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Eight Growers Selected for Utah Medical Marijuana Program

Lin YC



Eight Growers Selected for Utah Medical Marijuana Program

Proposition 2 legalized medical marijuana in Utah. The state, permitted to provide 10 licenses to growers, only handed out eight. Two of the companies chosen were Standard Wellness Utah and Wellness Ag. Some are wondering whether the eight growers chosen will be able to grow enough marijuana to meet demand.

Christine Stenquist, the director and founder of advocacy group Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education, reported to the Star Tribune that the eight growers may not be sufficient to meet the demand. She stated,

“We’ve waited years for these big steps to happen. But we’re not giving the patients the care they need with restricted grows and dispensaries.”

Standard Wellness Utah and Wellness Ag. have experience growing marijuana in other states. Jack Rubin, the co-founder of Wholesome Ag. Indicated to the Star Tribune that his team has been working for nine years with the crop. He added,

“We want to bring this much-needed medicine to patients.”

The executive of Utah Cannabis Association, Tom Paskett, shared with the Star Tribune that he is optimistic concerning the state’s choices. There are many licensees that have a strong reputation in the industry. He added,

“Companies will have to work together to have clean facilities and a strong public presentation,” he said. “This program needs to be perfect for Utah, and I think we have a good group of people to accomplish that.”

Not everyone who applied has been successful. There are those who are dissatisfied with the application process and the choices that were made. Nonetheless, the Department of Agriculture and Food defended its decision. The Department shared with Fox 13 News,

“The Department and its staff have decades of experience and have spent countless hours researching best practices as we create a top notch program We are confident in the decision we have made. we have the capability to issue additional licenses in the future should we need to.”

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