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Medical Marijuana Inc.’s Kannaway Debuts Evolve CBD Fitness Program



Medical Marijuana Inc.'s Kannaway Debuts Evolve CBD Fitness Program

Medical Marijuana Inc. is known as “a company of firsts”. For instance, this very firm was the first ever publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S. Who can forget the fact that they also offered the first-ever cannabis-infused nutraceutical products ever? To keep the trend going, on Monday, May 11, 2020, Medical Marijuana’s subsidiary firm launched the first-ever CBD fitness program called Evolve, as seen on PR Newswire.

CEO of Medical Marijuana, Dr. Stuart Titus has since expressed excitement in having entered a new market through this program and praised Kannaway’s eagerness in addressing consumer concerns. In particular, he said:

“The Evolve fitness program highlights Kannaway’s ability to assess the needs of its consumers to bring them the products and services they desire.”

With all this in mind, here’s an overview of what one can expect of Evolve. This will allow one to assess whether or not the program aligns with their fitness goals:

What is Evolve CBD Fitness Program?

Evolve is an eight-week wellness program meant to transform individuals into much healthier beings. Through the combination of science and one’s “evolutionary past”, Kannaway’s Health and Wellness Expert, Daniel Miller put together actionable steps along with suitable products that one could take throughout this journey.

What is Daniel Miller’s role in Evolve?

As a certified nutrition coach, Miller’s goal is to help individuals make the necessary connections in understanding how CBD can help their fitness goals. Here’s what he had to say:

“Our goal with Evolve is to show people how activating and supporting their endogenous cannabinoid systems with CBD can help them improve their overall health and fitness stamina […] Each and every participant will have access to live in-dept coaching with me to help them find out how to nurture their relationship with food, movement and sleep.”

How does Evolve work?

Based on the official website, individuals will have to follow a weekly plan that focuses on food, movement and sleep and how to incorporate Kannaway products. In doing so, one can expect to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle or even a mix of both.

What does Evolve include?

The Evolve program includes:

  • Three Power Protein
  • One Pure CBD Liquid 1500mg
  • One Kannaway Shaker Bottle
  • One Kannaway Tape Measure
  • One Evolve Booklet
  • One Tracking Sheet

That said, here’s what there is to know in regard to the supplements that individuals will have ingest:

Power Protein

Power Protein is a nutritional product and serves as a meal replacement that could potentially induce fat loss or muscle mass growth. It is said to suppress one’s appetite, as it fulfills one’s hunger. As for its soy-free formula, it includes whey protein isolate, hemp seed protein and a proprietary Bibong herbal blend.

This particular blend combines ginseng root, cinnamon, astragalus root, Eucommia, angelica sinensis, achyranthes root, morinda root, teasel root and licorice root. Other ingredients that were used to enhance its flavor profile include organic cane sugar, cocoa powder, guar gum and organic stevia extract.

Pure CBD Liquid 1500mg

As the name suggests, the Pure CBD Liquid is a supplement carrying CBD isolate. It is said to contain no traces of THC and has been created to ensure that it is colorless, and odorless. Individuals will be offered 1500mg of CBD for a total of 113.65ml of content (i.e. 13.19mg/ml).

Purchasing Evolve CBD Fitness Program by Kannaway

The current going price of Evolve is $249.99. This doesn’t come too much of a surprise, as a single Power Protein costs $71, which alone comes out to about $213 for three. Then there is the Pure CBD Liquid 1500mg, priced at $177.58. Hence, individuals are definitely saving a lot more money by investing in Evolve as opposed to purchasing each product individually. Bear in mind that with individual purchases, one will not receive the Evolve program.

To learn more about Kannaway’s Evolve, click here.

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