemp Oil Extract: Safe Product from Reputable Brand?



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Canopy Hemp CBD Oil Extract, not to be confused with a top cannabis company Canopy Growth, is a new cannabidiol oil product circulating around the Internet that is causing quite a stir. As a global leader in CBD news and review guides, one of our priories is protecting users best interest by detailing all of the latest trends and current insights available in the budding CBD world.

Once we received a cautious email from a visitor asking us to look into the new CBD brand and their questionable marketing tactics of using Shark Tank to promote the hemp oil product as well as using as seen on TV logos from The Doctors, CNN, Discovery, TIME and NBC, it was time to dig a little deeper to find out the origins of CanopyHemp and find any pertinent facts about their CBD hemp oil.

About CanopyHemp

Based in the US, CanopyHemp is a hemp-derived CBD oil claiming to be the most powerful full spectrum cannabidiol for instant pain and relief. The intent behind this dietary supplement is to ensure that consumers’ physiological and physical health are maintained. Hence, for those who either experience restlessness, anxiety or even ranging chronic pain, Canopy Hemp CBD could be considered as a possible solution. However, given the vast amount of top CBD oils to choose from, does their brand reputation and product quality make it an optimal choice when so many trustworthy companies are available to buy in 2020?

Here’s what you need to know About ‘Canopy Hemp CBD':

1) CBD Concentration

CanopyHemp’s CBD solution contains 250mg of CBD with no traces of THC. On average, consumers tend to ingest 25mg of CBD per serving, hence the concentration appears to be reasonable. Given that there is no prescribed dosage, it is typically recommended to gradually increase the dosage from week to week.

2) Claims Made

According to the claims made, the CanopyHemp CBD oil is expected to reduce anxiety and stress-related issues (98%), while increasing cognitive health (67%) and providing an improved antioxidant support (43%). That said, where such numbers come from remain unknown. There is also no link to CanopyHemp CBD oil's certificate of analysis (COA) to verify the potency, dosage and ensure it is free of impurities or harmful contaminants. This is an immediate red flag when every above-board brand knows consumers are wising up and wanting to actually make sure the product's supplement label matches the third-party independent lab test results.

3) Trial Offer to End Soon

For an ingredient like CBD that is currently being studied, consumers are surely feeling some hesitation. For this reason, the CanopyHemp CBD oil is being offered for a 14-day trial period. Upon placing the order, a charge of USD$4.87 will be made. Should consumers attain satisfaction with the oil, they will automatically be enrolled in a subscription plan. Otherwise, the oil needs to be returned beforehand.

4) Contacting CanopyHemp CBD Creators

There is very limited information about CanopyHemp Oil company on their official website at (which was registered in August 2019), where interestingly enough they claim they are no longer accepting orders. However, they do openly list their information on how to get ahold of them via email, phone and physical location:

Phone: (855) 793-3797
Company Address: 5600 NW 72nd Ave #669464 Miami, FL 33166-9463

Final Thoughts on Canopy Hemp CBD Product

CBD is a growing industry for businesses, consumers and researchers. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties (among others) have thus far impacted society’s viewpoint on medicine. To think that a plant can resolve a number of health problems has led many to consider the likes of CBD. With CanopyHemp, consumers appear to be getting a natural, pure CBD oil with a sufficient concentration of CBD and no traces of THC but there is a lingering doubt regarding its transparency and truthfulness in marketing tactics.

Joe personifies dedication in writing and when you read his unique, well-researched content this will become very clear. With a passion for social and environmental issues, and first-hand experience with over 40 years experience in business, finance, and marketing, we are honored to have his CBD and cannabis insights and contributions. Mr. Mielcarek is semi-retired, so he finds joy in digging deep to sift through the facts to deliver a well polished and professionally packaged article for readers to consume, digest and understand.

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