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Elev8 Hemp CBD-Infused Iced Coffee: Healthy Ready to Drink Cannabidiol Beverages?



elev8 hemp cbd infused iced coffee

Is your immediate go-to fresh coffee in the morning? As much as people try to avoid the consumption of coffee, especially those who are known to put a lot on additional ingredients in it, sometimes a kickstart that works is needed. While this may not be true for some, many find it quite effective.

According to existing findings, roughly 66 and 62% of women and men respectively drink coffee daily. Given the popularly this beverage has, wouldn’t adding health benefits make it even great? This is at least what Elev8 Hemp had in mind before launching their CBD Infused Iced Coffee.

The purpose of this review is to expound on Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Iced Coffee. One of the key elements that make up this drink that will be discussed upon is CBD, along with its potential health benefits. Other factors that will briefly be explored include its usefulness and affordability.

What is Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Iced Coffee?

It’s nothing more than iced coffee with CBD. CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, is a compound found in the hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis flowering plant. Said compound has garnered the attention of consumers of all ages and health conditions due to its ability to bring numerous health benefits.

It was first introduced to the world as an ingredient effective in easing epilepsies in children. As more and more studies flourished into existence, consumers were made aware of its potential joint pain relief, betterment in mood, and enhanced skin health amongst others.

How much CBD is Found in Each Serving of Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Coffee?

More than serving, each can of 355ml of coffee is said to contain 10mg of CBD, which appears to be the standard with any CBD-infused beverages. This being said, consumers need to decide whether said drink is consumed for severe health reasons or merely as an added benefit.

For those who are experiencing severe health conditions and have since explored CBD as an option, such an infusion may not be ideal due to the fact that dosage is crucial. Oftentimes, severe conditions require increased CBD intake and this drink does not provide this. However, those who are on the healthier end of the spectrum and are looking to add benefits to their morning, afternoon or evening drink, this would set well.

Overall Affordability of Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Coffee: Pass or Fail?

For a 16-pack, consumers can expect to invest approximately $64.50. This is definitely hefty, if the comparison is made in relation to soft drinks and even standard iced coffee packs. Conversely, one should analyze the price in terms of health.

Every bottle is said to contain premium coffee and as little as one gram or less of sugar; all of which comes out to 15 calories. This is most probably a tiny fraction of one’s average coffee, which could well over exceed 100 calories depending on one’s milk and/or cream and sugar intake. Furthermore, each drink has a substantial amount of CBD that can potentially elevate one’s wellness. Ultimately, the overall affordability here appears to be a pass!

Elev8 Hemp CBD-Infused Iced Coffee Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Iced Coffee appears to be a worthwhile addition to one’s routine. Not only will it not take up too much of one’s daily recommended calories intake, but the fact that they’ve been able to incorporate CBD ensures that consumers are getting additional vitamins and minerals.

Normally, CBD-infused drinks are no different that fruit punch, that is, it contains far too much sugar. This clearly isn’t the direction that Elev8 Hemp took. This shows that they are well-aware of CBD’s nutrients and the ability unnecessary ingredients have in potentially deteriorating them. To learn more on how to heighten your iced coffee game please visit

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