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Daye Releases New Cannabis Tampons with CBD Extract to Soothe Menstrual Cramps



Daye Releases New Cannabis Tampons with CBD Extract to Soothe Menstrual Cramps
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  • Vaginal delivery of CBD is more bioavailable than sublingual delivery.
  • Hemp is more absorbent than cotton.

Women’s health is a major topic of interest, especially with the upcoming election. However, rather than just focusing on the right to affordable feminine healthcare products, the CBD industry is helping to create better products that can soothe the discomfort women feel each month. Daye, a female-owned corporation, has decided to launch a new line of tampons that are infused with 30% CBD extract.

The goal of the new CBD-infused tampon is to offer women an alternative to the painkillers promoted by Big Pharma that is non-addictive and holistic. Valentina Milanova, the founder of Daye, commented:

“Daye started when I got my first period, at nine years old. No one had sat me down and explained what the menstrual cycle was, so when I started bleeding, I thought I had a rare and shameful disease.”

After a lot of research, Milanova discovered the benefits of industrial hemp, but not originally as a source of CBD. Instead, she discovered that the fibers of the hemp plant were substantially more absorbent than what ordinary cotton tampons offer.

Extract from the hemp also helps with the pain sustained during a woman’s cycle, which ultimately reduces the severity and soreness associated with cramps. The tampons from Daye are “made from sustainably-sourced cotton fibers that are batch tested for cleanliness and pesticides.”

The new tampons include 150 mg of CBD at 30% concentration, but they contain no THC. Due to the vaginal insertion, the hemp tampons also make the CBD more bio-available than if the user took the formula orally. Digesting CBD would require that the compound be broken down by stomach acid and metabolized before the bloodstream absorbs any of it.

Based on the experience of women that have tried the Daye tampons, Milanova stated that cramps took between 15 minutes and 60 minutes to subside. However, she’s not looking to force women into using tampons at all. Instead, the founder clarified:

“We’re simply here to raise the standards in period care and upgrade the tampon, a product that has been overlooked for way too long.”

Consumers should be able to purchase a subscription for these tampons through the Daye website this autumn at

Phelistus Komu is esteemed contributor and expert writer with over a decade of experience in writing about health and legal topics. She received her Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University in 2007 from Rwanda.  While her main focuses are health, family and legal matters, she believes everything is possible with a willing and believing heart.  

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