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Oki: FeelOki’s Active Hemp Extract (CBD) Water Plant-Based Drinks



Oki: FeelOki's Active Hemp Extract (CBD) Water Plant-Based Drinks
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Active hemp extract, commonly known as cannabidiol or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound found within the cannabis plant’s hemp component. Some of its known benefits include easing inflammation, reducing anxiety and ensuring that one’s cardiovascular health is on par. Some of the most common infusions include oils, vapes, personal care, gummies and capsules.

While the compound is still being excessively studied, its respective industry has expanded within a short period of time. Consumers today have more options compared to decades ago, where even suggesting its uses was once frowned upon. Interestingly, Oki has found a rather convenient yet hydrating CBD infusion, where more emphasis is placed on beverages.

The following review will provide a complete picture of what Oki aims to achieve and the potential benefits that arise from ingesting Oki essentials. Some of the key factors that will be explored include Oki’s purpose, along with what is currently being offered, and its overall affordability.

The Story Behind Oki

Oki is a brand that emphasizes on relaxation and calmness. Today, consumers are constantly on the go, trying to make sense of their purpose and how they want their futures to be. Along with the amount of time spent putting in the work, comes stress, restlessness, and even anxiety.

Given the fact that hydration is required for wellness, Oki’s focus on CBD-infused beverages is thoughtful. Even the name, Oki, supposedly reflects the health benefits of hemp, as it was initially inspired by a small Japanese island known for hemp crop cultivation.

As per the claims made, their ultimate goal is to ensure that each and every individual achieves a sense of freshness, renewal and revitalization – all possible due to plant-based ingredients. To better understand how consumers can achieve this, let’s take a closer look at the products offered.

Currently Offered Oki Essentials

Oki currently offers CBD-infused oils and capsules along with water and iced tea. This review will expound more on the latter two, as the former two are quite common in the industry.

CBD-Infused Water

Oki currently offers four flavors, including Cucumber Mint Refresh, Enhanced Water, Watermelon Renewal and Cranberry Revive. Each drink supposedly contains 20mg of CBD and helps consumers regain self-control amidst their stressful and busy lives. Said drinks are ideal for intense trainings or even right before going to bed.

CBD-Infused Iced Tea

CBD-Infused iced teas are definitely less apparent amidst the beverages, but this is definitely an advantage, as they are not only refreshing but also can help to mask the rather bitter taste of CBD. The contents of the water and the iced tea merely vary in the base of the liquids but are similar in terms of the CBD content present. As for the flavors offered, they include Lemon Ginger Harmony, Honey Tranquil, Raspberry Serene and Mint Relax.

The dosages achieved by Oki are quite impressive, as most CBD beverages contain as little as 2 to 5 mg of CBD per serving to a maximum of 15. Normally, said forms of CBD consumption are frowned upon due to the very little CBD present, however, it seems like Oki is one of the fewest to show that the concentration in beverages can also reach new yet safe heights.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest?

For a 12-pack of iced tea, each bottle containing 475ml of consumable CBD, consumers can expect to invest $72 and $60 for the same quantity but for the CBD water. While one might argue that $6 and $5 per bottle respectively is rather expensive for a drink, the fact that each bottle carries a relatively high dosage implies better chances of achieving calmness, making it worthwhile. Not to mention the variety in flavors currently offered.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Oki’s goal of helping consumers attain a sense of calmness is evident here, as they’ve done so by offering hefty dosages within drinks that are commonly known to refresh one (even without the CBD). An important facet of Oki’s that is worth praising is their reliance on CBD solely, while limiting any artificial flavors that could prevent the body from absorbing the embedded nutrients. Finally, one thing that consumers should be watchful of is the very dosage, as every individual has different tolerance levels.

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