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Paragon Processing Opens Biggest Functioning Industrial Hemp Growth Facility in the US for Business

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Paragon Processing Opens Biggest Functioning Industrial Hemp Growth Facility in the US for Business
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One of the United States’ most advanced facility for the processing and manufacture of hemp is now fully operational. Paragon Processing opened its 38-acre, high-security facility some 140 miles from the city of Denver, Colorado. The company features state-of-the-art technologies that allow it to provide seed-to-shelf hemp solutions on an industrial scale.

The Facility

The hemp storage, processing, and manufacturing facility is currently the largest of its kind in the US. It has a floor area of 250,000 square feet. It can accommodate hemp biomass amounting to 25,000 tons. The Paragon facility also features 13 loading positions that are dock-high. The facility also comes with innovative processing equipment from the Superior Flow brand.

The company provides industrial-scale hemp processing, capable of processing 500 tons of biomass every month. Paragon targets to expand its hemp biomass processing capabilities to 1,000 tons during the harvest season of fall 2019.

The Co-President of Paragon, Matt Evans, says,

“We're pleased to offer an array of turnkey services, including extraction, distillation, isolation, THC-free processing, sales, storage and third-party laboratory testing. It is important to our mission to provide a one-stop-shop partnership for clients, whether they are farmers seeking assistance, new companies testing an idea or an established business seeking to strengthen its production practices and/or product lines.”

The facility features state-of-the-art climate controls. This helps reduce the risks attributed to changes in temperature and unpredictable weather conditions. The same technology helps meet the various needs of hemp farmers. In addition to controls, Paragon also offers ideal storage conditions. The facility ensures the correct storage temperature for hemp, eliminating the risk of mold growth.

The facility, which Paragon now occupies, was once a repository of the Columbia House Records. It also served as a distribution center for Kroger. These entities maintained the facility to be secure and safe. It also comes with certified fire suppression technologies.

Operation and Services

Paragon Processing understands the goals of business organizations that want to build and develop their brands while also enhancing the value of their current lineup. Hence, Paragon serves as a facilitator of seamless integration and a purveyor of high-quality hemp solutions. It aims to eliminate disruptions in the hemp supply chain. Paragon’s one-stop operation will benefit companies engaged in the manufacture of hemp products.

“Paragon Processing is a comprehensive facility for industrial-scale hemp. With the legalization of the 2018 Farm Bill, the production and interstate transfer of hemp has increased the demand for both hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products, and we aim to propel the industrial hemp manufacturing efforts in order to confidently answer this call,”

added Evans.

Paragon’s practices are crucial to trust-building. It also promotes industry transparency while assisting hemp growers institute best hemp-growing practices. The company also records genetics-related information in an accurate manner. Paragon also ensures the accurate mapping of hemp biomass traceability.

Hemp businesses can also take full advantage of Paragon’s services. The company has a partnership with an accredited laboratory which can provide business clients with their respective Certificate of Analysis.

Paragon also supports farmers after harvest. It assists entities in the manufacture of products derived from hemp. The company does not charge monthly fees or downright payments. It can process tons of hemp biomass and convert it into winterized crude. From this crude version of hemp, Paragon can produce hemp-derived products. These include CBD distillates, CBD isolates, and THC-free distillates. It can also produce products infused with CBD, CBN, and CBG.

Paragon Processing is proud of utilizing one the latest innovations and advanced techniques in the processing of hemp. It uses molecular distillation that is composed of three stages. It also employs cryo-ethanol extraction.

Hemp products leaving the Paragon Processing facility get transported to Colorado Springs, the location of a distribution center offering in white label products. This partner facility relies on a 45,000-square foot space to produce millions of hemp-derived products every day. The Colorado Springs facility can produce CDB tinctures, CBD gummies, sunscreen, lip balm, and other CBD-infused wellness products.

Paragon believes in fostering beneficial relationships with both business owners and hemp growers. It aims to extend this philosophy on a nationwide scale, at the same time expanding its internal clients to 250 before 2020. This places Paragon Processing at a distinct advantage. It can now serve hemp farmers, businesses, and end users nationwide.

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