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Medical Cannabis Patients in Massachusetts Cannot Purchase Vaping Products and Devices



Medical Cannabis Patients in Massachusetts Cannot Purchase Vaping Products and Devices

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission issued a quarantine yesterday for all medical vaping devices and products, except for those concerning devices that vape flower, according to a report by the High Times.

The quarantine, which officially appears in a Quarantine Order. According to the Order, all licensed Marijuana Establishments and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, are required to quarantine vaporizer products. The quarantine is based on the determination that the products are a serious or immediate threat to public health, safety, or welfare. Further, the determination indicates that the quarantine is necessary to protect public health, safety, or welfare. The order became effective on November 12, 2019.

The Order further provides that additional testing of certain products for vitamin E acetate and other substances of concern is necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. As a result, the sale and distribution of all vaporizer products defined as any product intended for human consumption by THC inhalation whether for one-time use or reusable, that rely on vaporization or aerosolization, are banned. This includes products that include, but are not limited to, vape pens, vape cartridges, aerosol products, and inhalers.

According to the report by High Times, the decision has already received criticism from cannabis industry groups and patient advocates. Their position is that the ban can cause patients to turn to an illicit market. As for experts, they take the position that there will be aw wide availability of counterfeit vape products that are connected to vape-linked lung illnesses.

In addition, the state current has a temporary ban on vape products and recreational cannabis vape products, likely due to the vaping crisis, which has severely impacted many individuals in the state. Although a judge ruled that he bank was likely unlawful, he also determined that halting it would be against the public interest.

Kristie Leong M.D. is a family physician with a strong interest in nutrition and fitness and the role each places in wellness and longevity. Dr. Leong graduated in 1990 from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine with a medical degree and master’s degree in clinical pathology. After 20 years of caring for patients in a family practice setting, Dr. Leong redirected her energy towards exploring the role nutrition and lifestyle play in lifespan and, more importantly, health span, the number of years we spend disease free and healthy enough to enjoy life. Through continuing medical education courses, seminars, and other self-study, she delved into the critical role diet and lifestyle choices play in health, especially as we age.

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