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Kannama CBD: Organic Hemp Oil with Zero THC – Is It Safe?

Kannama CBD bills its organic hemp oil with pure cannabidiol extract as a full spectrum tincture with zero-THC. But what do the facts reveal about this free Kannama CBD trial?



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Kannama CBD is an ingestible supplement that uses hemp oil as a way to eliminate stress and pain. This formula doesn’t require a prescription to consume, and the company presently is promoting their trial offer to try a bottle for free. In the land of CBD oils, there seems to be a new brand or company product line launching weekly if not daily it often appears at times.

The latest one to pop up is one by the name of Kannama CBD, an organic hemp cannabidiol oil with 300mg per serving and THC-free. Here is a quick Kannama CBD review to get started, in which at the conclusion there is a what to do next that all readers researching this relatively new CBD product should help contribute if need be.

What is Kannama CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has come a long way since the passing of the Farm Bill a few years ago. While there is still much debate on what has been proven to do at this point, there is extensive research to show that it can help with pain and stress. New companies have flooded the CBD industry with their own versions, but the lack of regulation from the FDA has allowed some less-effective formulas to reach customers.

Kannama CBD advertises their formula as being support for “an active and fuller life,” adding that it can eliminate chronic pain, eliminate stress, balance blood sugar levels, and improve sleep. At first glance, any consumer would be happy to use a product with so many benefits, but how does it hold up?

The easiest ways to see what a product can offer the user are to check the lab reports and to see what kind of source was used for the CBD extract. Full spectrum CBD offers the whole plant in its extracts for an array of pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing benefits alike, while broad spectrum formula is focused more on amplifying a single benefit. The actual source isn’t named on the website, but the list of benefits fits with a full-spectrum formula.

As for lab tests, there are none. On the website, the creators refer to medical trials that support their advertisement benefits (but no specific studies) and there are no lab tests. A lab test would show the breakdown of any compound in the formula, but consumers are level with nothing to back up the company’s claims.

Buying Kannama CBD

Rather than offering a typical shopping cart online, users are forced into a trial offer for free. Again, upon reaching this page, the website makes the deal appear too good to turn down, charging only the shipping fee. However, there’s more to the story.

What the checkout page doesn’t show is exactly what the commitment is after the trial, forcing the customer to seek out the terms at the bottom of the page. After the user clicks the link for “Terms,” they will soon learn that the free trial will actually cost them $89.95, which will be charged after 14 days. Users are even charged automatically on the 30th day of use and every month after as a subscription unless they cancel.

The Bottom Line

For anyone interested in Kannama CBD, there are a few issues to consider. Apart from the lack of information about the creators, the company offers no proof that the formula is what they claim it is with a lab test, which is a necessary part of developing CBD products. Furthermore, the so-called free trial is actually very expensive, and customers are not notified at any time during the ordering process – even at checkout – that they will be charged in 14 days and every month after. The website lacks much information that could make this product a good purchase, leaving the consumer to deal with the consequences.

You can learn more about Kannama CBD on its official website by going here.

Mrs. Lee, a seasoned Canadian Nurse Practitioner, is pushing 20 plus years working in primary care and has self-identified ‘expertise’ in a number of healthcare-related and wellness-oriented subjects.  With a keen interest in women’s health and family wholeness, combined with a knack for specific clinical condition research, NP Lee continues to lead the TOC CBD medical and scientific editorial team.

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